Andez is a restaurant that has been around before I relocated to KL. It used to serve Western Asian fusion food. It was a place that Ban and I rarely go. Once a while, his family chose that place for its lunch set meals but that was years ago. At times Ban and I did bring friends to have dinner there before our pen-and-paper RPG games but again it was rare.

About a year ago, Andez's shop was refurbished and had a change in management and staff. I vaguely remember the food there was not bad (think I had rosemary roasted chicken) and had wanted to try it again but for some unknown reasons I kept forgetting.

Finally, recently, I managed to remember close to dinner time and after a few change of plans (Andez -> Tropicana City Mall -> Paradigm Mall -> Andez), Ban and I finally dined there.

I had their Atlantic Pasta (RM 17.90):

Andez 1

What immediately surprised me was the inclusion of poached egg in such dish. Smoked salmon and fried salmon skin completed the dish. The plating looked good but probably better if there was some green garnish.

The pasta was lightly seasoned with salt, olive oil and fried garlic. Thus it would have been better if the smoked salmon was a little salty. It was quite bland and didn't taste smokey. Towards the end of my meal, I added a pinch of salt and it turned out to be better.

It was, unfortunately, obviously a little oily.

All in all, I liked the dish and Ban liked his spaghetti pork bolognaise. So looks like we'll try this place again in future :)

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