Atlas Reactor: Dr Finn

I have already leveled Aurora and Orion to 20. Although there's no max level, it's the level that's needed to unlock Master title and skin. In any case, it's good to play other freelancers.

I discover that I get rusty quickly if I don't play a freelancer for a few days. So I identified a few freelancers to concentrate on leveling them. Among them is Dr Finn, a support freelancer.

After experimenting with a few builds and talking to others, I'm currently using this mod by default (loadout points in bracket):

Water spout - none
Refreshing spray - Self fish (2)
Electrifying eel - That's a moray (3)
Bubble trouble - Cast away (2)
Maelstrom - Leech infestation (3)

My alternate mod set, which was my default, is as follows:

Water spout - Spray and play (3)
Refreshing spray - Self fish (2)
Electrifying eel - Master angler (1)
Bubble trouble - Unstop-Bubble (1)
Maelstrom - Leech infestation (3)

The rationale behind the default mod set:

Starting with what I really want: self-survivability. Hence the "self fish" and "leech infestation" mods.

"That's a moray" mod is useful for consistency since it can target allies too and energises them if it does.

Cast away is so useful in uncoordinated team.

So that leaves no loadout point for the primary skill.

Played only a few PVP games with him (many more vs AI bots haha) but I'll still continue playing him for a while more to determine whether I can master him or not.

No religious groups

Saw this at Daiso outlet at Tropicana City Mall. Interesting 4th choice of ban.

No religious groups

McDonald's proverb

There's a Malay proverb that says, "Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit.", which translated to be "Little by little, slowly makes a hill." This proverb typically is a message of perseverance when, say, saving, completing a huge project, training to be better at marathon etc.

McDonald's has cleverly made use of this old saying:

McD Idiom

"Little by little, slowly it's gone." Hehehe. It is funny especially paired up with their famous fries. I can certainly vouch for its veracity :)

However, the message is still true: when you consistently put in incremental effort into a project over time, gradually you will complete it. In McD's case, the project is to finish the fries :)

Tea leaves & chicken bones

We need understand that a company’s ability to generate profits and pay dividends is determined by the numbers that can be found from its cash flow statements, its profit and loss accounts and its balance sheet.

Yet many will try, repeatedly, to find the answer from charts, tea leaves and chicken bones. What a dreadful waste of time and effort.

When we invest, our aim should be to look for successful companies, not mediocre ones. These successful companies, generally, have a story to tell.

- David Kuo

Be in the present

You arrive home from work. As you cook, you think about the yet-to-be-finished urgent work you did  just before leaving (late) from office. Your children are buzzing around you but you are only half-listening/watching.

In another case, you're working out in the gym but your mind plays out the argument you had with your partner earlier that day.

I believed we all have a tendency of thinking about many things other than what we are doing at that time. I used to be a lot worse but I got better ever since I joined yoga classes. In particular, I remember what a yoga instructor always told the attendees at the start of the class (not verbatim): " You have already set aside this hour to practice yoga. So leave all other thoughts behind. Make full use of your time here by focusing on yoga. Give your hour to this practice"

I find this very useful. Not only you'll be better at whatever you're doing (hey, surely you want to avoid burning your food while cooking, right? :) ), you're actually giving your mind a rest and minimise cluttering.

You want to think about work? Do it during working hours. You want to have a rough plan of how to continue that particular urgent work tomorrow? Write it down before you leave. Once you leave office, keep all work matters out of your mind.

You're thinking of how to patch up with your partner? Sit quietly and think about it. Don't do anything else. Of course you can always consult someone else but the point is be focused on the task at hand. When you're at gym, focus on your work out. Not only is this good for your body, it's good for your mind as well.

If you can, meditate before you sleep. Focus on your breathing. Don't form opinion. Just acknowledge and move on. It's a good way to fall asleep.

Be in the present, in whatever you do.

Atlas Reactor: First to season level 500

As I said before, Trion was looking out for players who managed to achieve specific goals and broadcast the achievement. Among the goals was reaching season level 500 by 5th Jan 2017.

From all conversation (except one) I was in or heard of or read about, everyone thought this was impossible. Then along came hanabi. He is an easy-going friendly player I befriended few months back). He had calculated how many levels he needed to achieve daily in order to achieve level 500 this season.

He did it on 28 Dec 2016:


I was in the same team when he achieved that. Now, I consider myself a regular AR player and my season level then was probably just over 220. So to achieve level 500 is momentous!

I'm happy that this happened to a nice player :)


Saw this in a gym:


Thinking about it, why can't hairdryer be used on other parts? Will it spoil or what? Or is this simply a cost-saving tactic?

CKT @Teluk Air Tawar, Butterworth

When I first visited Butterworth, the best char kuay teow ("CKT") was at the "gluttony street" along Jalan Raja Uda. Now, there is a close competitor:

Lim Teik Seong

There are only 5 stalls in this small coffeeshop, just opposite Taman Teluk Molek. One of them serves arguably the best CKT in Butterworth.

RM3.8 CKT w duck egg

This normally costs a mere RM3.50. I had it with duck egg, costing an additional RM0.30. This is RM0.20 cheaper than that at Jalan Raja Uda. I can't really say which is the best: I like them both equally. My dad prefers this one.

RM2 carrot w milk

Carrot juice with milk. Only RM2.

Strangely, the chap fan here is a little more expensive than that nearer to town.

The Same

There was no problem handing in and paying for the retrieval of slides, except that I was too sick to do it and so Ban kindly agreed to help me. Less than 10 days later, they called my dad, saying that the slides were ready for collection. I had no problem collecting them.

Sent it to Dr B's hospital and was told the pathologist's report would be out in 2 to 3 weeks later. After 4 weeks, my dad called them and was told that the report was given to Dr B but he was seeking some clarification. I was a little anxious upon hearing this.

It was another 2 weeks later that my dad spoke with Dr B. The result is the same i.e. there were cancerous cells that came from somewhere else (instead of kidney). After my dad said his health was good and not experiencing any adverse symptoms, Dr B suggested a retake of tumour marker tests either this month or next. This is consistent with Dr A's suggestion back in October. Morever, later during my dad's appointment with pancreas specialist at the primary hospital, this was also suggested.

The pancreas specialist also added that they (his team) doubted the primary site of the cancer is in the pancreas. They even entertained the idea that it could be the kidney, which I thought was strange because it would directly contradict the pathologists' reports.

In addition, Dr B also suggested a retake of PET/CT scan in April, which will be 6 months after the previous one. The primary hospital's pancreas specialist agreed that this is a good idea.

So now the next few steps are: (1) collect report from Dr B, (2) retake tumour marker tests, and (3) PET/CT scan.

Update: after some discussion, we decided to do (1) and (2) but to consult Dr A again before doing (3).

Review of 2016

(1) Financially, 2016 is a bad year. Yes, share prices generally went down but more importantly for me was that dividend yields went down (or so I feel; need to tabulate to know for sure). Missing months of rental income because of great difficulty in getting tenant.

(2) First time took medicine to combat high cholesterol. Soon it'll be again time to have a lipid profile test. Health-wise, generally I'm fine. Had 2 episodes of very bad phlegm+sorethroat+cough. Hope to never to get them again!

(3) Stopped playing Robocraft chiefly because developer kept changing it radically. Yes, I know it's still in Alpha and so it's normal to do so in this stage. That's why I decided to pick it up again once they move to Beta, if they ever do! A couple of my bots were reviewed by a couple of youtubers and they gave positive review :)

(4) The end of Duel of Champions. What a waste, such a shame.

(5) Started playing Atlas Reactor and Overwatch - two completely different games, which I'm still playing.

(6) Damn laptop gave problem again and once again Dell technician disappointed me. I had to solve some related problems myself. Haiz. Hopefully no more problems!

(7) Had planned to move back to SG to save my PR but that was scuttled due to my dad's cancer and rejection of Ban's job application.

(8) Probably the biggest news of 2016 was the surprising find of cancerous cells in my father's kidney that was removed (to get rid of the huge cyst). Hopefully the second review will provide us with good news.

(9) Ban followed me to Butterworth and stayed at my sister's place for the first time with my parents under the same roof after I came out to them. It went rather well (my niece took a liking to Ban :) ) except that Ban felt a little taxing due to the "scheduling".

(10) My parents met Ban's mother and brother for the first time. Went well except that I needed to reprimand my dad for playing Pokemon during dinner!

(11) Managed to finish reading the following books:

  • One Man's View of the World - Lee Kuan Yew
  • The World Affairs Companion - Gerald Segal
  • The perks of being a wallflower - Stephen Chbosky
  • Mom's Cancer - Brian Fies
  • Watchmen - Alam Moore & Dave Gibbons
(12) The passing of my ex-boss. He'll be deeply missed.

I am anxious about 2017. Let's hope it'll be better than I expect, and certainly better than 2016!