CKT @Teluk Air Tawar, Butterworth

When I first visited Butterworth, the best char kuay teow ("CKT") was at the "gluttony street" along Jalan Raja Uda. Now, there is a close competitor:

Lim Teik Seong

There are only 5 stalls in this small coffeeshop, just opposite Taman Teluk Molek. One of them serves arguably the best CKT in Butterworth.

RM3.8 CKT w duck egg

This normally costs a mere RM3.50. I had it with duck egg, costing an additional RM0.30. This is RM0.20 cheaper than that at Jalan Raja Uda. I can't really say which is the best: I like them both equally. My dad prefers this one.

RM2 carrot w milk

Carrot juice with milk. Only RM2.

Strangely, the chap fan here is a little more expensive than that nearer to town.
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