Kingdom come

A friend is clearly overweight. Sure, he skips rice during meal but piles on plenty of food (sometimes too much, even in his own admission) that is often fried or filled generous amount of gravy. Ban sometimes quipped that he needed to maintain his current shape.

As for exercise, what's that? We tried to involve him in our outing to gym but there's always excuse of not going. Spent lots of his free time gaming.

One day, Ban and I invited him to play Battlerite with us. Not for the first time, he said he did not wish to play more games because Fantasy War Tactics itself already took too much of his time.

Him: I want to stop playing FWT and do something more productive.

Me: Oh, like what?

Him: Hmmm...exercise...(etc etc)

Me: Oh good. So when are you stopping?

Him: When FWT shuts down.

Me: They are shutting down? When?

Him: No, they're not.

Me: ......soooo whether you stop playing or not is entirely up to the developer, huh? Okkkkkk

Him: *silent and change topic*
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