Purple Cane Tea Restaurant @Paradigm Mall

I'm consciously trying to get back to the "try new food once a week" routine. It's been quite difficult because Groupon hasn't been offering food that both Ban and I would like to try.

So it was great that I remember to try this restaurant :)

Purple Cane @Paradigm 1

This is Honey Black Tea (RM6.90). I don't know how they made the foam...and out of what? Tea?

It wasn't too sweet, which is always a plus. The overall taste was quite nice but unfortunately I couldn't detect black tea...until after I finished my my main meal. So strange @@

Purple Cane @Paradigm 2

I had their Chinese Herbal Chicken Noodle (RM19.90). When they served this, I immediately could smell the aromatic herbal spices. The herbal soup was on the sweet side. A little unusual for noodle. It was pleasant drinking the soup. Hmmm it vaguely reminded me of Bak Kut Teh soup but sweet? *shrug*

The noodle itself was springy, chicken was not too soft and surprisingly retained some taste. It would be great if there was more vegetable but evidently that's too much to ask for in a noodle meal anywhere in Malaysia.

It was quite a delicious dish overall. I hope to go there again and try some other dishes.
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  1. William Says:

    I always order their hot teas. Quite good quality.
    And their dishes are generally good.