Atlas Reactor: Tol-Ren

I tried a few combination of mods initially (starting from playing in PTS) and I settled on these ones on my road to first 5:
(please refer to this Wikia for description of abilities and mods)

(1) Twin Slashes - Honed Blade (3 loadout points)

Unconditional extra damage. Flexibility e.g. broad slash at the front and top-down slash at the back.

(2) Ren's Fury - Way of the Monkey (1 loadout point)

Good survival mod. Since it's free action, you can use this (and nothing else) and then use full movement to get to safety. Combo well with Second Wind.

(3) Spirit Rend - Spirit Master (3 loadout points)

2 cd range ability? Great! Sacrificed slow but I prefer consistency.

(4) Rushing Steel - From Very Angle (2 loadout points)

Due to how this dash ability works, this mod increases your chance of not getting hit by your target.

(5) Showdown - Spirit Wrack (1 loadout point)

Sometimes you might ulti next to the target and he is still alive next turn. This helps you survive better against his attack. I actually prefer Veangence Seaker but not enough points.

Some gameplay:

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