Cycle 6

So after three weeks, my dad commenced the last cycle of the chemotherapy treatment. To my surprise, his blood test prior to Day 1 session showed elevation in ALT to 42+, from the usual 20+. I was puzzled until he told me that he stopped taking the liver supplement. Haiz, both my parents sometimes think they're doctors by changing doctors' order. After chastisement and reminder that the doctor did ask him to finish it, he started the supplement again. Fortunately, the oncologist allowed him to undergo treatment that day.

Blood test prior to Day 8 session (the last session) showed ALT back to normal range of 20+. Phew. Kidney function was borderline and that was ok.

There was a surprise during the consultation with the oncologist: she disputed her colleague's suggestion of experimenting with the gap between morphine intakes to find out whether my dad still needed it or not. She claimed that there must be sufficient opiate in the body to manage potential pain inflicted by cancer cells at any time. Hence, instead of the regime of 3 times daily intake that my dad then currently on, she prescribed back the 4-hourly regime but half the dosage until the current stock is finished. After that, as prescribed, my dad will switch to oral opiate with controlled release function, taken twice a day. There is also a separate box of booster should there be pain occurring between intake times.

Unfortunately, CA 19.9 increased a little i.e. from 47 to 51. The oncologist simply said that it was "about the same", which is quite likely true from statistics point of view. This would be tested in about 4 weeks time, to be reviewed at the next appoint in 5 weeks time.
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  1. Twilight Man Says:

    Happy Boxing Day!

    Usually the families of the patients have to monitor the progress and situation with daily updates written down in a note book so that the doctors will need to adjust the medication, from time to time & when necessary. There were incidents when my parents experienced bleeding internally or developed severe rashes and other untoward reactions. So we never really followed the hospital doctor's prescriptions diligently but listened to Hospice nurses for 2nd opinion which were often reliable and flexible to suit the patient's condition. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Twilight Man,
    In my parents's case, I'm referring to the times they consulted no one and unilaterally changed the precscription.

  3. Twilight Man Says:

    I understand your parent's situation. I was just sharing when it reminded me.