6th anniversary

Happy 6th Anniversary dearest Ban :) Goodness knows whether you'll read this or not but I'll record this anyway :)

Although we're still a clueless on how to celebrate this day, everyday with you is special, in spite of the annoyance that we sometimes threw at each other :) Thanks for (still) making me laugh every single day and trying your best to make me happy. I feel loved and I hope you feel the same way too.

I love you very much!
5 Responses
  1. Lewis Says:

    congratulations on your anniversary.

    may you have many more to come :)

  2. zerachiel Says:

    wish you both lots and lots of blessings,
    may you both age gracefully together,
    and live a beautiful life ahead,
    above all,
    may love be your guide...

    ~ a.r.k ~

  3. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Lewis, zerachiel,
    Thank you :)

  4. William Says:

    You guys are made for each other

  5. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Thanks to you :)