Longest tennis match

6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7), 7-6 (3), 70-68

Nope, the score for the 5th set is not a typo. Mind-boggling, isn't it?

It was during the 1st round of Wimbledon Championship 2010 between John Isner and Nicholas Mahut. Here are some interesting statistics (as obtained from espn.go.com/tennis):
  • Over 3 days, without rain interruption
  • 11hrs 5mins long
  • 183 games
  • 5th set alone lasted 8hrs 11mins, which by itself is longer than the previous longest match record by 98 mins
  • Isner had 112 aces, Mahut had 103 aces (the latter better the previous record by 25)

Twin yolk...

Twin yolk

...from Rick's egg :P Fascinating and rare.

Symptom management

Remember the aircond in dry mode treatment for my sinus-like symptoms? Well, turns out that it is not a permanent solution. The "congestion" around my eyes and face comes back every 4 of 5 days and I have to take decongestion medication then when it becomes unbearable.

I went back to consult my GP, after knowing that by then he would have the report from the specialist. The GP viewed it as good news that the specialist found no infection. Huh? How is that good news? I rather have that infection and take the necessary medication. As at now, it is a bloody mystery.

Oh and guess what? The aircond in dry mode treatment supposedly make it worse because of dry and cold condition. Yet, when I try sleeping with the window open and with fan, it is worse but I feel better using the aircond that way. I am so convinced that this is not sinusitis.

The GP advised me on symptom management. *Groan* What? More regiment and medication? So in total now, the things I need to take for my health are as follows:

(1) Glucosamine for my osteoarthritis
(2) Sinus rinse (with saline solution) for the sinus-like symptoms
(3) Decongestion whenever needed, which is currently every 4 or 5 days
(4) Headon, a homeopathic medication that relieves minor headache due to the sinus-like illness
(5) Omeprazole as and when needed for my gastritis/acide reflux/GERD
(6) Domperidone when my IBS-like symptoms come about
(7) Librax when my IBS-like symptoms come about
(8) Antacid whenever my gastric rears its head


Forging the Darksword

Possible spoiler ahead:

I read the book halfway (no spoiler please!). Until then, the characters, atmosphere etc were generally serious. Then came Simkin. It was then only I laughed out loud. One of my favourite passages (so far) is as follows:

"Of course I've talked to Vanya," Simkin said, turning back to Saryon. "His Tubbiness laid his plans out quite clearly before me. 'Simkin', he said, 'I would be grateful, eternally grateful, if you would assist me in this little matter.' 'Bishop, old chap,' I replied, 'I'm yours to command.' He would have hugged me, but there are some things I draw the line at, and being hugged by fat bald men is one."

So far, I enjoy reading the book (a birthday gift from Ban), especially the setting where magic is the norm and technology is viewed to be evil and technologists are reviled - a total opposite to the stories we're usually accustomed to i.e. magic is misunderstood, feared and magicians are hunted.

A bunny song

I sang this song to my honey:

"How much is that bunny in the window.
Boing! Boing!
The one with adorable face.
Boing! Boing!
How much is that bunny in the window.
Boing! Boing!
I know that the bunny is mine.
Boing! Boing!"

My honey said that the bunny is sold to a Seremban guy living in Singapore :)

The search is over

Remeber my pants tragedy?

I tried my luck again to get the same pants William helped me to choose at Takashimaya, during the ongoing Great Singapore Sale. The last time I visited them they didn't have my size.

Lo behold this time they did! I tried a pair, chose the colour of two pairs and asked them to alter the length of the pants. I asked them to use the length of the pants I was wearing (it is the same pants i.e. Brentwood and the same cut) as the measurement. Bought them at the same discounted price as previously.

Collected them recently, tried again to make sure they fit and they did. Just hope it would still be when I finally wear them for work. *Fingers crossed*

Where's Dr Gregory House?

The day after this, I visited the ENT specialist to listen to his opinion after he had the chance to review the CT scan.

The verdict? Same as his scope i.e. there is no evidence of sinusitis. Not even a hint of it. It is mind-boggling, even to him, since I exhibited typical sinusitis symptoms and obtained relief (albeit temporarily as long as I'm on medication) by taking medication for sinusitis.

In the end, there is no real diagnosis. His advice to me was basically to stay as healthy as possible e.g. exercise regularly, adequate rest etc and try forgetting about this illness. The funny thing is that, as a few people have pointed out, I'm already doing all those healthy-living stuff. Someone even suggested that perhaps I should start living unhealthily since people with less-than-healthy lifestyle has no health problems.

I did, however, tried something new that night. A friend claimed that his sinusitis is due to humid condition and suggested that I use the dry mode of the aircond while sleeping (which works for him). Whether it is due to this or otherwise, miraculously I haven't had any sinusitis symptoms (especially that bad headache) for past two days after adopting his idea. I woke up with only slight pressure around my eyes and nose, which gradually eased off and gone by late morning. Weird.

A case for Dr House, isn't it?

Medical errands

8.35am - 9.45am
The clinic opened at 8.30am. It was no wonder I was patient number 6. Doctor was at the stage where he concluded that I needed to see an ENT specialist about my sinusitis symptoms. Went to the one he recommended 3 years ago who miraculously cured my very bad persistent cough and so didn't mind at all going to the same one again. Since it's private, I got my appointment the same day.

11.50am - 12.50am
Specialist, after asking some questions and read the note from my GP, did a scope through my nasal passages. They appeared to be fine. He recommended CT scan of the sinus area. He also postulated that if it shows nothing, maybe I'm having tension headache. Highly doubtful as I pointed out to him that I feel great pressure which moves to whichever side I sleep on (not something that tension headache should have, isn't it?). Paid S$280.

1.50pm - 2.50pm
First time doing CT scan. Hope it shows something that explains the symptoms because otherwise, I need House :P Paid $224.

4.55pm - 5.10pm
Personally collected the scan because if it was left to the hospital, the scan would reach the specialist after my appointment the next day. Delivered scan to specialist's clinic. Was hoping to get a little discount for being a delivery boy but oh well... :P