Beautiful 'lion'

Spotted this beautiful dog at a pet shop. His/her name is Hanako...I think. Too bad, he's/she's sleeping. Gentle giant :)

'Lion' at pet shop

Robocraft: Mercy video

I recorded and posted a video (with comments in bubbles :) )of a match where I used my RR 1m medic. As stated in the youtube, I was happy for our team when we won this tough match until I realised that the opposing team had 1 fewer member. Meh.

Robocraft: Mercy

There were a number of significant patches since my last post on Robocraft. Aside from buffs/nerfs to various cubes, a major change was the abolishment of tiers and, instead, robo ranking (RR) plus a fraction of level are used for battles' match making. In my opinion, this is a positive change as it allows greater flexibility in building and yet the match making (in theory) is not much difference than before.

Since then, I had dismantled Rosefall's Juggernaut and my 2 SMG tanks. I find that I much prefer plasma bombers at higher RR (>30m). I did, however, created a RR 44k SMG tank as it's great at lower level and in the Pit.

Oh, yes, the Pit is a new game mode where it's everyone for themselves :) The first to reach 20 points win the battle. Points are earned only upon killing a craft. Oh yes, you have to learn to kill steal hehehe. If you don't like that, then this mode is not for you. In general, gunbed SMGs dominate the lower RR while plasma bombers dominate the higher RR.

Ironically, after dismantling Juggernaut (a SMG hover), I decided to try my hand at playing a medic hover. This is because they had improved hoverblades such that they are more stable: less likely to flip and less 'swingy'.

I was lazy to build a hovercraft from scratch and so I found and copied 2 builds that had tutorial videos on robocraftgarage. There are other better designs but all at high RR. I didn't want to feel the pressure of playing at that level yet as I'm still learning on how to be a good medic. Oh, incidentally, I found a good guide on how to play a medic.

Gleaning from these 2 designs, I decided to build one from scratch (RR 1m):

Robocraft Mercy 3

Robocraft Mercy 1

Robocraft Mercy 2

There have been a few minor changes recent (1 fewer thruster and more blocks) but the craft largely stays the same. It's quite tanky and could still move back to base even at 39%. Only downside is that there is no redundant weapon. I somehow cannot fit another and also I'm already at my CPU limit.

Overall, I'm quite happy with this craft. However, as Ban and I discovered, playing a medic requires a good ground SMG team member. You can be a great healer but if your main ground SMG is lousy (based on build and/or skill), then it's almost a lost cause.

6th anniversary

Happy 6th Anniversary dearest Ban :) Goodness knows whether you'll read this or not but I'll record this anyway :)

Although we're still a clueless on how to celebrate this day, everyday with you is special, in spite of the annoyance that we sometimes threw at each other :) Thanks for (still) making me laugh every single day and trying your best to make me happy. I feel loved and I hope you feel the same way too.

I love you very much!

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant @Paradigm Mall

I'm consciously trying to get back to the "try new food once a week" routine. It's been quite difficult because Groupon hasn't been offering food that both Ban and I would like to try.

So it was great that I remember to try this restaurant :)

Purple Cane @Paradigm 1

This is Honey Black Tea (RM6.90). I don't know how they made the foam...and out of what? Tea?

It wasn't too sweet, which is always a plus. The overall taste was quite nice but unfortunately I couldn't detect black tea...until after I finished my my main meal. So strange @@

Purple Cane @Paradigm 2

I had their Chinese Herbal Chicken Noodle (RM19.90). When they served this, I immediately could smell the aromatic herbal spices. The herbal soup was on the sweet side. A little unusual for noodle. It was pleasant drinking the soup. Hmmm it vaguely reminded me of Bak Kut Teh soup but sweet? *shrug*

The noodle itself was springy, chicken was not too soft and surprisingly retained some taste. It would be great if there was more vegetable but evidently that's too much to ask for in a noodle meal anywhere in Malaysia.

It was quite a delicious dish overall. I hope to go there again and try some other dishes.

Smooth as tofu

One day, while having dinner at a Japanese restaurant with Ban and Simonlover...

Me: Wahhh their agedashi tofu is expensive.
Simonlover: Yah lor.
Me: Maybe you can fly after having some.
Simonlover: Maybe your skin will become as smooth as Azzuro Hyperion's!
Ban: Impossible! It can never be that smooth.

Lol. You see, our friend, Azzuro, has one of the smoothest skin known to man :)

Birds and rice

This was either at Aeon Big @Tropicana City Mall or Tesco @Paradigm Mall. Birds feasting on loose rice :) I wonder how they got into the mall.

Birds in mall 1

Birds in mall 2

Crusader Kings 2: Elective Monarchy

In the previous post, I had to do something to stop the split of my realm. The Tanistry electors voted for different heir for my 2 kingdoms. In the end, I chose to switch succession law to Elective Monarchy:

The ruler and each lower rank vassal (i.e. dukes if the ruler is a king) can nominate a successor from among themselves and legitimate children and siblings of the ruler. Dukes are valid electors in both Kingdoms and Empires. Elective Succession is very popular with the vassals, but they will not approve if their liege personally holds too many elective titles.

The applicable opinion bonus/penalty are as follows:

Oldest child -30
Other children -10
Members of dynasty -5
Vassals +20

Yes, there is a huge opinion bonus from vassals. In fact, it's the largest given by any succession law and I believed that contributed significantly to the stability of my realm.

Unlike Tanistry, you know the main reasons for electors choosing your nominated successor or not. They are:
(1) Their opinion of you; and
(2) Their opinion of your nominated successor.

Hence, one strategy is to groom your dynasty members to have the trait Grey Eminence i.e. high in Diplomacy skill. I didn't do this at the outset (I was focusing on good old Stewardship) and so sometimes had trouble getting them to vote for my choice. If I could live with their choice, then I would switch my nomination too. If not, I tried bribing them with gold and/or created new duchies. The latter usually works but usually becomes a problem in the long term.

One funny incident was this: I really wanted this person to be my heir. I was outvoted by 2-1. So I gave one county to my chosen successor, created a duchy and bestowed that upon him. I was expecting him to nominate himself and thereby resulting in a 2-2 vote. FYI, in the event of a tie, the current ruler's vote breaks the tie. However, shockingly, he voted for the chosen successor of the electors. Lol, goodness.

I started an ironman game and went for this succession law a.s.a.p. My strategy is to groom dynasty members to have Grey Eminence trait, marry the ones with good stats with spouses great in stewardship (preferably Midas Touch), and grant duchies only to dynasty members (so that even if the majority nominate a duke, it'll likely to be a dynasty member). Once a while, after taking into account of the risk of doing this, I had to create or revoke a duchy title to tilt the votes.

A significant problem I encountered was the slow expansion of realm compared to, say, Primogeniture. The latter can expand faster via inheritance. I'll discuss this a little more when I post about this ironman game (plenty of frustrating scenario lol).

May the Steaks be ever in your favour

Taking a break before posting the next piece on Crusader Kings 2.

Remember Baconsauras? Well, here's another advertisement from Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf restaurant. Not as funny but it's still quite 'well done'. Get it? Hehehe.

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf 6

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf 7

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf 8

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf 9

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf 10

Crusader Kings 2: Tanistry

Previously, as soon as possible, I always switched to Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture succession law i.e. all titles go to the eldest son (eldest daughter inherits only if there is no son). However, I ended my latest campaign with Elective Monarchy succession law but I didn't immediately start with that.

An earl by default starts off with Agnatic-Cognatic Gravelkind succession law i.e. titles are divided among all son (to daughters only of there is no son) with the primary title going to the eldest son. There is no way to change this law until you become a duke (or above).

At the outset, I had planned to try Tanistry (only available to Celtic culture):

The ruler and all vassals at one and two ranks below can nominate an heir — the Tanist — from among members of the ruler's dynasty. Vassals will tend to favor older members from other branches of the family, especially claimants.

The applicable opinion bonus/penalty are as follows:

Oldest child -40
Other children -20
Members of dynasty +10
Vassals +5

Getting opinion boost from vassals is always a good thing but to me the greatest benefit of Tanistry is that the ruler will always come from a member of your current ruler's dynasty and thereby ensuring the game doesn't end.

The first problem I encountered, as pointed out by other players, was the quality of the heir nominated. Unlike Elective Monarchy, there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for the choice of heir by the electors. Only one thing was certain: they would never nominate the immediate family member of the current ruler (hence the "favor older members from other branches of the family" part). So at times, the nominated heir had poor statistics and traits and its frequency was a little discomforting. Still, I stuck to it and mitigated the risk by making sure each dynasty member was educated by the best guardian at the time.

What finally made this succession law untenable was when I had my second kingdom (Andalusia, in addition to my primary kingdom, Ireland). Since do not have a higher tier title i.e. empire to encapsulate both kingdoms, two separate nominations were needed. Unfortunately, for some unknown reasons, the electors nominate different heirs and so potentially splitting the realm. I'm now speculating that electors within each kingdom will prefer to nominate dynasty member residing within the same kingdom e.g. electors in Ireland nominate someone residing in Ireland and not someone residing in Andalusia.

I couldn't let the realm split and so was looking for alternate succession law and in the end chose Elective Monarchy. I'll talk about this in another post.