Income Tax


Income Tax


I'm sure I'm not an introverted but neither am I an extroverted. I'm probably somewhere in the middle. Ban, however, is clearly an introverted - he couldn't last more than 3 hours interacting with people he knows (much less for strangers). I find the following guide very useful in understanding introverted. Do read it.

(If the words are too small to read, right click it and save the image to your computer/laptop and read it. It's worth it.)

PS: Please let me know if you know the original source of this guide. Thanks.


Konlo lou shu fun

Konlo lou shu fun

This is one of the best konlo lou shu fun I had. It's also value-for-money. I've been wanting to snap a photo of it but I kept forgetting because I just digged in when it arrived :)

I like it because
  • it's not too oily;
  • it has generous amount of noodle;
  • there's generous amount and variety of meat (for such noodle) - fishcake, mince meat and fishball;
  • it has sizeable amount of vegetable (for such noodle) - lettuce and beancurd skin;
  • its soup is hardly oily; and
  • it's tasty.
It costs only RM4.50, which is typical for such noodle and yet it has much more and it's delicious.

It's served by a lady wearing spectacles, manning a 'Fishball Noodle' stall at a small open-air foodcourt just across CIMB Bank which situated at Sunwaymas Commercial Centre. It's also across the Aman Suria gated housing.

Incidentally, the stall behind hers, also operated by a lady, has one of the best char kuay teow. I hope I'll remember to take a photo of it the next time I order it :)

Return of the Jaded Jeremy

I was absent from the blog for 11 days due to a retreat to a secluded mountain where I meditated and learned about the secret of life from a revered monk. This retreat was rudely interrupted by the appearance of SBB, who told me how long I had been away. I was shocked as it sure didn't feel that long, as days meld into mere hours - very much like Palace of the Prophets in the Sword of Truth series.

Ok, enough of this nonsense hehehe. Actually I was away in Penang to help my sister to pack, move and unpack. There was internet at her old place. Typically, I checked e-mails, FB and read news just before and after lunch. After that, I would pack some stuff before packing up my laptop in preparation for dinner. Hence I didn't have time to blog.

Internet wasn't set up yet at her new place. There was no newspapers (does this sound like secluded mountain yet? :P ). Thank goodness for Astro Beyond as that allowed me to access to a few news channels. There wasn't any news about 21/12/2012. Oh well.

However, there were plenty of grave news such as Euro countries bickering over budget and debt, US politicians bickering over the fiscal cliff, more deaths in Syria, and the tit-for-tat missile strikes between Gaza and Israel.

Anyway, it was great that the move went better than I expected and so we had some time to recuperate a little bit. I enjoyed my time with my sister and her family. Next stop: Australia in January.

PS: I hope Malaysia general election will not be held when I'm in Australia!

Korean drama series: gay theme

I stumbled upon this while I was looking up a new Taiwanese series that was being advertised on Astro. It's quite a refresing kind of gay themed drama series. These 2 episodes have scenes that resonate with me:

Broken Mage Knight

Since quite some time ago, I brought up the idea of getting our own set of Mage Knight boardgame but Ban wasn't keen because a fellow boardgamer already had it and we managed to play with him maybe on average once a fortnight. I countered that if we had our own set, we could play whenever we liked, instead of relying on the availability of other people. Nevertheless, I didn't get one.

However, lately it had been difficult to arrange for a session due to the game's owner busy schedule. Hence, I decided to get a set of my own and Ban agreed to share with me :) A friend of ours is a member of Meeples and he helped us to get one with 10% discount. Yay!

The joy, however, turned a little grim as we gradually discovered defects on most of the cards, a map tile and a few tokens :( Our friend guessed that this set was part of the batch subsequent to the first batch and it was probably a rushed job because the game was high in demand. Gah.

Upon contacting the owner of Meeples, our friend helped to take photos of some of the more serious defective items and sent it to the former, who will then forward them to the game publisher. The desired outcome is to have the publisher replacing this defective set with a new one.

Let's hope for the best!

Sudoku update Oct 2012

The last update done was...3 months ago! I said exactly the same thing 3 months ago lol. Mind you, I didn't set out to update every 3 months. Maybe my biological clock is doing some extra work here :P

For Moderate (M) puzzles:

Sudoku Grade M IV

I am pleased that there's generally a downward trend (improvement!) in time taken since the last update. What's even more pleasing is that this occured despite a period where I was playing Torchlight 2.

Just recently, I did get very close to beat my personal record. Hope to beat it soon :)

Sudoku Grade T II

Unfortunately, for the Tough puzzles, I didn't do so well since the last update. The time taken has crept upward. Hmmm what was I busy with? Torchlight 2 perhaps?

Sudoku Grade G

I have enough data to show the time taken to complete the Gentle puzzles. There was a discernible improvement midway and then moribund between 10 and 15 mins.

Sudoku Grade D

The performance with respect to Diabolical puzzles is the one that causes me the most grief because I had to give up 5 times (not shown in the chart above). Each time I gave up after spending close to 2 hours without any more progress. I'm still trying to figure out a better technique to solve these puzzles.

Sudoku compare I

There is no surprise here except that the shortest time to complete Gentle puzzle is slightly longer than that for Moderate puzzle. I still can't figure out what on earth happen on that fateful day when I achieved a personal record of slightly over 9 seconds in completing that Moderate puzzle. Did time stop? Did I speed up?

Torchlight 2 Demo

After having played Torchlight a few years ago, I was eagerly anticipating Torchlight 2, especially when it comes with multiplayer feature - something that's sorely missing in Torchlight.

Similar to Torchlight, there is a demo version for Torchlight 2 as well. I was pleasantly surprised because since they had won over many fans with their maiden debut of Torchlight, I thought they wouldn't provide demo version this time.

This was fortunate because apparently my laptop's specification did not meet the minimum requirements. So, I thought why not just try out the demo and see how bad the consequence was for not meeting those requirements. Surprise, surprise. It worked quite well on single player, although there was a few lagging moments during multiplayer (especially in the zone Frosted Hills) but overall it was a minor issue.

When the demo ended, as expected, I was asked to continue by paying for the game:

Torchlight 2 demo end

I laughed when I read the part "For Percy's sake,...". Percy was the name of my character's pet. Then at the bottom left, Mernix (my character) demanded me to fight on. Bah, no one makes demand from me, especially in spending USD19.99 to buy a game.

Then I read at the bottom right: "Percy loves you.". Awww, that was so sweet! I then went ahead and purchased the game. It was for Percy's sake after all :P