Interesting advertisement in Singapore

Burger King

Ballsy? Since when that's a word? This ad was at the bus stop opposite where I'm staying.


Want to make a guess where I saw this ad? Just take a wild guess. Do you think it's around the redlight district? Perhaps...maybe...just maybe, as a stretch of imagination, it could be at some sort of health exhibition? At Health Sciences Authority, maybe?

It was in a very public place where thousands and thousands of people get to see it, across all ages. It was in a MRT train! I was surprised actually. It was a shame there weren't children around. Would love to hear them asking their parents what that ad was all about :-)

Kid: Daddy, daddy. What is condom ar? Where does it fit?
Dad: Errr it's something that grown up people use.
Kid: So you use it ar?
Dad: Errr...oh look, that building looks interesting.

Year of the Ox

I'm going back to Malaysia tonight and will be back in Singapore on Tuesday, 27 Jan 2009 night. Meanwhile, here's wishing all readers, especially friends and loved ones a Happy Chinese New Year. May you have a good year ahead and certainly nothing worse than now! If you're traveling, have a safe journey.

PS: If by any extremely rare chance there are some people in power reading this, could you please shift the year-end reporting to 30 June, instead of the current 31 Dec? The current reporting timeline ruins Christmas and Chinese New Year whereas the suggested 30 June doesn't ruin anything because there are no festive seasons from June to September.

Post endoscopy consultation

After the endoscopy, I had my second consultation with the srpecialist recently. He said that I have sensitive stomach (I supposed he meant that I easily get gastric? *shrug*) and that I have Helicobacter Pylori, which is good news to me because at least that's something new (I've had mild gastritis for nearly decade already) and likely to be the cause of the severe gastric pain I had twice (once in October and another in November) where I couldn't sleep at all and no amount of milk, bread, antacid and omeprazole could alleviate the problem.

Here's what the specialist prescribed:
1000mg amoxicillion, 2 times a day, for a week - antibiotic to kill the bacteria
1000mg clarithromycin, 2 times a day, for a week - antibiotic to kill the bacteria
Composite pill of 5mg chlordiazepoxide & 2.5m clidinium 3 times a day, for a month - abdominal pain
20mg esomeprazole, 2 times a day, for a month - inhibit production of gastric juice
20mg rabeprazole, 2 times a day, for a month but taken only after finishing the esomeprazole - inhibit production of gastric juice

Act on dream?

When I was much younger, for years I have been able to do something that I have yet to have known other people able to do: steering my dreams in a certain direction. Weird as it may seem, it was as if I was a director of a film and at the same time the actor of the film as well. I wished for something to happen in the dream and voila! It did. The dreamworld is a stage for me :-) Just imagine the stuff I could do in my dreams...

That was until perhaps a decade ago of even more. I'm pretty sure up I could still do it when I was doing A Level but can't remember whether it carried on to my university years.

Few nights ago, I had a rather strange dream. It's all hazy now but I remember being in a place where there were many people. I was telling myself to quickly ask anyone who is willing to give his/her phone number in real life before I wake up. Lo behold, I did get a guy's phone number. In my dream, I kept repeating the number to myself so that I wouldn't forget.

Unfortunately, when I woke up, it became 2 possible phone numbers. The first 4 digits are the same for both. The last 4 digits are also the same but with different sequence. I'm quite sure it's a Singapore landline phone number.

Guess what I did next?

I tried googling to find out whether you can do a reverse directory search. Apparently no such thing in Singapore.

(I stopped writing at this point and did the following:)

Oh my goodness! I tried calling. There was ringing tone for the first alternate phone number. I hung up as soon as it rang. My heart was beating fast. As for the second alternate number, the error message was "Error in connection".

It's crazy to call, isn't it? What am I going to say?

If a woman picks up:
Me: Errr hi
Her: Hello
Me: Hmmm any chance there is a guy living at your place in his 20s or 30s?
Her: Huh? Who are you looking for?
Me: Errr I don't know actually. This may sounds strange but I met him in my dream and he gave this number.

Scenario A where she is nice enough to entertain this nutcase:
Her: Well, there is/isn't
(Too many permutations to go on from here)

Scenario B where she is not that nice:
Her: Who is this? What are you trying to do? Go away and don't call back. Otherwise I'll call the police

If a man picks up:
Me: Errr hi
Him: Hello
Me: Errr this may sounds strange but I'll explain in a bit. Are you in your 20s or 30s?

Scenario C where he is nice enough to hear me out and if the answer is positive:
Him: Yes, I am.
Me: Did you have a dream few nights ago where you gave this phone number to a guy?
(Think I'll have heart attack if the answer is positive and be severely embarrassed if the answer is negative)

Scenario D where he is not that nice: probably similar to Scenario B above.

What shall I do? How now brown cow?

About 6 weeks later...

...after I've submitted my answers to the interim assessment, I received this:

Interim Assessment result

Nick and Lloyd, you are safe...for now ;-)

Proverbs & phrases

When I was schooling in Singapore, I remember an incident where my Malay teacher was talking about roverbs. He then said that we can create our own proverbs. Strange it may seem but it never really occured to me until then that this is possible. Somehow I've always thought these proverbs are created by wise and/or clever people.

So back at the hostel, I've told my friends what my teacher said. One of them spontaneously made up one:

Friend: Seperti burger tanpa keju (translation: Just like burger without cheese)
Me: Huh? What does that mean?
Friedn: Sesuatu yang tidak lengkap (translation: Something that is not complete)
Me: *Laughed*

A senior, a non-blood related distant relative, made up a phrase herself: "Do not do today what can be done tomorrow or the next day".

I myself came up with this and I've been using it for years: "Do not judge a banana by its skin". Its meaning is the same as "Do not judge a book by its cover". I thought banana is appropriate because usually the skin darkens even though it is still good to eat.

So anyone has any original proverbs or phrases to share?
Update: Please also tell me what they mean! Thanks.