The Same

There was no problem handing in and paying for the retrieval of slides, except that I was too sick to do it and so Ban kindly agreed to help me. Less than 10 days later, they called my dad, saying that the slides were ready for collection. I had no problem collecting them.

Sent it to Dr B's hospital and was told the pathologist's report would be out in 2 to 3 weeks later. After 4 weeks, my dad called them and was told that the report was given to Dr B but he was seeking some clarification. I was a little anxious upon hearing this.

It was another 2 weeks later that my dad spoke with Dr B. The result is the same i.e. there were cancerous cells that came from somewhere else (instead of kidney). After my dad said his health was good and not experiencing any adverse symptoms, Dr B suggested a retake of tumour marker tests either this month or next. This is consistent with Dr A's suggestion back in October. Morever, later during my dad's appointment with pancreas specialist at the primary hospital, this was also suggested.

The pancreas specialist also added that they (his team) doubted the primary site of the cancer is in the pancreas. They even entertained the idea that it could be the kidney, which I thought was strange because it would directly contradict the pathologists' reports.

In addition, Dr B also suggested a retake of PET/CT scan in April, which will be 6 months after the previous one. The primary hospital's pancreas specialist agreed that this is a good idea.

So now the next few steps are: (1) collect report from Dr B, (2) retake tumour marker tests, and (3) PET/CT scan.

Update: after some discussion, we decided to do (1) and (2) but to consult Dr A again before doing (3).
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  1. William Says:

    Good idea, do it step by step.