Atlas Reactor: Dr Finn

I have already leveled Aurora and Orion to 20. Although there's no max level, it's the level that's needed to unlock Master title and skin. In any case, it's good to play other freelancers.

I discover that I get rusty quickly if I don't play a freelancer for a few days. So I identified a few freelancers to concentrate on leveling them. Among them is Dr Finn, a support freelancer.

After experimenting with a few builds and talking to others, I'm currently using this mod by default (loadout points in bracket):

Water spout - none
Refreshing spray - Self fish (2)
Electrifying eel - That's a moray (3)
Bubble trouble - Cast away (2)
Maelstrom - Leech infestation (3)

My alternate mod set, which was my default, is as follows:

Water spout - Spray and play (3)
Refreshing spray - Self fish (2)
Electrifying eel - Master angler (1)
Bubble trouble - Unstop-Bubble (1)
Maelstrom - Leech infestation (3)

The rationale behind the default mod set:

Starting with what I really want: self-survivability. Hence the "self fish" and "leech infestation" mods.

"That's a moray" mod is useful for consistency since it can target allies too and energises them if it does.

Cast away is so useful in uncoordinated team.

So that leaves no loadout point for the primary skill.

Played only a few PVP games with him (many more vs AI bots haha) but I'll still continue playing him for a while more to determine whether I can master him or not.

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