Ducky tap

Lazada, what are you doing?

My sisters and I shared to get a foot massager from Lazada for our parents. The (initial) delivery was fast: took only two days. Here's the review I submitted on the product:

(1) Foot massager is ok for its price.
(2) Red light for all indicators although manual says green, yellow, red.
(3) Remote control case cracked. Poorly packed. No protective bubble wrap around it. It was at the bottom of the box!
(4) Received replacement remote control on 2nd delivery (1st one got lost or something) but it didn't work for the first 3 times. After that, it still wasn't working properly, like the old one.
(5) So if remote control is important to you, don't get this foot massager.

At the same time, I also submitted a review on the seller (Gitaloha):

(1) Delivery was fast (2 days) but many problems later (see below).
(2) Seller offered replacement for cracked remote control (great!). 1st delivery never made it. 2nd delivery made it but it was confusing (see (3) below). The replacement wasn't working for the first 3 times. Still not working properly, like the old one. It would be great if seller tested the product before sending.
(3) Seller's response time need lots of improvement. Seller either didn't read question/info properly or just couldn't be bothered. Need to improve communication skill.
(4) All the above caused so much anxiety to my family and I.

However, till now (2 weeks later), this review hasn't appeared on the seller's profile.

Few days ago, I contacted Lazada's CSO via live chat. They claimed that the review was being processed and assured me that it would be published, despite me pointing out that the review on the product has long since been published.

The next day, they called me (I believed it was a different CSO) and they told me that while Lazada couldn't delete review, seller can. Mind blown. As I told them, what then was the point of review when seller could just delete negative reviews? They apologised but offered nothing else.

Update: I just conversed with Lazada's CSO via live chat. They asked what I wrote because, apparently, there may be "instances that customer's review have words that" were not allowed by their team to be posted." After I gave it to them, they said that it can take weeks to months for them to approve or decline the posting of the review. Wth.

They also confirmed that seller can delete reviews.

Me: In that case, what's the point of the review system when seller can just delete negative review? In fact, I bought from this seller partly because of their overwhelmingly positive reviews. This can seriously mislead buyers.

Lazada: There's some seller that was not deleting the negatives reviews by the customer however there's still a confirmation by our team if they granted the removing the review of the customer.

Me: Oic, so the seller needs Lazada's permission to delete review. Is that correct?

Lazada: Yes

Me: Ok, that's better

Sedentary hobbies

If all your hobbies require you to be mobile e.g. sports, walking, traveling, I highly suggest that you take up some sedentary hobbies e.g. watching tv, reading books/articles (offline or online), blogging, participate actively in online forums, playing computer/smartphone games, boardgames, sudoku, crossword puzzles, knitting, sewing. There will come a time when you'll be less mobile or even completely immobile.

It is still not too late to take up such hobbies once you're less mobile, but if you don't, please don't whine about it. "I feel bored". "I feel useless". Please don't show your bored and/or depressed look and bringing everyone else down. Most importantly, don't blame others and/or resent others because you refuse to learn and change for the better. Sooner or later, you will gradually lose your cognitive functions: you are less sharp than someone else of similar age who has more diverse hobbies.

The last symptom?

Since discharged, apart from the dizziness, mum had been getting better on many fronts:
  • More facial expression
  • Getting better at the physio exercises
  • Walked faster
  • Folded clothes on daily basis and sometimes washed some dishes and/or wiped table after dinner
She continued to sleep well at night and her appetite had been pretty good.

However, the dizziness remained as bad. She claimed that the previous over-the-counter medicine, dimenhydrinate, worked a little better than betahistine (medicine prescribed by the ENT specialist) i.e. when she took the latter, the dizziness was worse. I asked a friend who is a pharmacist and he said that betahistine is actually stronger than dimenhydrinate and so my mum could just switch back if she wanted to.

On the weekly appointment day, the psychiatric doctor was ok with the switch. She also said that olanzapine doesn't cause dizziness (which contradicts what I found out online from more than one source). Clozapine could cause dizziness but only from a sitting position to standing position. However, mum's dizziness lasted to no ends the moment she got up from a lying position till she laid back down again. 

So the doctor will wait till after mum sees the ENT specialist a second time.

Her dizziness improves slowly and by the time she attended the second physiotherapy, she could do more iterations of the exercises.

By the time mum went for the 10th blood test (the first few times was done when she first started clozapine in ward), she was in much better shape:
  • Could joke around
  • Had "normal" conversation
  • Started driving again
  • Filled up the pill organisers by herself
  • Her dizziness lessened

2nd line Cycle 8, CT

My dad took the initiative to ask for a copy of the CT scan's (with contrast) report when he turned up for Cyce 8 treatment (probably because the surgeons asked for it). To my surprise, the first paragraph indicated some sort of mass on the pancreas i.e. "large homogenous non-enchancing hypodense retroperitoneal mass at the region of pancreatic uncinate process"). So I asked and the doctor said that it was cancerous. Is it new because PET/CT scan didn't pick it up. Not necessarily, according to the doctor. It seems that it may be inactive and so couldn't be detected by PET/CT scan.

This confused me. PET scan may not detect it because of lack of response (hence "inactivity") to the liquid injected into the bloodstream but surely the CT scan part (hence "PET/CT scan") would had detected it? @@

I chatted with my dad about this. I said that this didn't change the treatment and palliative plans because all along doctors had assumed pancreatic cancer. In addition, it was clear that the current chemo regiment helped him significantly: no more back pain, no stomach bloatedness and no constant belching. Tumour marker had dropped too. He agreed, especially he back pain part, and that he was glad he was on this chemo regimen.

Unfortunately, the next cycle was postponed by a week as the originally scheduled week is full (probably due to New Year). Meanwhile, about 10 days before the new date, dad began to experience more symptoms:
  • Numbness in his legs. I suggested choosing the gentlest massage mode of the foot massager. It worked
  • Knee pain. Upping his glucosamine from 750mg to 1500mg made it go away
  • Swelling in his legs. Subsided a little after taking dexamethasone
  • Pain in legs. Coincidentally subsided after taking dexamethasone for the swelling. I also suggested going back to the foot massager's gentlest mode
I was glad that my suggestion helped. Usually these additional symptoms go away during the first few days of the chemo cycle.

However, he had cough and phelgm for more than a week but it got better after he consulted a doctor and, later, took medicine from a pharmacist.

Hungry like a pig

End of 2018

What happened this year?

(1) I read only two books:
  • A Hat Full of Sky - Terry Pratchett
  • A Matter of Honor - Jeffrey Archer
  • Special Someones - mrbunnyban (online here). Yes, it's by Ban :)
Unlike previous times, my dad's second line chemo session lasts much longer and so I usually go back to my sister's place after dropping my dad, sees the oncologist together with him and drop the medicine prescription at the pharmacy. I'll have lunch, nap and then fetch my dad.

(2) Games:
  • Tried and still playing Minion Masters. Tried but failed to get into top 128 to qualify for a tournament
  • Tried Battlerite after I stopped playing Paladins. Stopped, restarted and then stopped again.
  • Stopped playing Atlas Reactor. My goal was to level up all freelancers to at least level 20. Left Isadora and Magnus (both at level 19 now)
  • Restarted Torchlight 2 with Ban and then stopped
  • Still playing Overwatch but almost exclusively to reach Silver rank in each competitive season
  • Started and haven't finished Skyrim
  • Bought and still playing Diablo 3, with Ban. We played it years ago on his PS3. Strangely, the combat is easier now ("We're crushing it!," said Ban) even though we are playing on Expert difficulty
(3) Mum was warded twice: first period lasted about 37 days while the second period lasted 44 days. She is now so much better compared to any time before the second period right up to right before the first period.

(4) Dad had his left leg radiated but later still needed second line chemotherapy to combat multiple symptoms. We both readily agreed that he is in much better shape than before the start of this chemo regimen. Hopefully the proximal femur replacement surgery will go well and that he will be able to walk pain-free after that.

(5) Sold my condominium unit in Singapore since it was no longer viable to earn rental income with such a huge flat income tax rate. Dealt with my PR issue too.

(6) The historic 9 May general election that resulted in a change of government for the first time ever. It was also my first time voting

(7) Finished Ban's D&D 5e campaign. A player started a new campaign but scrapped it later because he said he was being overambitious. Started another but it's not going well lately. Hopefully better in future.

(8) Still doing freelancer work with the actuary in Singapore and going well despite withdrawing from a project for the very first time.

Hopefully 2019 and beyond will be better for all of us!