27 March 2010

Not sure whether news in Singapore was sufficiently extensive or not but judging from what I can glean from Channelnewsasia, it seems that there wasn't gazillion candles lighted up last night during Earth Hour (8.30pm - 9.30pm). There were some from the video I viewed but at least it seems to be only 1 candle per group of 5 people. Ironically, the next scene was presumably a spokeswoman for the organiser saying something about encouraging people to "reduce carcon emissions".

What did impress me this year was that the energy used to light up the stage of the singers was entirely from biodiesel made from recycled cooking oil. I do wonder though how's its carbon footprint stacks up against hydroelectric power.

During that time, I was having delicious expensive dinner with 3 other friends at the restaurant Desire at Scarlet Hotel (a boutique hotel). The menu is called the Book of Desire :P

At one point, we were talking about movies:

"Oh that's just similar to the movie we watched (struggling to remember the name)."

"Marley and Me?"

"Bob and Marley? Ehhh"

"Bob Marley?! Thought that's an actor's name?"

"No, he's a singer."


I was standing in the train when a lady beside me said...

Lady: Can you let me hold on the railing?
Me: (looked around and discovered there wasn't any room to move for her to do that) What do you expect me to do?
Lady: Wait till we all fall down to our death, then you'll know
Me: (shocked) There are some of us who can't hold on to anything too. Perhaps you should start learning how.
Lady: I blame SMRT.
Me: That I agree.
Lady: Stupid SMRT

Actually, on hindsight, she could have been asking the lady in front of her but since she continued to chat with me, I guess it should be me.

Smile at past 6 months

Smiley, originally uploaded by Jaded Jeremy.
Six months ago, we decided to be partners with hope but not fool's hope. Since then, at least for me, I felt much happiness for being with you. A wonderful, caring, thoughtful, smart, sweet man.

Did we argue? No. Only once I was furious but I didn't yell as it broke my heart even while reprimanding him.

Not a day past that I didn't think of him and grinned at some of the things he did or said :)

At times, I wasn't sure what he sees in me but he's happy to be with me as much as I do with him and that's what matters most.

Ban, honey, here's to many more smiles and laughters. *Kiss*

Morning rooster or night owl?

Provided I have enough sleep, I love waking up early and enjoy most of the morning before noon comes. 8 o'clock would be a good time. I'll feel fresh and usually manage to lots of stuff and yet there's still time to spare before the morning is gone. It feels gooooooood.

However, the dilemma is that I also love late night i.e. staying up late until early morning e.g. 3 o'clock. I love the cooler air and the quietness. Playing game or reading book while snacking on bread and drinking milk or even hot beverage.

Where's the dilemma? Well, I prefer to have 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep. Otherwise, my health will suffer - 100 percent confirmed, without a doubt.

Suicidal consultant

I was so frustrated with a client tonight that towards the end of our conversation (of which I was the one who ended it, because otherwise it would have gone on longer than 1.5 hours) I said,

"I wish I'm hospitalised for the next 30 days or so."

and also, yelling to my colleague while client still on the phone,

"Hey, later just let me stand in the middle of the road. Don't bother pulling me in."

The saga was merely postponed till tomorrow. I'm tired to think how to stop this time-wasting discussion.

Civ IV: Sir Bunny and Little Dragon

Recently Ban and I started playing Civilization IV on his laptop. We played as a team using hot seat mode. Took ages to finish the first game because I was keen in winning via cultural victory.

We started a second game where basically we aimed for domination victory i.e. via military. I chose the Chinese civilization. Normally, the first city built would be given the default name "Beijing". I renamed it as:

Dragon City

I discovered Confuciansim and Christianity. I had no choice of which city these religions were founded and both were randomly founded in my second city. Well, since Beijing was not taken up, it was offered again as the name of this city. Instead, I chose this:

Bunny Luv Shack

Very religious place, right? Haha.

A glance at my Chinese cities:
JJ's cities

A glance at Ban's Roman cities:
Ban's cities

Top cities were:
Top cities

A reminder to eat

This happened a few days ago:

Just before noon
I sms-ed Ban to remind him to have lunch

At about 12.10pm
Me: Honey, I may be coming home later. I'm going to buy lunch. You?
Ban: Not yet. I'll go buy lunch now.
Me: Ok, see you soon

At about 1.30pm
Me: Honey, I'm thinking of cooking dinner. Chicken's ok for you?
Ban: Yup, yup. Ohhhhh I forgot to have lunch.
Me: Honey! Aiyoh, I buy lunch for you here lah. By now, no more food at the condo's cafeteria.
Ban: *Makes some bunny's noise* Ok dear, see you soon.

Bunny in farm

This is the sanitised version of the song I sang to Ban recently hehe:

Old McDonald has a farm
And on his farm he has a bunny
And it's boing boing here
And a boing boing there
Here boing there boing everywhere boing boing
Old McDonald has a farm