27Sep09 depart

Ban was here from Thursday night till Sunday evening. He was here attending a seminar on Friday and Saturday. In between, we spent time with some friends here, played Citadel and getting to know each other better. He is good at playing Citadel hehe. Beat me 2 out of 3 games and the last game he lost by merely 1 point. I tried a few times to get a few friends to join in but the timing wasn't too good. Oh well, next time.

We spent quite a good deal talking about our lives and sharing our thoughts, which is great. So far, so good :) See you soon honey!

DBS/POSB credit card is "back"

Josie Lau

Yay! Some good news! I have cut my POSB credit card because of this woman after she became president of AWARE for a few weeks. Since she is now no longer heading the DBS cards department, DBS/POSB credit cards are now under my consideration.

Some background reading on the AWARE saga:

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Flying Spagethi Monster

I honestly thought Ban was just pulling my leg but there is such deity...albeit for a parody religion. It's quite amazing. It's a result of someone who strongly protested against a move by Kansas School Board. For more details, read these:

20 September 2009 (20092009)

This is a key date in my life. A very happy occassion. About four months ago, I added and started corresponded with a guy, who turns out to be super nice, caring and considerate (among other lovable qualities). He is Ban and he's now my man :)

Where am I?

Ever woke up and wondered where you are? I had that moment more than a week ago.

Except that I did that in a dream :)

Health defense

HealthFairMap, originally uploaded by williamnyk.

Just woke up...involuntarily. My feet felt cold. My throat itches. Slightly thick phlegm in mouth. Gah.

Quickly boil water. Warm water is always good in dissolving those phlegm and ease the itchy throat. Ate a slice of bread so that I can...let's see...oh luckily there's one more but it's actually for morning. I'm desperate. So I ate a tablet of cetrizine (for runny nose), 500mg Vitamin C time-release capsule and 10ml of cough syrup (the brown one).

I better see doctor tomorrow morning to stock up on medication to bring along on my trip back to Malaysia. Hope this is defeated quickly.

Logical mind

Two accountancy students were walking across campus when one said, "Where did you get such a great bike?"

The second accountant replied, "Well, I was walking along yesterday minding my own business when a beautiful woman rode up on this bike. She threw the bike to the ground, took off all her clothes and said, "Take what you want."

The first accountant nodded approvingly, "Good choice; the clothes probably wouldn't fit."


96 hours

FAP Final Assessment

I started this about 15 minutes ago. I hope I'll pass.

A counter-tip

Few days ago, I posted a tip for sleeping well from a news article.

I used to use aircond every night when I sleep. After last night, I now remember why I resolved to switch to fan. No, it wasn't the regular nagging I received from my housemate. It was because of my blocked nasal passage.

I never had that problem before until early this year. For some strange reasons, I started having the blockage each time I sleep and it has gotten so bad that the next day, I had headache too. Besides medical treatment, doctor strongly advised me to make do without aircond, which I did and the problem didn't come again until few nights ago and last night.

In any case, as I've responded to comments left in a previous entry, I doubt the temperature is the cause of my sleeping problem (mind you, it's not that regular though) because when I was using aircond, this problem did crop up every now and then, whereas using fan, I could sleep soundly on most nights.

*Shrug*. Oh well.

Ps: Switching to fan cut my utility bill by about 1/3!

Car comparison

I'm not into cars but I always remember that Proton cars are shall I put in a car crash. Years ago, I pressed my palm on a proton saga and shocked to notice that how much less resistance it had against my palm, unlike other cars. Now, maybe things have improved since then but this seems to vindicate the decades old perception:
(I am not responsible over the veracity of this video clip. Believe it at your own risk.)

A tip to sleep well

Cool night sleep

I hope the housemate is reading this.

Broken save button

Awhile ago, I said that the issue of save function not working resolved by itself. Well, it happened again.

I wanted to insert a code and so open up a html/javascript gadget and to my dismay it looked like this:
Broken save button

It definitely didn't look right and in fact, it looked exactly as it was a few days ago. Noticed how the "Save", "Cancel" and "Back" buttons are on the top right? The latter two were working just fine but the "Save" button was not.

I've scoured the internet and did find some people with similar issues but unfortunately with no effective solutions. Use different browser - checked. Clear cache, cookies, temp files etc - checked. Shut down and restart - checked.


PS: Thanks Ban for "lending" me your laptop to do amend my blog :)

A new look

It was actually kind of incidental only.

I had problem with the blog. After editing the page element, the save function didn't work. So I thought maybe it was the template's fault and hence I carefully selected one of those in-built ones. I'm pleasant surprised to find 2 blog templates that meet my minimum requirement i.e. able to allow me to insert medium sized Flikr's photos.

So I chose this. Unfortunately, it didn't solve the problem. I even try editing directly the blog's html. Although at least there was a message saying it was saved, the edit wasn't actually saved. Bummer.

Tried googling about this issue. There are a few people having the same issue but so far there's no effective solution. I also tried using IE8 and Google Chrome (my default browser is Firefox). Oh I also obtained the latest Java version. None worked.

In the end, it just simply resolved itself...after struggling with it for 14 hours!

So what do you think of this new template? Better or worse than the previous one?

Update: I changed the template again upon feedback. I believed this looks neater. However, I would like to change the colour scheme to blue. Anyone can help? ;)

Second update: Hehe...found this one instead. Think it looks good. What do you think?


A man is only as good as his word and his action.

- Did anyone say this before? If not, I'm claiming it hehe.

Indicative power of underwear

UW II, originally uploaded by williamnyk.
This one's for you, Mr Skanky :P

Extract of a news article in TODAY papers, Tuesday 23 September 2009:

"One quick way to know when the recession will end is to look into the American man's underwear drawer.

If men are putting off buying new pairs and sticking to wearing threadbare underpants, the downturn is probably not over. But if there are new pairs in the drawer, that could signal better days ahead, reported The Washington Post".