Daore Express @ Paradigm Mall

Daore 1

One day, Ban, his brother and I went to Paradigm Mall to have dinner at Sushi Q. Unfortunately, there was no more salmon sushi at the counter. So we went to look for alternative. Fortunately we didn't need to go far as opposite Sushi Q was Daore Express, a Korean eatery which we had not tried. That fulfilled my once-a-week-try-new-food objective :)

Daore 2

Ban and his brother had this Korean canned sweet rice drink. Yes, it was sweet but not any sweeter than your typical Yeo's canned drinks. It was refreshing and tasted a little like barley.

Ban's brother also had another canned drink that supposed to be cinnamon and persimmon drink. However, it had only the former and sugar taste only. The persimmon taste was sorely lacking.

Daore 3

I ordered the Janki Goksu that also came with 3 side dishes.

The soup was quite clear and not oily, and had simple flavour. The noodle itself was like mee sua (soy noodle). Interesting. In my opinion, ramen and udon taste better.

As for the side dishes, the green vegetable was normal but cold. The middle dish was kimchi, which I had never liked and this one didn't change my mind. The salad was quite surprisingly good and its dressing tasted like...passion fruit? Go try it and let me know.

Would I go there again? Yes...only if there's no food at Sushi Q hehehe. Sorry, to hard to resist good sushi. Also, I much prefer Japanese food over Korean.
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