Spaghetti lala capsicum

One day, I decided to stir-fry spaghetti. Ok, ok, sorry. Actually, truth be told, I thought I still had some sweet potato noodle left. So I went ahead and bought a green capsicum. I didn't buy any meat because it would had been too much for a single person to eat (Ban was away).

However, once home, I discovered that there was no sweet potato left. Ooops! Also, I just threw away the last piece of plain Cintan noodle (expired in March). While searching through the cabinet, I chanced upon an already opened pack of spaghetti (but sealed with a clip). Well, well. That would do.

During lunch time, where I had chap fan, I was inspired to buy a small packet of the lala there, which I had observed in the past to be popular with the customers there. I thought of adding it to the spaghetti towards the end of the cooking.

As for seasoning, I tried to keep it really simple: just some garlic powder, salt and a little bit of curry powder just to add a little ooomph to it. Lastly, I added the lala and was pleasantly surprised that it was cooked with curry leaves. That certainly suit with what I had in mind.

The result? The spaghetti was a little overcooked. In my effort to cut down on my prior experience of overestimating how much to cook, I had instead cooked less than intended. Overall, it was delicious to me :)

Spagetti lala capsicum

The Intelligent Investor

Remember the reading list from 2011? I finally finished reading "The Intelligent Investor"!

Intelligent Investor

Benjamin Graham is considered the guru of value investing. He was Warren Buffett's mentor. It's amazing that his method of share investing has stood the test of time and still relevant today, despite the phletora of investment techniques that has sprouted over the past century. To quote Buffett:

Follow Graham and you will profit from folly rather than participate in it.
I certainly hope to learn and apply the principle and method outlined here. I have jotted down 18 quantitative measurements that I plan to apply to the existing shares I've invested in (it's going to take a while!) but equally important I have to also take into account the qualitative information of the companies, which is difficult because one would expect most annual reports, the main and obvious souce of such information, are skewed to presenting rosy-tinted view of the business. As such, I also rely on proper analysis done by other people and judge for myself the credibility of such analysis. Hopefully eventually I will be able to make proper judgement rather than cursory ones.

Sudoku: stucked!

I've been doing puzzles on for quite some time. I finally figured out that M stands for Moderate, G = Gentle, T= Tough and D= Diabolical.

As vindicated, the last two categories gave me the most grief. Despite the difficulty, I've always managed to complete them. It just took time.

Until recently.

Despite making a few guesses (note: making guesses is my last resort), I still couldn't complete this after more than 1.5 hours (numbers in black were given):
Unsolved sudoku 1

Unsolved sudoku 2

Can someone please help me to confirm at least 1 number?

MAIU @ Damansara Perdana

I came to know of this place from Ban's brother. The main attraction is its ala carte buffet at only RM38.80++. The sashimi and sushi is good and better than some of the so-called fine-dining restaurants I've been in KL. I may have mentioned this before: it's difficult to get good sushi here, compared to Singapore.

Also, this buffet is available during both lunch and dinner. Given that dinner set meal at Japanaese restaurants easily costs between RM30 and RM40, this is a great deal for dinner.

To all unagi and beer lovers, you could have top up the price by RM10 to have unlimited amount of unagi and beer during lunch. Unfortunately, MAIU has stopped providing such offer.

Maiu Damansara Perdana

Misuse of emergency lane

Misuse emergency lane

People, please don't misuse the emergency lane. It's for emergency only e.g. to park malfunction cars while waiting for help to come and also provides a buffer zone for those involved. It also facilitates the helpers. It's bad enough that it's stressful for those involved; it's even worse if cars start driving on this lane. Sheesh.

Third baked bread

So, this time I tried to remedy the mistake (though it didn't turn out bad) of previous attempt. Half of the water was just boiled while the other half was at normal room temperature.

Incidentally, I read the instruction on the packet of yeast and followed it by mixing the yeast thoroughly with the wholemeal and high protein flour, before pouring the mixture into the water which has already been added oil, sugar and salt to.

This time, the dough did rise to double its size (as it should be):

3rd bread dough 1

3rd bread dough 2

The baked version:

3rd bread baked 1

3rd bread baked 2

Yummy! :)

Stacked dice

I tried to stack my 7 multi-sided dice. After like possibly 10 attempts, I managed to do it. I quickly took a photo of it in case it tumble (which it didn't hehe) again.

Stacked dice

Discount for regular customer?

From Monday to Saturday, if I'm at Ban's place, we will usually lunch at the nearby chap fan shop. They charge us cheaper than elsewhere and more importantly Ban can eat the food there (he usually has problem with oily food elsewhere).

I usually will get 1 tofu/egg dish with 2 vegetable dishes. Once in a blue moon, I may replace the first dish with a meat dish. Recently, I had this:

RM3.50 mix rice

Guess how much is it?

Only RM3.50! I expected at least RM3.80 because I vaguely recalled that was the price the last time I had meat. Sweet deal :)

Sudoku update

Since my last post on how I did in completing Sudoku puzzles, I've continued to regularly complete a puzzle almost always on a daily basis when I'm at Ban's place. Including the progress since then, here's an updated chart:

Sudoku Grade M II

Not only did I improve my personal record fastest time of completion, there is clearly a downward trend in the time taken :)

Once I managed to do more puzzles of other grades (grade M is the most common by far), I'll post those results too.