Progressive lenses

I needed reading glasses even before I hit 40 😭, which is typically the earliest age for the onset of age-related long-sightedness (presbyopia). At first, I just settled on getting a separate pair of reading glasses, on top of the existing glasses for near-sightedness (myopia), but I was irritated by the constant switching I needed to do and, more importantly, going out with it when I forgot to switch @@.

So couple years ago, I got myself ZEISS digital lenses. I also asked for adaptive feature to protect my eyes from strong light, chiefly the sun. It cost RM 1350, including frame @@. Took me ages to get used to read using these lenses and even till now, I felt that reading glasses works better at reading my laptop's screen.

After just two years, my reading power has gone up 😱 Since the power now has exceeded the limit of the digital lenses, I had to get progressive lenses. These too I asked the optician to add adaptive feature to it. After choosing a particular pair of HOYA lenses, its total cost is RM 2000, excluding frame @@

If it turns out that in the future I have to change again in a couple years, I would probably opt for cheaper lenses. RM 2000 for 2 years is a lot!

I had headache and/or pressure around my eyes when I used these new lenses. I remember it was the same with the digital lenses which took significantly longer than all my previous near-sighted lenses for these symptoms to go away. I also was having trouble looking through the right section of the lenses for different distances (apparently there are 5 different powers), and I was anxious about driving because I couldn't seem to get the right angle to read signboards. Another huge problem was the feeling of nausea whenever I used my glasses outside, which I surmised to be related to long-distance sighting.

After a few WhatsApp messages, the optometrist asked me to drop by so that she can adjust, presumably the positioning of the frame. On the other hand, I wanted her to check whether the manufacturer has used the imbued the correct power level in the lenses but she didn't. She asked a few questions, including whether I felt like vomiting or not. She then adjusted the frame such that now I would be looking through the lower-powered parts of the lenses naturally.

Guess what? It worked! Woot! No more headache. No more nausea.

Atlas Reactor: Vonn

I still enjoy playing this firepower. Ever since I got back from a hiatus, I had been trying a new mod and thus the build is different from the previous one. The build is as follows:

(1) Icebreaker - Rangefinder (2 loadout points)

Increased range -> greater chance of hitting -> more consistent.

(2) Cold Snap - Rimescale (2 loadout points)

This is the new mod. The 8 shield helps with survivability of the target, although I think that Lingering Chill is still a competitive mod.

(3) Artic Blast - Storm Surge (1 loadout point)

It's what leftover after taking mods for other abilities. The extra energy, however, turns out to be useful.

(4) Ice Aegis - Permafrost (3 loadout points)

3 turns of shield is still great.

(5) Polar Vortex - Winter Winds (2 loadout points)

Extra range -> more consistent. I may experiment with Climate Engineer (3 loadout points) since having this rather huge area to slow enemies for 3 turns is attractive but that will mean unequipping Artic Blast.

Here's a recent gameplay:

Atlas Reactor: Khita

Despite being the 4th player to level up Khita to 20, I have never blogged about the build that I used. I suspect this is because quite soon after her release, she was nerfed: she heals less and her dash CD is increased. Since then, I just couldn't play her as well as I used to.

I came back from a hiatus to discover some new mods. I'm not particularly convinced that they are great (although one of them, in theory, should be). Here's my current build:

(1) Warped Arrow - Leaf In The Wind (2 loadout points)

The extra angle provides more consistent damage.

(2) Resonance Burst - Focused Burst (2 loadout points)

Great for a support to have.

(3) Take Aim! - Recharging Mark (1 loadout point)

This new mod is the key feature of this build. If ally hits the marked target to get heals, then the job's done. If nobody want to hit the target or that the target evades, then this ability reset and ready to be used again. It's a win-win situation, right? Hmmm.

(4) Vaulting Shot - Cover The Field (2 loadout points)

Extra angle provides better choices of target and/or positioning.

(5) Rain Of Arrows - Umbrella Weather / Deluge of Arrows (3 loadout points)

I haven't quite made up my mind which one is better. Enemies do try to escape being hit by ultimate and so hitting only 1 target is not uncommon, which means Umbrella Weather (a new mod) is better. On the other hand, Deluge of Arrows provides flexibility in predicting dashes, especially dash catalyst.

Here's a recent gameplay:

Atlas Reactor: Aurora 3

There have been a few changes to Aurora since I last blogged about her. I now mostly play with this build:

(1) Shock Therapy - Vain (2 loadout points)

Consistent self-heal.

(2) Ion cloud - Invigorating Cloud (2 loadout points)

Now Ion cloud also heals allies by 4. This mod increases it to 6. Note that this is more than Vain (4 health)

(3) Healing Flare - Seeking Flare (2 loadout points)

Healing safely behind wall, or healing ally who's behind wall.

(4) Paralazer - Pulse Beam (2 loadout points)

Free action but no longer apply shields to allies. This is the latest mod I tried.

(5) Heart Of The Storm - Focused Radian (2 loadout points)

Potential higher damage / healing.

Below is a recent gameplay:

If there are multiple enemies who can knockback or if there's Helio (due to Blackhole), then I'll use this set:

(1) Vain
(2) Invigorating Cloud
(3) Seeking Flare
(4) Tenacious (3 loadout points): also give self and allies unstoppable
(5) Temporal Shift (1 loadout point): also hastes allies and slows enemies

If there are at least 2 enemies who can turn invisible, I'll use this set:

(1) Vain
(2) Radiant Mist (1 loadout point): reveals enemies hit by cloud
(3) Surging Flare (3 loadout point): extra healing if target's health is below 50%
(4) Laser Designator (1 loadout point): also reveals enemies
(5) Sudden Jolt (1 loadout point): reduces all active cooldowns by 1


I learned something new from that's applicable to me:

noun [joh-moh] Slang.

a feeling of contentment with one’s own pursuits and activities, without worrying over the possibility of missing out on what others may be doing. "

Atlas Reactor: Zuki

I didn't know that I have never blogged about Zuki. There were changes to both her abilities and her mods. This post will be about the latest mod I tried:

(1) Bombard - Extra Shrapnel (3 loadout points)

Oftentimes enemies are behind cover or just out of the ability's central (higher) damage. So this helps with the ability's circular damage.

(2) Sticky Bomb - Stickiest Bombs (2 loadout points)

Being slowed is annoying and can be dangerous too (out of cover etc) if enemies forget about this effect since it detonates a turn later.

(3) The Big One - Regenerating Ammo (2 loadout points)

Big One often misses targets and so getting guaranteed energy upon casting is great.

(4) Rocket Jump - Long Range Love (1 loadout point)

This is the new mod I tried. Extra range gives me more options on where to escape to and corollary harder for enemies to guess the landing spot.

(5) Missile Storm - Concentrated Fire (2 loadout points)

This gives me option to either trying to severely injure a few enemies or try to kill a enemy or somewhere in between.

Here's a recent gameplay:

Atlas Reactor: Garrison 4

During my hiatus from Atlas Reactor, they introduced a slew of new mods. As a result, I now have another mod set for Garrison that will be my default set for now (previous build here). The key feature of this build is the double dash mod:

(1) Piston Punch - unequipped

Unfortunately, there are no more loadout points left. It was a tough decision for me. At most, I can get 2 loadout points by unequipping Missile Barrage but I rather have the shield than more damage. Shield is the only survival tool Garrison has. Also, there's only one mod I'm interested in i.e. Force Capacitor. The lack of haste is addressed by the mod choices of Hand Cannon and Heavy Metal.

(2) Hand Cannon - Big Shot (3 loadout points)

"Increase range by 1 and increase the arc of the explosion".  This gives greater consistency in hitting and slowing the primary target and hiting secondary targets. Great synergy with the ability's 1 turn cd,

(3) Missile Barrage - First On In (2 loadout points)

"Gain 10 shields until end of next turn". Already explained above.

(4) Heavy Metal - Fuel Rods (3 loadout points)

"Now has 2 stocks. Cooldown increased to 6 turns".  Key feature of this build. I usually use one aggressively to slow down targets if I cannot reach them, and the other one reserved for defensive move but depends on the situation too. Is support nearby? Can I deal fatal damage?

(5) Shockpod - Juiced Up (2 loadout points)

"Allies directly hit by minor power-ups gain an additional 15 health." Ideally used to heal allies and hit enemies at the same time but I wouldn't hesitate to use it just for the healing when allies are in danger of dying.

So the basic idea is that in situation where I cannot hit enemies with Piston Punch, I first use Hand Cannon to catch up. If it's on cd, then use Heavy Metal.

Here's a recent gameplay:


Dad and I were so focused on highlighting his back pain to the PCU doctors that we forgot to tell them that his feet were still swollen. Since then, the swelling had slowly crept up to his knees @@

Meanwhile, thankfully the combination of Norgesic/Anarex (1 tab 3 times a day) + 2-4 tabs of paracetamol could manage his back pain. After taking diazepam for 5 consecutive nights, dad took it only when he couldn't sleep. He was given only 10 tablets whereas there were 14 days to the next appointment. Since then, he took twice and had 3 tabs leftover.

During the next appointment with the PCU specialist (yes, the same one who didn't care we wanted to protect the remaining kidney), we highlighted the following symptoms:
  • Swelling on feet, calves and knees
  • Back pain but manageable
  • Stomach pain
  • Worsening constipation: no bowel movement for just over 3 days
  • Shortness of breath (twice a week)
We also highlighted the frequency of adhoc painkillers:
  • Norgesic/Anarex 3 times daily
  • Paracetamol 1-2 times daily, 2 tabs each time
  • Diazepam twice a week
  • Oxynorm 2-3 times daily
Heart failure is a chronic, progressive condition in which the heart muscle is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs for blood and oxygen. Basically, the heart can’t keep up with its workload. "

" People with Heart Failure May Experience......swelling in the feet, ankles, legs or abdomen or weight gain. You may find that your shoes feel tight. 
(Buildup of excess fluid in body tissues (edema) "

The above was obtained from American Heart Association website.

The specialist attributed the swelling to heart failure. After discussing a couple of options, the course of action is to first take frusemide so that my dad can pee out lots of this retained fluid. Failing that, add reduction of fluid intake too. Didn't work on first two days @@

As for dad's constipation, the specialist prescribed metoclopramide to be taken on top of all other anti-constipation medicine if he hasn't pooed for a day i.e. target daily bowel movement. This stumped the pharmacist as this medicine is commonly used for nausea (which the doctor did tell us) and vomiting but not constipation. I walked back to the clinic (with the giant cache of medicine haha) and obtained assurance from the specialist that this was the correct medicine. Well, guess what? He is correct: a few health websites, including research papers, confirmed that this medicine is also used "to help with emptying of the stomach in people with delayed stomach emptying". I am surprised that the doctor knows better than the pharmacist.

Probably a combination of metoclopramide, prune juice and dragon fruit (fruit taken the night before), my dad finally managed to empty out 3 days worth of waste 😬

Cholesterol 2019: Part 1

Results as compared to 4 months ago:

                                 Dec 2018          Ref. range          Apr 2019          Ref. range 
                                 (Gribbles)                                     (Pathlab)
Total cholesterol           5.4                 < 5.2                     5.0                  < 5.2
HDL ("good")              2.01               > 1.03                   1.86                 > 1.04
LDL ("bad")                 3.09               < 2.58                   2.7                  < 2.6
Triglycerides                0.65               < 1.68                   1.0                  < 1.7
Total/HDL ratio            3.3                 < 5.0                     2.7                  < 5.0

Frankly, this is better than expected. So happy :)

I think the key difference is more consistent daily exercise (probably about 5 times a week) and choosing food more carefully. Tough but has to be done. Hope I can continue to do so.

Edit: Just to be clear, I was and still taking fenofibrate on alternate nights.