First weekend stay: Part 2

...where we started playing Heroes 5! Hahaha. We both love the game very much and Ban is really good at it. Hence it's hardly surprising that we stopped playing only at 4am and that too after first deciding to stop at 3am ("Oh can we play one more turn so I can get that gold mine?") :P

This paragraph is for Heroes 5 fans: remember the experiment I was doing earlier? It was Ban's concern that Avenger's ability may not be useful due to the availability of alternate upgrade. Prior to the alternate upgrade, if, say, you want to target both Vampire and Vampire Lord, you would need to use 2 slots to target them. His concern was that with the alternatve upgrade, which is Vampire Prince in this case, you would need to use 3 slots if, say, you are fairly certain you'll be fighting lots of vampires but not sure which one would turn up. Fortunately, research on the internet and the experiment confirmed that you just need to select 1 to target all 3! This is enabled even if you only killed Vampire before the selection and not any of the upgrades. Cool, right?

So as you may have guessed, Ban chose the Sylvan castle and, like a typical Sylvan fan, he is especially fond of his Master Hunters :) He chose a hero who specialises in Hunters. I chose the Fortress castle (dwarves) and my hero's speciality is spontaneously learn a random rune, which is especially useful since there is only one Fortress castle in the that particular scenario. To date, he has already captured the Infernal castle whereas I have just discovered the enemy territory (without having been to every corner of my territory yet).

Next day, we played more Heroes 5 in late morning before going off to the Curve for lunch with my sis and her hubby. We ate at Kim Gary's restaurant. Food was not too bad but a bit light in their ingredient. Had a good time chatting with my sis and her hubby. I'll be seeing my sister again in Australia later when we visit our sister there :)

Ban and I bought Subway sandwiches to be eaten at airport later before I fly off. Meanwhile, it was more...Heroes 5! What did you expect? Hehe. Ban actually managed to sneak in a bit of research while playing. After that, it was off to KLIA airport. I ate my sandwich in the car as I was hungry and in case there was no time to eat it at airport. However, we were on schedule and hence after check-in, I chatted with Ban while he ate his sandwich.

One good hug, few waves and off I went through the immigration checkpoint. Oddly, a last call was made for the flight I was taking although boarding gate was just opened for 10 mins i.e. there was still 20 mins left to departure time. Plenty of time I would think. Turned out that I was the last passenger lol. I ran a little bit towards the gate but the staff was kind enough to apologise.

I'll see you again next month, honey. Muack!

First weekend stay: Part 1

Last weekend was the first weekend Ban and I spent together as a couple. As posted previously, I flew with Japan Airline. As usual, I'm pleased with their service and seats. Their price to for SG-KL-SG is as competitive as those budget airlines for the same dates and around the same time.

I used the KLIA Express to go to KL Sentral. Fast and cheap. As it was Ban's first time picking anyone up at KL Sentral, it took him a while to figure out where I was. I was a little cranky because, while we were trying to figure out where we both were relative to each other, he asked me to walk to an "end" (which end??) but possibly not knowing I was handcarrying a rather heavy bag and backpacking another (and I was tired from the trip and yoga from lunch time). However, he quickly soothed me and asked me to stay where I was after seeing some of the door signs I told him I saw earlier. Hehe. Thanks honey :)

Saturday was designated as study day! Well, that was after we lunched outside at a kopitiam and bought some grocery, antacid and shampoo. Ban was diligent in doing his research while I was fidgeting trying to finish doing a few straightforward financial economic calculations (that was after I did a little blogging). I ended doing some experiment on Heroes 5 haha. We set up the game for later. So Ban did probably like 3 hours of research while I did maybe an hour of study. Shame on me hehe.

Saturday dinner was Japanese buffet at Kin No Uma at Palace of the Golden Horses with Cheryl. The hotel front lawn is beautiful but unfortunately I forgot to bring along my camphone. Gah. The buffet was great: good layout, ambience, delicious variety of food. The only complain I have is that some staff has rather bad service e.g. no smiles, no "Sorry sir, I'll get you one", don't talk basically. Maybe they don't know how to speak English? *Shrug*

Had good chat with Cheryl for about 2 hours while eating at the restaurant. Later, we went to a mamak place to hang out because she left her car keys in her car, which William drove to his colleague's wedding dinner. So we waited for William to come over. In the end, we met William at Cheryl's place. It was nice to see him again and we four chatted for maybe an hour before Ban and I headed back to Ban's place....

Please try again

Slightly more than a month ago, I attempted the FAP Final Assessment.

And now...

Failed exam




This is currently my exercise routine:

- Pilates 6.30pm - 7.30pm. Sometimes I may instead go for Hotflow Yoga 6.30pm - 7.30pm

- Hatha Yoga 7.35pm - 8.35pm

- Restorative Yoga (very relaxing; don't sweat at all) 1pm - 1.50pm. If I went for Hotflow on Monday, then instead of this, I'll go for pilates 12.10pm - 1pm.

- Vinyasa Flow 6.40pm - 8.10pm (toughest of all classes I attend)

- Ananda Yoga 1pm - 1.50pm

- Tennis either 9am - 11am or 10am - 12 noon. If there's no tennis, I'll likely go for Hotflow Yoga 11.30am - 12.30pm.

Etched in stone?

Andrade always said that the future isn't carved in stone - and even if it were, stone can be broken.

- Sioned to Rohan in the book Stronghold, Book 1 of the Dragon Star series by Melanie Rawn

Rush & Queue


This was the scene at the Raffles Place MRT station during the last week of September 2009. In fact, shortly after this was taken, the queue in subsequent days was even longer: it went right up on to the staircase.

What were these people queuing for? Perhaps there was freebie given at the ticket office? Or maybe the ticket office was lacking manpower (but for an entire week??)?

Well, a bit of background: as early as January this year, it was announced that the stored-value card ("EZ-link card") that was used for the buses and MRT trains would be replaced with a new kind.

Grace period was given until end of September to change it (and subsequently it was extended by another week, which is not a surprise to me given this last-minute rush). That is a 9-month period. Evidently this was still not sufficent time for these people to get their cards changed.

How long would they need? A year perhaps? 2 years? From my observation of other similar phenomenon, it wouldn't matter because most likely they would still do it last minute, even if it for something important (such as filing tax return).

Why is this so? Why would they want to rush to do it last minute and wasting time queuing? Is it fun? Is it exciting having the adrenaline pumping, knowing that they may just miss the deadline? Perhaps they have nothing better to do and so just looking for the opportunities to queue?

Stranger than fiction.

The curious case of a stomach upset

A couple of weeks ago, I experienced stomach upset (gastric juice in overdrive) a few hours after my initial breakfast at home. This continued throughout that day and affected my sleep that night.

This is my attempt at guessing the culprit:

(1) My first guess of the culprit was the white bread I bought from Malaysia as that was the only thing different. So I bought my usual Gardenia white bread. Nope, it still happened.

(2) Then I thought maybe the kaya (the breadspread) has gone bad, despite its expiry date being next year. So I bought another kaya, a different brand too. Nope, didn't work. Gave the loaf of bread to my housemate hehe.

(3) Next I changed from white bread to raisin bread (it's not white, although I don't really know what it is). Wheat bread here or Malaysia doesn't work for me, unlike Australia's wheat bread. Weird, isn't it?

The raisin bread worked pretty well actually. The gastric juice rarely occurred then. However, my palate couldn't take too much of the raisin bread for too long.

(4) I then tried Weet-bix with fresh milk at home and muesli bars at office and whenever I'm hungry. Muesli bars worked very well but it is so very expensive! Unfortunately, gastric still occurred after Weet-bix (which previously didn't; I normally have it once every few days).

(5) My housemate alluded that it may due to the licorice and/or slippery elm supplement I recently started taking. I have temporarily stopped taking the former for a couple of weeks before he brought it up and so don't think it's that. I stopped slipper elm. Nope, didn't work either.

(6) Hence, I decided to stopped taking Lifepak and glucosamine supplement, both viewed to be essential to me, and try to take these supplements back one by one once my stomach stabilises.

Meanwhile, perhaps I should stick to raisin bread (but it's so rich in taste!). Hmmm should I see doctor now?

Jumbled dreams

Not sure why but last weekend I had trouble waking up. When I woke up on time (i.e. around the time I wished to wake up), my eyes were so heavy that I promptly closed them again and fell asleep. My head was a bit heavy (no, I didn't drink).

I had strange, rather clear, dreams. The sort that I believed my sister had (not sure whether she is still experiencing it or not) regularly - so much so that her colleagues in her ex-company eagerly await her storytelling of her dreams.

The parts I remember was dreaming about me waking up late on a Sunday (ironic, isn't it?). Late for what? Late for taking a coach down to meet Ban in Melaka. Apparently I am in Seremban. Panic set in. I want to call him to let him know that I have missed the bus and to discuss what to do (as the return ticket is scheduled on Sunday evening) but my handphone is almost out of battery.

So I decide to use my computer (desktop, instead of laptop which is what I'm using now in reality) to call him on Skype (cheaper mah hehe). However, my entire computer has been changed! Not sure by whom but likely an extended family member. I can't find the port for me to insert the speakers' cable. Meanwhile, someone, who is supposed to be my grandmother but doesn't look anything like her in reality, is fiddling about with my keyboard, causing the computer to do some funny stuff on its screen.

It was a bit blur at this point. Something about my uncle finding the parts needed for the speakers' cable (huh??) but in the end, it is sort of a non-issue as the computer has in-built speaker.

Then the dream changed. I am in Willliam's company, sitting at a desk. William drops by with his trademark Chesire grin and asks me to pass some documents to the boss (for him to sign) and tell the boss that either him, Marky or someone else (Su Fen?) will collect them from him later.

Then the scene changed again but seems like I was still in Wiliam's company. A guru on karma is saying something and the last bit he appears to allude that Samy Vellu (what the hell is he doing here??) is no longer his most favoured student. Shortly later, Samy Vellu holds a conference/meeting whereby he is talking about the organisation headed by that guru.

With such jumbled nonsensical dreams, it is no wonder I felt tired :)

Enriching Jetstar

After Ban confirmed which weekends in October he will be busy, I then went ahead to look for cheap air fare for night flight to and from KL. It was close to 10 pm then. The left lense of my spectacles was smeared with ointment I used on my left eye. My eye was swollen and a little painful. Probably due to seeing stuff I shouldn't see :P

Then I saw an air fare of only SGD114 by Jetstar Asia. Wow! It's awesome. I paid for it and gleefully told my honey and also my housemate about it.


The next day, I printed out the e-mail confirmation at office. To my horror, the flight is morning flight! Both ways! The time was stated in 24-hour format but somehow my mind inserted the pm in there i.e. 0720 was interpreted by my mind as 7.20pm! To change the flight to night flight would cause me SGD150! Goodness!

In the end, after thinking of a variety of options, I purchased a new ticket from Japan Airlines for SGD144. I tried desperately to give away the Jetstar ticket for free (name change within 24 hours of purchase is free of charge). Spoke with 5 friends. No takers. Gah. Such a waste.

A year of own blog

My first entry in this blog was on 3 Oct 2008 but I actually started blogging in late May 2008 in a shared blog called Queer Qloset. That shared blog is pretty much dead now. Gradually over the months it seems that only a few of us are actively blogging in it.

Reason why I started on a shared blog was that I wasn't confident enough to blog and that I was also concerned that it may be just a passing phase. However, later I discovered that I do enjoy blogging. I like just blogging whatever I feel is interestng or merely jotting down my thoughts on certain issues.

Not counting those I tested out for a few hours only, the current template is my third template. The first one was one of those in-built templates, where I inserted my own picture as the banner, which is cropped from this photo:


Cute, right? I thought it fitted quite well with the theme I was trying to portray.

Unfortunately, that template wasn't wide enough to fit medium size Flikr photos, which is the size I like. So I searched and then used a template that fitted and had a library kind of theme, which was again suitable.

I changed to the current template because I thought it may solve the button issue but it did not. However, I love this current template very much and still in keeping with the theme. Kept it ever since :)

Many things have occurred this past year. Met more people, closer to some people I know, family issues, getting used to housemate and his quirkiness, the "empress" showing her claws at work, financial crisis, first foray into shares, inaugural exercise and self-expression :P, passing exam, health problems, lovely time with friends and family and of course getting a boyfriend. Highly likely I left out some important things but I'm not that free to look through past entries and summarise hehe.

So let's hope the following year would be better. I hope this blog has helped my friends and family in understanding me better. To everybody: thanks for reading!

Tell me the secret

There's something about a baby that makes you want to protect him, make sure he doesn't cry, have enough to eat, enough to sleept etc. Basically, you just want to take care of him. What do you get in return? Smile, laughter and utter cuteness!

Some people just seem to retain such quality even to adulthood. No, they are not vulnerable bunch of people. In fact, most of them are capable of taking care of themselves and don't ask to be taken care of. Yet, others are falling over themselves trying to offer to take care of them. I know a few people like that but I can't figure out why they have such baby-ish qualities.

Care to share?