Sushi Tei: Hokkaido Hairy Crab

Sushi Tei crab, originally uploaded by Jaded Jeremy.

Yes, it was really hairy lol. I wouldn't normally order crab because it takes too much effort to dig out its flesh. Too much for too little.

However, to my surprise, on that day, Ban decided (on his own! wahhhhhh) to try something totally new and out there. So he ordered this from their (presumedly) seasonable menu.

As you can tell (look at the spoon), it was a pretty small crab. Its legs, however, were meaty enough to warrant the effort. Unfortunately, there were sharp thorn-like shell on its legs.

It was appropriately 'slashed' at several places when served to us. However, it would have been better if they had provided the cracker too so that we could better handle the sharp legs. The digging utensil was very useful.

Its meat was sweet and refreshing. Clean and delicious - something that both Ban and I appreciated.

We don't think we'll have it again although it was delicious. It just took too much effort and time :P

New laptop third attempt

So following on from my encounter at Digital Mall, I decided to order online but before that, I called Dell to ask whether I could get CDs for the OS and Office. Yes to the former but no to the latter. Well, in that case, I postponed the purchase of Office as surely I could get cheaper price at Digital Mall, right?

I opted for the highest spec of Alienware 14. I didn't add anything else except to extend the warranty to 3 years.

First problem I ran into was a call from Dell to perform some "verification". They kept asking me for my office phone number and e-mail. I told them that I had none of these and that my laptop was my office (being a part-time consultant). I suspected that these questions arose because the delivery address was different to my credit card's billing address, which I did provide as part of the verification. Luckily, nothing was amiss after that call.

I was a little anxious when unboxing the laptop. I had heard people receiving defective Alienware laptops. Although they were rectified quite promptly by Dell, no one wants such trouble in the first place.

So to my dismay, I discovered that some of the keys were misconfigured. For example, the key @ was switched with ", and shift + 3 gave the pound currency symbol, instead of #.

As it was after 9pm (and so technicians were not available to help over the phone), I shot an e-mail to Dell, detailing which keys were misconfigured.

However, later, as I was looking for something else, I saw the keyboard symbol and because of the pound currency symbol, I recalled that I selected UK English as the keyboard configuration as I didn't want US English.

With Ban's help, I managed to retain UK English as the language but I changed the input keyboard to US and voila! That solved the misconfiguration issue lol.

A technician replied my e-mail and his second question was whether I selected US or not hehehe.

Recent Yahoo Mail

Five weeks after I urged a boycott of Yahoo Mail, they introduced a new feature 'Recent' that basically allows you to view, in a vertical list, the recent e-mails. You can also delete the ones that you are not interested in.

In this way, once again, I can multi-task between e-mails, an adequate a substitute for the e-mail tab function that was removed from the previous version. I don't know whether it is better or worse but it's good enough for me.

It's a relief because I tried using other alternatives. I had two problems: mapping of Yahoo Mail folders and setting up my work e-mail. There doesn't seem to be an alternative free e-mail programme that can do both. Theoretically, Thunderbird could but I couldn't get it to recognise my work e-mail setting. Weird.

Someone who set up petition for bringing back the old version managed to meet some Yahoo's personnel. They admitted to releasing the new version when it wasn't ready e.g. the Recent feature was planned from the start. They never explain why the rush and there was no mention of apology for all the problems the new Yahoo Mail caused (still has no 'Print' button!). Disclaimer: this was that person recount of the meeting.

Seems like something changed drastically when the new CEO (formerly Google employee) arrived and what a bad start for Yahoo Mail.

Rosemary Bites: Chicken Lasagna

Rosemary chicken lasagna

One day, instead of choosing one of the usual suspects, I decided to try their chicken lasagna. I do like lasagna once a while. Like pizza, I can't eat such food frequently. 'Jelak' (still don't know what's the English word for it). Probably because of too much cheese.

From the first few bites, I find it tasty. Ok, maybe hunger helped a bit :) It was tasty but later I noticed that the meat was a little drier than other lasagnas that I had. Maybe it had less oil? It was certainly not oily, unlike some lasagnas. Or maybe it was baked longer than usual. The meat consistency is similar to that of Nyonya chang.

I probably wouldn't try it again because I got 'jelak' (bored? *shrug*) of it halfway through. Besides, there's a list of usual suspects to choose from at Rosemary Bites :)

Daore Express @ Paradigm Mall

Daore 1

One day, Ban, his brother and I went to Paradigm Mall to have dinner at Sushi Q. Unfortunately, there was no more salmon sushi at the counter. So we went to look for alternative. Fortunately we didn't need to go far as opposite Sushi Q was Daore Express, a Korean eatery which we had not tried. That fulfilled my once-a-week-try-new-food objective :)

Daore 2

Ban and his brother had this Korean canned sweet rice drink. Yes, it was sweet but not any sweeter than your typical Yeo's canned drinks. It was refreshing and tasted a little like barley.

Ban's brother also had another canned drink that supposed to be cinnamon and persimmon drink. However, it had only the former and sugar taste only. The persimmon taste was sorely lacking.

Daore 3

I ordered the Janki Goksu that also came with 3 side dishes.

The soup was quite clear and not oily, and had simple flavour. The noodle itself was like mee sua (soy noodle). Interesting. In my opinion, ramen and udon taste better.

As for the side dishes, the green vegetable was normal but cold. The middle dish was kimchi, which I had never liked and this one didn't change my mind. The salad was quite surprisingly good and its dressing tasted like...passion fruit? Go try it and let me know.

Would I go there again? Yes...only if there's no food at Sushi Q hehehe. Sorry, to hard to resist good sushi. Also, I much prefer Japanese food over Korean.

New laptop second attempt

After my first attempt, I didn't do much because I was in Singapore.

Once back in KL, I researched more online, specifically the review of gaming laptops and also users' comments. The tricky part was that some of the laptops I looked at online were simply not available in Malaysia (at the moment). More importantly, I had to consider the level of after-sales service and support locally.

In the end, I decided on Dell's laptop, not because Dell had glowing testimonies all around but because it's the least problematic (in terms of after-sale service and support) among the lot. Not comforting, isn't it?

Dell website didn't allow me to opt for Windows 7 instead of Windows 8. I had heard horrendous remarks about the latter. Moreover, it wasn't clear whether they would include the OS's DVD. Similar question about Microsoft Office if I choose to purchase from them.

I remember a friend managed to customise all these at a retail store. So I went to Digital Mall and after and approached a Dell booth, specialising in Alienware. The salesperson said I could phone in to ask for the OS's DVD to be sent to me for free. Not so for Microsoft Office i.e. no DVD available.

By then, I was considering Alienware 14 and it's a matter of specification. The salesperson claimed that many of his customers opted for middle specs laptop but upgraded its RAM to be the same as the high specs laptop at the cost of about RM600.

It was a good thing I didn't commit to buying from him because the Dell website allows the option of RAM upgrade for a mere RM250 only. Hmmm I wonder I misheard him but I'm quite sure I have not.

SBB's random attire

Once a while, especially when Ban sees my attire lying around (which is rare), he'll dress up SBB, such as these:

SBB singlet

SBB swim gear

I laughed when I first saw these. Not sure about the singlet but the swimming gear looked cool on SBB, don't you think? :)

Stop using Yahoo Mail!

Remember the workaround I highlighted before? No longer works.

Despite nearly a month has passed, Yahoo has not moved forward to where it used to be (hehehe convoluted, isn't it?). There are still plenty of problems with it (e.g. no 'Print' button!) and that include the absence of the all-important e-mail tabs.

Plenty of users have complained in Yahoo's official feedback website:{toggle_previous_statuses}

Yahoo's response thus far is laughable and shows that they either don't use Yahoo Mail itself or they're not power users or they don't know how to emphatise or they simply don't care.

Meanwhile, I urge everyone to stop using Yahoo Mail. If you don't have one, don't start one.

New laptop first attempt

Few years ago, when I experienced difficulty playing some games on my current laptop (for some, I couldn't do anything once the game started!), I wanted to get a new one but that was low in my priority of expenditure, given my limited income and money. So I planned to do so after selling the house in Seremban.

As time went on, my laptop's performance deteriorated gradually. For example, it takes a good 10 minutes from start up to stabilising at desktop. Then another 5 minutes to start up Excel (I regularly use spreadsheets) and then another 5 minutes to just open an Excel file. Similar starting up issue with web browser. However, it gets easier later in the day after the first start up. At the end of the day, it takes 10 minutes to shut down. Every few months, the blue screen of death emerges.

As expected, meanwhile, there are more and more games my laptop can't handle e.g. Civilisation 5, Path of Exile, Dragon Age. Even the game I currently play, Rift, gets laggy and crashes at least once in a few hours.

I procrastinated in purchasing a new one after the house was sold. I can't remember when and why but few weeks back, I decided to really get going on this.

From scouring the internet, I got to know of the PC Expo at Midvalley Exhibition Centre, 1 - 3 Nov 2013. Since I would be flying off to Singapore on 2 Nov, the first day of the expo was to only viable choice. Besides, Friday was a better day to attend than the weekends to avoid more crow and Friday is a working day after all.

But lo behold! At almost 2pm, all carpark zones were full! This included the premier parking zone. Goodness. If I was not mistaken, there were traffic policemen direction vehicles away from the carpark zone entrances @@

Oh, just as well. I was not feeling great and so headed home for a good nap.

Socialise or not

I have these particular contradicting traits. 

Without a concerted effort to do so, I'm inclined not to go out and socialise. Lazy? Maybe. I noticed that this is more so if I am the one organising the meeting/catch-up. I guess this is where the planner trait comes in: the more people involved, the harder it is to organise and thus more stressful. The same applies when I'm networking or attend work-related meetings.

However, this is where it gets a little strange: if I do socialise, often than not I end up enjoying it. Games with friends, laughter, gossip etc. As for work-related meeting, usually it'll end up well with clients feeling at least satisfied with my work and speaking warmly with me. In short: positive benefits most of the time. Ok, friends and family, you can tell me otherwise if you wish by leaving your comments at the end :)

So, knowing this, I usually force myself to agree to meet friends and family even if I don't feel like it (yes, there are times I would want to). The impetus to do so if I'm the organiser is less, however. As for work-related meeting, I'm currently staying far, far away from it.

It also doesn't help that Ban is naturally a homebody but I'm glad he tries hard to meet friends whenever possible. However, most of the time, among the two of us, I'm the organiser, and so during those times when I feel lazy or want to have alone time, we'll both be at home.