Big 2 among 3

Recently, my sister, her husband and I played Big 2. After consecutive wins by my b-i-l, both my sister and I were just aiming to be second-placed as the loser would need to shuffle the cards for the next round. Fortunately, I was second-placed most of the time hehe.

At one point, my sister indicated it was nearing her bedtime and so she would stop playing if she loses that round. Once again, her husband won again. Both my sister and I had only 1 card each:

Big 2

I was the loser as my 6 of spade is bigger than her 5 of spade. Darn it. So close.

Achieving inner peace

Ban achieves inner peace by humming "Mmmm mmmm bum bum yum yum."

I tried but each time ended up laughing :)

In the words of a PM

PM of a country told his party consisting of majority race of the country that they need to be moderate and not offend the minority races because they need the latter's votes to win general election.

Excuse me? I thought it is only the right thing to do, isn't it? So if they have enough votes on their own, they can simply trample on the minority races, is it? Sheesh.

A Famosa Melaka

No, it's not the historical relic in Melaka town. It's actually the name of a resort, which have a few "venues" in it. Among them is the Animal Safari.

It's by far one of the best places in Malaysia to see animals up close, though I admit that I haven't been to any zoo here for ages and so I could be wrong. Nevertheless, I would recommend it as a place for family outing.

Go in the morning. Make sure you're in time for the Elephant Show, which starts at 10.15am. I did cringe at the thought of the elephants being made to do actions that are not natural to them (unlike the bird show at Jurong Bird Park in Singapore).

Then take the free truck ride which brings you to places that you cannot see if you walk, especially the animal enclosures. It's like the safari in Africa e.g. you're in a caged truck while the tigers are right outside.

Surprisingly the ride is quite long because it would be just in time to watch the Animal Show at 11.20am. That is rather enjoyable except for the part where a cat is asked to jump through a hoop of fire. Sheesh.

After the Animal Show, just a mere 10 to 15 mins later, it is the Bird Show at 12pm. It is probably the most visually pleasing show, with flock of doves flying, sea eagle and hornbill swooping through the air.

By now, it's time for lunch. Lunch is included in the ticket. Pick a meal out fo 3 and a choice of a can drink.

Though I didn't stay for the Cowboy Show this time (it was my second time), I would recommend to walk around looking at animals up close before the show at...2.15pm? Can't remember. Cowboy show has no animals, if I recall correctly but it is entertaining nevertheless.

Overall, it's a worthwhile trip, costing RM45, inclusive of a meal and drink.

A Famosa band

A Famosa animal 1

A Famosa 2

A Famosa animal 3

Pegging with nephews

The result:


It took me significantly more time and some anxious moments (when they wanted to help holding the pole with hooks at its end) to finish hanging clothes. Nevertheless, it was one of the precious moments :)

Sudden knee pain

I kneed you, originally uploaded by tamelyn.
Yesterday, while walking in the Arena foodcourt (at One Utama) looking for food (the seaweed noodle soup was nice but stingy on ingredient and hence it was expensive), my knee felt painful.

At first, I thought it was my osteoarthritis acting up again. So, I did a leg exercise that was taught by my doctor in Singapore, which has helped me in the past. However, I noticed that the pain, and its location, was not exactly the same as in the past.

Fortunately, it improved sufficiently for me to finish doing errands (with Ban), with some careful walking. Once home, I did the same leg exercise.

Later I noticed that, unlikely in the past, the pain was more acute when my knee was bent. So I sat on the floor with my leg straightened. It was so painful that I had to use Voren gel to soothe it and used a knee protector to prevent my knee from bending too much.

I pondered over this with Ban: why did it suddenly flare up? In fact, I realised then, pain from osteoarthritis usually doesn't flare up suddenly - its intensity increases gradually.

It was then I recalled that in the morning, I nearly fell down when my foot was on its side (instead on its sole) while turning to walk the opposite direction. I didn't fall though and was grateful I didn't sprain my ankle.

Could it be that the fall was prevented at the expense of my knee?

Update on tuition

As I've said before, I'm tutoring a Standard 5 student, who is a family friend's son. However, instead of 4 subjects, I've decided to tutor only in Math (in English language), which is what I'm most comfortable with. I may consider tutoring in other subjects in future.

A natural concern I have is whether I'm doing any good at all. After a few classes, I thought that it was not doing badly because he has yet to respond negatively to attending my class, unlike with respect to a previous tutor where he told his mum he didn't want to attend that tutor's class.

Next indication was that he took the initiative to arrange for extra classes with me so as to prepare for his exam, which I was glad to help. This is important especially for him because an outcome his mum hope I can help to achieve is to get her son interested in his studies.

Then at the latest class, his mum told me that he told her he is now more confident doiong his Math, in both English and Chinese language, after being taught by me. This is surely a clear indication that my teaching has positive effect.

I'm thankful that I'm able to help him thus far. Now let's hope this translate to improvement in his exam. Good luck to both of us!