Legend of rubbish bins

In general, people agree that Singapore is a clean city. However, what most foreigners do not know is that the cleanliness is due to the legion of cleaners rather than the civic-mindedness of Singapore residents. In fact, every year there will be people caught littering who are punished with corrective work order ("CWO") i.e. wear a particular uniform (with CWO on it...or maybe not, I'm not sure) and pick up rubbish at certain spots notorious for litters.

Singapore government makes it very easy for people to dispose of their rubbish. Every bus stop has a rubbish bin. Every carpark lot tend to have one. Every floor of shopping malls have one. They are usually regularly emptied. Yet I've seen people littering before, with a bin a few seconds away.

Malaysia, however, is a different story. I remember travelling with my parents when I was young and often we have to keep rubbish in a plastic bag and disposed of it later. Maybe things have changed now, I'm not sure as I have yet to observe.

Hence, it is shocking to find the following in one of the rest stops along the highway:

Rubbish bins


I usually have something to say on a wide range of topics. However, most of the topics were usually brought up by others before I poured in my thoughts.

Hence, I would love to hear what topics you readers would like me to touch on. So please do tell me. Thanks :)

The next chapter

One fine day in early August marked the end of my 10-year employment by others. It also marked the beginning of my journey of self-employment.

I'm realistic to give this a try and not to close door on the chapter I'm leaving behind. The try-out period is a year. Then I will contemplate and assess the success/failure of that one year. Hopefully it'll go well.

An update on my planned sources of income:

(1) Rental: yet to find a tenant. I've indicated to my agent that I plan to rent out my place from Oct onward, to give Rick time to find a place. So, with my agreement, the agent will actively market my place from Sep onward. Good news is that Rick just managed to find a place.

(2) Tuition: I'll be tutoring a Standard 5 student in KL on 4 subjects. I'm nervous about Bahasa Malaysia (Cikgu William, tolong! :P) and Science. The standard of the former has gone up dramatically for the past decades (hehe) while the latter has plenty of facts to memorise. Haiz. Hopefully English and Math will be ok.

(3) Freelance actuarial work: Have met up with ex-boss and his colleagues. Arranged meeting with potential clients. Have made it very clear that at least for 6 months, I would want to do mainly back-office work e.g. calculations, draft reports etc and only occassional client-facing.

Meantime, there's still packing and moving to do. Argh! Anyone want to help?

Unusually tired feet

Foot over Drain Cover, originally uploaded by williamnyk.
These past few days my feet have been gradually feeling more tired each day. So strange. It's not like I've been walking a lot.

I go to bed with tired feet. I wake up with tired feet.

I suspect it's due to lack of exercise.

What do you think?

The recovery process

About one month after this photo was taken, here's the update:

Stitch off

Ban helped to take the photo...and he wanted to take one more. Down bunny, down. Good boy :P

(eeek I'm being punished now hehe)

So, does it look better?

Insect up your...

Buzzing III, originally uploaded by williamnyk.

When I was younger, I sometimes, though rarely, had this irrational fear of insects or creepy crawlies finding their way into my ears or nose. I'm quite sure it is something that crosses everyone's mind...right? Right?? Surely at least once, right?

(double question mark for William's benefit :P)

Well, my nightmare came true one day...literally in broad daylight. I can't remember how but long time ago I had an insect flew into my left nostril.

I was afraid, of course. No wailing though. My heart beat faster as I prayed that it wouldn't go in any deeper. I feared that it may be a bee.

I blew my nose as hard as I could, hoping the the air current was strong enough to expulse it but alas, to no avail.

Finally, at the risk of possibly being stung, I used my fingers to grab hold of the insect, pulled it out (it was stubbornly clinging to my nasal passage!) and quickly threw it away.

I was instantly worried that it may be swollen inside my nose but luckily it wasn't the case. Phew.

Surprisingly, and fortunately, I wasn't traumatised by that incident. Strong kid, eh? Hehe.

Spoke too soon

The miracle was short-lived: the sinus headache attack is now back after about 6 days not using the aircond on dry mode. Haiz.

But I'll still try again later, to slower lengthen the days and hopefully one day it'll go away.