Bleach: The 1,000 Year Blood War

I've finished watching Bleach anime years ago but Ban and his brother told me that its manga still continued with one more arc. After reading information on some characters on Wikia, I was sufficiently intrigued to read the last arc.

I enjoyed reading all the stories within the arc, including the back stories. Yes, as with past arcs, there are some curious mumbo-jumbo i.e. puzzling information but'll have to hand-wave and move on haha.

There's still room to develop more stories both for future timeline as well as the past e.g. concerning the Soul King. I hope these will be materialise.

One major problem I had in reading the manga was the confusion caused during the fighting scene. I couldn't visually tell whose power was being exerted. At first I thought it was just the nature of manga but then now I remember I didn't have such problem with Battle Angel Alita and Akira. It's unfortunate that due to plummeting popularity, the anime didn't show the last arc as there wouldn't be such confusion.

Another problem I had was its addictiveness. Like a typical Hong Kong tv series, the fighting scene usually ends on a cliffhanger and then continued for a few panels in the next chapter before moving on to another scene. Damn haha.
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