Women don't do different things; they do things differently.

- A passerby with his friends at Raffles Place MRT station

SOA back to IAAust

I have decided to go back to try qualifying for Fellowship with the Institute of Actuaries of Australia.

After I failed the second time and obtained feedback from Society of Actuaries, I find that the feedback wouldn't help me to learn and improve enough to pass the exam. I acknowledged half of the feedback is valuable but the other half basically said that my answers were incorrect without pointing out the correct answers. Another issue, perhaps a more important one, is that the reviewer seems to impose his/her response as the only acceptable response to certain subjective questions. After I tried to clarify my point of view and hoping to get the reviewer to enlighten me further, he/she basically took a rather arrogant stand by saying that he/she was not there to "debate" with me.

Well, in that case, how would I learn from my mistakes? It is so obvious that some of my answers are incorrect (as otherwise, I wouldn't have failed, right?) and surely it doesn't take USD150 just to tell me where I've gone wrong (in two attempts).

Hence, there is just no point attempting the exam again as I would fail again. Besides, there is a deadline to take it again, which is sometime end of this month. I can pay some money to extend the deadline. Failing that, I would need to redo all over again for this course. If I were to quickly retake the exam, I am almost certain that it would have the same questions again for the same scenario and who want to bet I would pass?

Napping birds

Last week, I came across these "birds" near the Raffles Place MRT station during lunch time:

Bird suit

There were signboards there:

Front sign

Side sign

They must be sweating like crazy!

Bad timing

Of all the time for me to fall very sick, it has to be today, when any time now there'll be tonnes of work to do and the critical portion to be completed soon after Chinese New Year.

It started with dry throat on Sunday morning. Then worsened to sorethroat that night. Next morning, on Monday, it was so painful I could barely speak. My doctor, who usually refrains from prescribing antibiotics, took one look at my throat and promptly declared that I need to take antibiotics. He was mindful that I cannot tolerate acidic medicine (Curam was particularly acidic to me) and so he prescribed me Tarivid.

As Monday passed by, I realised I have stuffy nose as well. Oh no! I took panadol and at night I added a runny nose tablet and cough syrup. Alas, it didn't help. I didn't sleep throughout the night because of accumulation of phlegm in my mouth that I constantly needed to expunge. It's definitely caused by the stuffy nose because when I lie down, my nose clears but the phlegm accumulates. If I'm sitting/standing upright, my nose gets stuff but the phlegm subsides tremendously.

Feeling fed up and after formulating alternate plans, I woke up just before 6am and reached office at around 7.30am. Did some work for half an hour, packed up laptop and brought it along with me to see the doctor. Doctor prescribed medication for runny nose and cough. Once home, I work a little more before napping.

I do have MC but unfortunately, due to bad timing, I have to do some work, otherwise I may be flooded out this week. In fact, I can get MC for tomorrow too if I need it. At least I do have the company laptop here should it come to that.

Cockington Green: T & U

Continuing from here:

Torquay 1

Torquay 2

Turkey 3

Turkey 4

Turkey 1

Turkey 2

Ukraine 1

Ukraine 2

January's last two days: Sun

(continued from here)

Woke up after 8 hours of sleep but my eyes were still tired. Likely because didn't get frequent break while playing computer games the night before. Once awake, Ban was just teasing and tickling me hehe. Then we just relaxed and enjoyed each other company :)

I was blogging the previous entry while Ban fell back asleep. Check other blogs. Grimaced at yet another Grand Slam win for Roger Federer. Nearly two hours later, I decided that it was time to wake Ban up, not so much so that I didn't want him to nap any longer but because it was close to 1pm and he hadn't had breakfast or lunch. First thing he said? "Holy cow!" :)

I was hungry, evidence of the light breakfast being insufficient. I craved for char kuay teow and specifically asked for the one we had before. So it took us a good 15mins before getting the correct place. Although I thought it was pricey for a coffeeshop (RM4.50 with additional egg), it was delicious and not as oily as other char kuay teow. Ban had "yu mien" but he didn't think it was anything to shout about.

Back at Ban's place, upon my suggestion, I watched how he played his alchemist on Torchlight. Yet another different style of playing but seems effective (better than Derek for sure hehe). I noticed that he loves fire damage a lot ("kaboom!" is one of his favourite warcries :P). After a few more hours of playing Titant Quest multiplayer, we cuddled for a while before heading for dinner.

I wanted to go to the seafood restaurant opposited the Subang airport that William recommended but upon checking with him, he told us that it has moved. So we went to this restaurant (Betty Restaurant? What's the name again, honey?) that is famous for its American pork meals near Ban's place. It was my second time there. Tried a meal that's highly recommended by Ban. Once again, I just had to conclude that personally pork ranks behind chicken and fish, as the food was just alright for me.

Subang airport
Once at Subang airport, Ban surprised me by declaring that he was still hungry barely half an hour after we finished dinner! As all the sofas were already taken, we sat at the tables of one of the stalls and he ordered mee goreng while I bought honeydew juice. Both were good.

Perhaps because it was only a night stay this time, I was a little sad when it was time to part as I hugged longer and tighter than usual. I only let go when Ban reminded me that we were in public :)

Less than a month, I'll see you soon, honey!