Conepizza @Paradigm Mall

I've been eyeing this for quite sometime. It's just that usually I'm at the mall to have proper meal (lunch or dinner), not snack. RM 6.90 but still a snack.

So one day, while waiting for Ban to finish his workout session at the gym, I decided to try this:

Conepizza 1

Conepizza 2

Yes, it was really in a cone shape. It did really taste like a pizza! It was delicious and surprisingly quite filling.

The major problem was how to eat it...safely. I tried taking bites on its side and then the top but whenever I did the latter, hot flaming liquid burst out from its inside and burnt my least twice. It was no wonder they claimed that it would stay hot for sometime.

I don't mind having this again but only if I can figure out a way to eat it safely. Any suggestion?
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