Atlas Reactor: Dr Finn revised

There's a slight adjustment to my previous build:
(read this wikia for details on abilities and mods)

(1) Water Spout - Catch of the Day (1 loadout point)
(2) Refreshing Spray - Self Fish (2 loadout points)
(3) Electrifying Eels - That's a Moray (3 loadout points)
(4) Bubble Trouble - Unstop-Bubble (1 loadout point)
(5) Maelstrom - Leech Infestation (3 loadout points)

The difference is the change from Cast Away to Unstop-Bubble for Bubble Trouble. Unstoppable trait is becoming more important because more freelancers have knockback ability.

So that means there is one leftover loadout point which is then allocated to Catch of the Day for Water Spout. Energy mod is never bad and also often there is only one enemy target, thereby you'll often gain value out of this mod.

Below is a video of a recent gameplay. The contribution scores were generally high despite it being a turn 20 game (usually such scores are from "overtime" games). I also had my very first gold triple-threat badge (see screenshot below). Yay!

1st gold triple threat
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