Warband: King Harlaus

I was searching on the internet regarding casus belli in the game (yes, I did resume my campaign) when I came across this particular thread in the Tale Worlds forum about why players hate the Swadian king.

I laughed so hard at this particular post:

Not only is a feast lover, but a greedy man. My experience with Harlaus was a bit weird: 
Swadian Soldier: My king, khergits attack our lands with an extremely big army!
Harlaus: Fine, lets do a feast to prepare "a plan"!
Swadian Soldier: My king, the player character alone managed to defend our lands against the big khergit horde!
Harlaus: Fine, lets do a feast in his honour!
Swadian Soldier: My king, against all odds, the player character alone managed to capture Halmar!
Ended with rebellion.


Andez 2

One hot day, Ban and I was circling around, in his car, trying to find space to park and have lunch at our usual chapfan shop. Alas, despite 3 rounds, no space was found.

At this point, usually we would park back at his place and then walk to lunch. However, it was hot and I was hungry and so I suggested going to Andez, which Ban readily agreed. I had a hunch that they might have set lunch since their old management had it.

And it was true: their set lunch was RM 12 all-in (i.e. about RM 10.91++), consisting a meal and a glass of ice lemon tea. Guessing that the set lunch would be of smaller portion, Ban decided to order their spaghetti pork bolognaise again. I ordered from their list of lunch sets the Signature Butter Rice with Thai Style Dory:

Andez 2

Andez 3

It would seem the portion did befit the price but with an ice lemon tea thrown in for free. So it was still a value meal. Hmmm I wonder whether they have a fully-priced version of this dish and how it would differ.

The rice was hardly oily but discernibly tasty. The fish was soft, fresh and juicy! Yum! But where was the "Thai Style"? Could it just be the Thai sweet chilli sauce? Also, they could have given more vegetables. Maybe at least 2 more slices of cucumber.

Ban's bolognaise was still as good as previously. I suspect he'll order that again in future :) Hopefully he'll try something new though.

Despite a busy lunch hour, the food were overall good - a hallmark of a good restaurant. The only downside, a minor one, was that they ran out of ice - on a hot day lol. Upon my request, they filled our drinks with ice once it was available.

Definitely will go there again :)


This what extinction looks like. 
No meteor from outer space, no unstoppable pandemic, no heroic, ultimately futile last stand. Instead poor sperm, weak knees and ovarian cysts mark the end of a lifeline cut short by human greed, ignorance and indifference. 
With just give northern white rhinos left on earth, the animal's end is inevitable.



Andez is a restaurant that has been around before I relocated to KL. It used to serve Western Asian fusion food. It was a place that Ban and I rarely go. Once a while, his family chose that place for its lunch set meals but that was years ago. At times Ban and I did bring friends to have dinner there before our pen-and-paper RPG games but again it was rare.

About a year ago, Andez's shop was refurbished and had a change in management and staff. I vaguely remember the food there was not bad (think I had rosemary roasted chicken) and had wanted to try it again but for some unknown reasons I kept forgetting.

Finally, recently, I managed to remember close to dinner time and after a few change of plans (Andez -> Tropicana City Mall -> Paradigm Mall -> Andez), Ban and I finally dined there.

I had their Atlantic Pasta (RM 17.90):

Andez 1

What immediately surprised me was the inclusion of poached egg in such dish. Smoked salmon and fried salmon skin completed the dish. The plating looked good but probably better if there was some green garnish.

The pasta was lightly seasoned with salt, olive oil and fried garlic. Thus it would have been better if the smoked salmon was a little salty. It was quite bland and didn't taste smokey. Towards the end of my meal, I added a pinch of salt and it turned out to be better.

It was, unfortunately, obviously a little oily.

All in all, I liked the dish and Ban liked his spaghetti pork bolognaise. So looks like we'll try this place again in future :)

Bamboo Ceiling

The irony that our research revealed was that you are more likely to get a job where Asian capability is required if you are non-Asian.

- Lisa Annese, CEO Diversity Council of Australia

Conepizza @Paradigm Mall

I've been eyeing this for quite sometime. It's just that usually I'm at the mall to have proper meal (lunch or dinner), not snack. RM 6.90 but still a snack.

So one day, while waiting for Ban to finish his workout session at the gym, I decided to try this:

Conepizza 1

Conepizza 2

Yes, it was really in a cone shape. It did really taste like a pizza! It was delicious and surprisingly quite filling.

The major problem was how to eat it...safely. I tried taking bites on its side and then the top but whenever I did the latter, hot flaming liquid burst out from its inside and burnt my tongue...at least twice. It was no wonder they claimed that it would stay hot for sometime.

I don't mind having this again but only if I can figure out a way to eat it safely. Any suggestion?

Warband: again soon?

Warband 14

Warband 15

Warband 16

I chanced upon these screenshots in my Temp folder and thought they looked beautiful to be posted. Turned out that I had already posted it here lol. Ooooh they should look even better with my newer laptop that I bought 2 months after that post.

Yes, I'm thinking of continuing the campaign of upgrading Galadriel from "Queen of Kelethin" to "Queen of Caladria" :)

Offhand, I remember the biggest threat was the Nords and that I had to reload a game due to a crushing defeat to them. Hmmm.

So yah, I think I'll load this soon. Currently I'm playing Duel of Champions and occasionally Guild Wars 2, Defense Grid 2 and Dungeon Defenders.

Perhaps after I finish my current actuarial project? Hmmm.

Cholesterol 2015

Had my cholesterol level tested recently:

                                      Jan 2014           Jan 2015           Ref. range
Total cholesterol            5.9                     6.0                      < 5.2
HDL ("good")                1.67                   1.43                    > 1.04
LDL ("bad")                   3.8                     4.1                     < 2.6
Triglycerides                  0.9                     1.0                     < 1.7
Total/HDL ratio             3.5                     4.2                      < 5.0

So things get a little worse than a year ago but it's still ok. I can comfort myself knowing that I just recovered from slight illness prior to the blood test and I was hardly exercising for the two days before the test. So the HDL count was probably a little underestimated. I had fried chicken though and so maybe that was why the LDL count went up hehehe.

Since a year ago, I had another alternate exercise routine: treadmill. I used it whenever I cannot swim (mostly due to weather) or I feel tired to think of yoga routine.

Also, I took the opportunity to test for G6PD defiency, hoping that it would go away like what happened to KH. Nope, no such luck. Later, I researched on the net and all sources, including medical ones, said it isn't possible for the deficiency to disappear @@. KH, pay me RM20 :P

When to get into share market?

I've observed the following regarding people who wanted to get (back) into the share market:

When a crisis has a significant chance of happening (e.g. debt default by Greece): "Oh, better don't buy shares now. Market is likely to go down."

When the above crisis does happen: "See, I'm right! Better hold on to my money and wait out the crisis."

When situation improves but still not out of the wood: "Can suddenly get worse. Better hold on to cash."

When crisis is clearly over: "Market is too expensive now. Will wait till it drops."

Rinse and repeat.