Family vacation in Ipoh

A quick update as a background: since the last update, my dad underwent radiotherapy and successfully reduced the tumour significantly. Dr D said no further treatment needed. Pain's gone and my dad can walk again and exercise although not as good as previously.

My sister from Australia then came here for a 3-week visit. My youngest sister then planned a family vacation (only for 5 of us). After some discussion with parents, they settled on Ipoh.

Sister arrived in KL, where Ban and I got her at KLIA2. The next day, she and I took ETS to Ipoh. I was pleasantly surprised that they gave use a brown bag containing 2 packets of different biscuits and a small packet of Milo. I thought I bought Gold class, instead of Platinum.

Here's a summary of what we did in Ipoh:

(1) We stayed at a suite at Kinta Riverfront.

(2) Share a variety of food (char kuay teow, satay, hor fun soup, steamed chicken) at the shophouse next to Thean Chun for lunch upon arrival.

(3) Swam (almost?) everyday.

(4) Bought salted baked chicken, bread and lettuce for dinner on first day.

(5) Had dim sum at Foh San (twice!). The best dim sum I ever had in Malaysia. So worth it. But should arrive before 8am to get seats.

(6) Had yong taufu at Big Three Yong Tau Foo Was not bad but nothing to shout about honestly. Maybe because I didn't take their fried items? I had sorethroat.

(7) Had the smoothest and softest taufufa at Lost World of Tambun. Experienced hot springs for the first time. Nearly fainted haha.

(8) The most fun we had was at the Funtasy/Trick Art Museum.

(9) Had steamed chicken with rice/hor fun at Onn Kee. First time had normal chicken. Second time had "wu shou" chicken, which is what the shop is famous for. Still prefer the normal one.
2 Responses
  1. Twilight Man Says:

    I am truly very pleased to hear about your dad's progress.
    Ipoh always excites me with good food even though Penang is my hometown.
    I never enjoyed hot springs here until I went to Japan and got addicted there since.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Twilight Man,
    Thank you :)