Shaky driving skills

It has been over two months since I started practising my driving. Taking into account those time I was at home and didn't drive, I estimate that I had a solid 2 months of daily practice.

Things definitely did improve compared to 2 months ago, however, there were some improvement made in between of which I inexplicably backslide on. I still don't know why it happened. It's rather stressful.

To top it all, I had to get Ban's car repaired because it scraped against a pillar while I was moving it out of the car park spot at his place. The car was dented too. This made me even more anxious on a whole while driving.


On Twilight Saga

A very interesting read from "Reasoning With Vampires". After you have your fun reading the main body, I do encourage you to read, from the left-side menu, "About", "An Overview of Opinion", and "FAQ/MM", preferably in this order.

As a sample, the first two paragraphs of "About" are as follows:

Prior to actually reading Twilight, I had an opinion about it. I scoffed and mocked. I argued with my sister that, No, no, Edward doesn’t sound like the perfect guy, because I don’t really think that breaking into the bedrooms of teenage girls without their knowledge is romantic. I maintained a generalized position that Bella and Edward’s relationship seemed psychologically unhealthy. Also, the idea of a sparkling vampire was too ridiculous not to mock. Yet, I never felt like I had the authority to really trash the book(s), because I didn’t read them, and I try to avoid being a jackass. Then it seemed like Twilight was everywhere with the upcoming release of Eclipse in theatres, so I decided to earn my Twilight badge and read it.

I fully admit I was prejudiced. I expected to be mildly offended by the content. Even so, I took for granted that it would be a good book because of how wildly popular the series is. Surely, an author doesn’t sell millions of copies without writing well! I was wrong. I was so wrong. I have not read a book so poorly crafted that wasn’t the construction paper publication of a child.

Eclectic dinner

Eclectic dinner

This is what Ban and I had for dinner recently:
  • ABC soup, cooked by moi, which is made of ikan bilis and peppercorn as the soup and potato, tomato, white onion and carrot as the ingredient
  • Maki with egg and cucumber as its filling, made by moi
  • Onde-onde, bought from Jaya Grocer
Influenced by Ban's Orihime's streak? :P

A bargain gone wrong?

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Kellog's Cornflake, the ubiquitous representation of cornflake (and certainly superior to Nestle's, in my opinion), much as Maggi represents instant noodle and Tupperware represents plastic container.

In Seremban, there's a chain of local supermarkets called Family Store (or Ka Ka in Cantonese...strange to me). Family Store is popular at least in Rasah Jaya area. Not sure about other housing estates around Seremban. On the other hand, I'm sure Giant is a very recognisable hypermarket in Malaysia and generally things are cheaper there compared to your local mini/super markets.

Anyway, recently, I found that a large box of Kellog's Cornflake (I believed it's either 125g or 175g) costs RM7.29 in Giant while it costs only a mere RM3.99 in Family Store. This is truly unbelivable as the difference is very significant.

I wonder is it possible to arbitrage here? Buy all boxes in Family Store and sell them at where they do not exist? Hmmm...

On the contrary...

With regard to the recent remark from a certain puppet ('ll see why very soon) that SBB is dead, let me assure you that he's well and alive. In fact, just yesterday he was seen reading the latest Dan Brown's book:

SBB read

I'm sure Ban suspects that SBB was trying to see what evil techniques he could learn from the book, rather than just for the pure enjoyment of reading a mystery book.

Super Boing Boing

SBB is Ban's long-time companion. According to him, SBB is an evil bunny whose aim is world domination but it's hard for me to believe that each time I look at him. He's so cute lah :)

Also, he's been very helpful. For instance,


he helped look after our laundry while we were out for lunch, and


he helped me to watch the conversation on my gtalk while I was resting on the sofa.

First maki in KL

First KL maki

This is the first plate of maki I made, with Ban's help, in KL and the first I made in Malaysia in years. Ban and I were supposed to make these for William's potluck birthday celebration but in the end I couldn't make it.

The only hiccup during the cooking process was the egg. I should have been more patient by fyring the egg in batches. The maki-making process went well and the end result looked pretty good.

As you can see, the ingredient was a mix of egg, cucumber and crabstick. Ban didn't like the crabstick as it somehow had stronger fishy smell to him. Though I thought otherwise, guess I'll make do without it next time.


Back during my schooling days, including university, scrawl of words etched in wooden tables and benches was common (and likely still is). I sometimes do read them and majority of them are just pure juvenile. However, once a while, I came across gem like this:

"I hate vandalism."

"Me too!"

What fish...

Long fish this? It looks like a distant cousin of the seahorse.

Melaka Corner

Melaka Corner, originally uploaded by Jaded Jeremy.

Somehow it was difficult to find cheap food or even snacks at One Utama. So I was pleasantly surprised to chance upon this shop when I was walking from The Gardens Cafe towards Jusco. Not too sure which floor it was. Likely it was LG

This quaint shop serves many local delights at relatively cheap prices. Lots of kueh-kueh, drinks and 3 types of noodle. I had a box of onde-onde (8 of them, if I recall correctly), which was not sickly sweet, and a cup of hot coffee, which was rich and thick. They cost only RM4.50.

This is one place I plan to visit again especially if I want to have some light snacks.