Causes of sleeping problem

(1) Hunger/Gastric
(2) Cough
(3) Mosquito
(4) Dinner past 10pm
(5) Wearing only underwear
(6) Temperature (hot if use blanket, cold if don't use)
(7) Tea in the evening
(8) Vivid dreams

Thematic torture

Last week, it was "Oh, let's call JJ busybody no matter how reasonable his questions are." This week it is "Let's confirm doing something for JJ and reconfirm much closer to the date but then at the last minute say cannot."

Help! I want to get out of this curse!

Eventful weekend

Ban was down here for the weekend. His brother advised him that trading account in Singapore, for the purpose of trading shares listed in overseas stock exchanges, is better than that in Malaysia for reasons that isn't entirely clear to me...nor to Ban but hey, his brother knows this stuff.

He arrived here on a bright early Saturday morning at about 7.20am. It's the usual time I wake up for work hehe but well, it was ok since I had planned to wake up for tennis even earlier than that. I didn't go for tennis since I decided to get Ban at the airport. Not exactly a good idea to have a bunny hopping too long at the airport ;-)

We had breakfast at Parkway Parade and then headed to POEMS to open account. Unfortunately, they needed quite a big sum for deposit and wouldn't accept Ban's suggestion of completing the application and then send the cheque later because it has to be done in person. Bummer.

Had lunch at Aston but this time at the branch at East Coast Road. Ban agreed it's delicious and cheap but unfortunately, but not unexpectedly though, his food was slow to arrive.

Headed back to Parkway Parade to get swimming trunk and goggles for Ban. After browsing a few stores, finally bought them from World of Spots with the assistance of a helpful salesman.

Went back to my place and we both napped. I was really about to conk off lol. Just not enough sleep the night before. Swam a little while after that before visiting Llyod's workplace, which is an art gallery, where we met up with Lloyd and Nick.

Had dinner at Vincent's. I don't think that's the restaurant's proper name but that's what Lloyd and Nick call it. Had herbal chicken, some green vegetables, har kau, soup and white tea. Nice place to have decent conversation. We bought some dessert at Bedok's hawker centre and headed to my place for a round of Citadel! Ban won with more than 30 points while the rest of us had over 20 points each, with me in last place. I was 'assasinated' at least 3 times. Bah. But it was great fun :-)

Ended the night with Heroes of Might and Magic 5! Seems like Ban's good at playing this game and I'm looking forward to finish the scenario next time. We both are ganging up on the computer players hehe.

Woke up late morning. I ironed clothings while waited for Ban to wake up. Didn't have much time to continue HoMM5. Exercised a bit before heading out. I couldn't see Ban off at the airport because I was going to watch Harry Porter: The Half-Blood Prince with 7 other friends and I was having the tickets.

I was in time for the movie, which I thought was so-so only although some of us thought it's better than The Order of the Phoenix. I prefer the latter for more action though.

Had dinner at Plaza Singapura's Kopitiam, followed by coffee at TCC. I just drank water as I wasn't too keen on coffee or desert at that time. The company that matters :-)

I was really bushed that night. Slept rather well and contented :-)

Rose Quartz

I used to have a rose quartz pendant. Long story short: I lost it. Wasn't really keen to get another one until recently when I was at Parkway Parade. I've been to the shop Times of Feng Shui before and so I decided to go in and enquire.

Unfortunately, all the pendants didn't look appealing. Moreover, after having tried having 2 pendants in a chain, I don't think I want that any more. The lady was resourceful enough to recommend a few carry-on rose quartz instead. So in the end I bought this, with a pouch too:

Rose quartz 2

Rose quartz 1

There's a note attached to it that's entitled "Romancing Mystic Endless Knot". Here's what it says:

The 'Mystic Endless Knot' immortalized in Rose Quartz crystal makes powerful talismans & said to bring all kind of good fortune & networking luck to the owner.

Never ending with no beginning it is symbolic of one's life aspirations for perfection, everlasting love, endless wealth, smooth partnership and a union of friendship like no others.

Keep one close to you at all times to enhance your chances in finding your perfect partner for the rest of your life. It can also be displayed at home to improve family bond as well as to bring peace & bliss to all.

Wah so powerful. Makes me want to hold up to the sky and say, "By the power of rose quartz! I have the power!". Hehe. So all single guys (including cute ones of course hehe): beware :-)


Recently, I visited my regular doctor in the morning to get more supply of omeprazole. I had planned to go in office after that.

While in the bus, I realised that my blocked nose was still there from the day before and so I thought I might as well seek his consultation.

Me: I have blocked nose
Doc: Since when?
Me: Since yesterday.
Doc: Anything else?
Me: Nothing else.
Doc: Fever? Sore throat?
Me: No fever but got slight sore throat

He checked eyes, listened to chest etc and while taking my temperature...

Doc: You can work today?
Me: *Nodded yes*
Doc: You sure?
Me: *Nodded a bit more vigorously*
Doc: You better rest lah.
Me: *Blinked and then shrugged*
Doc: Better rest at home and not spread around.
Me: *Nodded ok*
Doc: Anyway, your office will probably kick you out.
Me: *Silently laughed inside*

First time in my life a doctor insisted I take MC. Can't blame him in current environment of pandamic H1N1. In fact, there was news about how someone was sent off by his GP but later discovered to be infected by that virus.

Sleepless in Singapore

Been trying to sleep since about 10.20pm. Highly likely cannot work tomorrow. The question is: should I see doctor and attempt to get MC or just take annual leave? The answer is not as easy as it seems as I am keen to keep the number of sick leaves down to the minimum.


Guess how much?

Aston 1

Aston 2

Guess how much is this? Here are some information:

(1) It's served in a restaurant.
(2) You can mix and match the 2 side dishes. Here, the side dishes are french fries and garden vegetables.
(3) It tastes really good.
(4) There's perpetually a queue, and long one especially during regular meal times.

I am confident that it could easily sell for more than S$10 here in Singapore but actually it costs a mere S$6.50 and that's net: there's no additional charge for GST or service charge.

It is no wonder there's queue at Aston. The only issue I have is the time it takes for the food to arrive. It's slow but it noticeably improves over time. Oh and another thing is that you cannot reserve seats in advance but guess that is not a problem with the restaurant.

So far, I have eaten its branches at Cathay, East Coast Road and at SingPost. The best is still at Cathay. I've had grilled fish with herbs, chargrill chicken and fried chicken. All great.

I definitely recommend to everyone but be prepared to queue and expects slow serving of food.

Thank You For Coming

Thank You For Coming, originally uploaded by williamnyk.
Also thanks for the photo and the apt title of the photo haha :-)

As mentioned before, William was here for 5 days. Besides "exercising" with his Derek, he has been ironing and doing laundry (not mine, though sweet of him to offer) at home hehe.

Ok, ok, that's not all that he did obviously. Since he'll probably blog about it (conventionally weeks later hehe), here's just a summary of what I know:

Have already blogged a bit about it.

Lunched with Derek's friends. I accompanied him to Orchard Road to attempt to buy a pair of shoes for Cheryl. Took a few photos of ION. Went home for a while before going out again for KTV (yay!) with Derek and his friend. Had plenty of fun singing :-)

Derek and I were working and so William was left to his own device. If I'm not mistaken, he ironed Derek's clothings. While a bunch of us were watching the play Own Time Own Target, he was out for dinner with his brother. Met up later to go home

My outing with William. Swam at my place but unfortunately it was too hot to swim long. Jiggled a little bit to a special dance video haha. Met up with Derek and Eskay for dim sum and dessert at Peach Garden. Yummy! It's nice to have dim sum once a while but definitely not often. Jelak.

Went to House of Condoms to get certain product for his friend :P Enquired about memory pillow at some departmental stores but decided it's cheaper to get it in KL. He took photos at Orchard Central and Iluma. Had yummy noodle and dessert at Chinatown.

Met up with Derek to go to Llyod's art gallery for the opening night of an exhibition. Nick joined us soon. Lingered at Llyod's office until the gallery was closed and then off for dinner at a nearby food centre. Frog legs (I didn't take it), fish (a tad too spicy), pork and green vegetables.

Paktor with Derek. "Exercised" on my bed lol. They went to Science Centre. I arrived at airport first and discovered that his flight was shifted to past midnight due to technical faults. Suggested he tried getting morning flight the next day (today), which was obliged by the airline (but only that midnight and morning flight were offered as replacement).

Dinner at Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant at T3. Price was expected for a restaurant at airport but the portion was smaller than expected. Fish was horrible! It's now on my ban list. Don't go there, unless you're in desperate need to throw away your money.

William took more photos of T3. He's obsessed with that terminal. We all browsed through a bookstore that's going to close down. Didn't buy any books.

Played Boggle at home. Much laughter and cursing hehe. Derek suggested 10 rounds. William beat me by 1 point! Derek was last because he was constantly looking for words with letters beyond the agreed minimum. I believed I had the longest word that night (guys, correct me if I'm wrong), which was "scythe".

Woke up at ungodly hour. For a moment, I wondered why the hell my alarm clock rang when it was so dark haha. Long queues at airport for all JetstarAsia counters. Slight hiccup at check-in when he was informed that the replacement ticket he had did not have free check-in luggage. We pointed out that this was a replacement ticket and the person who issued the ticket didn't inform him that it was a Jetstar Lightsaver ticket. He was prepared to show his original ticket, which allowed free check-in luggage. Thankfully they didn't argue and just checked in his luggage.

Had lousy breakfast at Changi Kopitiam. Eggs were lousy but more importantly, the service was lousy. Even the kopitiam near Simei MRT, in a HDB shoplot, is much better. Banned!

Tearful goodbye before departure...ok, no tears lah but heartfelt :-)

Trouble sleeping

It started after it finally rained decently here in Singapore, which was on Sunday evening. That night, I was woken up because persistent mosquito bites. I had to get up and spray fragant environmental-friendly insecticide and had some midnight snack (because of slight gastric) while waiting for the insecticide to diffuse.

Monday night it sort of happened again, which is why I'm awake now at 2.30am. There are mosquito bites but seems to be localised at 2 spots only no matter how long I was tossing and turning in bed. Had to get up to drink some milk and eat some bread because of slight gastric.

Highly likely to be really tired in office tomorrow. Haiz.

On a brighter note, had an excellent gathering at my place last night. William is down here for 5 days. Lloyd cooked curry chicken with unintentionally mashed potatoes (hehe), tomato based lightly fried fish with capsicums and stir-fry green leafy vegetables with prawns. They are delicious! Tasted his cooking before and I was convinced it would be good :-) . Thanks Lloyd! I helped fry the fish before he cooked it with the sauce. William helped to chop and prepare the raw food. Bet he also had "supper" last night haha.

Other guests at dinner were Derek, Nick and Simon. Our dinner lasted about 2 hours. There was lots of chatting (loud!) and laughter (loud!) and modelling of t-shirts (bit loud lol). Considering recent serious stuff, I hadn't had such relaxing joyful moment for quite sometime (Melaka trip was enjoyable but really tiring). I'm grateful. Thanks guys!

Hope I can fall asleep soon.

Change to what and where?

Big boss chatted with me when handing me letter on salary increment and bonus. She outlined where she's planning to steer the Singapore operation to. Agreed with some stuff she said but disagreed on some key points.

In fact, quite shocked when she reaffirmed the decision to harmonise the study leaves across regions. When I raised the concern the effect this has on attracting and retaining staff in Singapore (since it is severely below industry practice here), she said that the competition is not within Singapore but with China (or did she say "world"?) and that people will join the company because of how good the company is (rather than the study leaves). This is laughable. She might as well say that salary doesn't matter then.

The last straw is that my nice boss is retiring at the end of the year. Hence, I am looking elsewhere and contemplating working freelance. Haven't heard of anyone working freelance in my profession and so have to do my sums and come up with a strategy. Meanwhile, I've started asking around for opening in selected companies but so far nothing.

Haiz, so troublesome.

Job and hobby

If I like my job, then it wouldn't be a job. It would be a hobby.
- Choo Veh Den