Disclaimer: There may be other relevant information that I'm not aware of that may change the tone of the story below.

When asked by his siblings to visit their sick father who was hospitalised, this person (who lives just about an hour's drive away from his father's house) replied that he would only do so if his siblings give him money.


Fried banana, finally

Finally there's a shop nearby Ban's place that sells fried banana. It's at Dataran Prima, just behind the main road. The shop's name is SS2 Goreng Pisang, if I'm not mistaken.

The banana is one of the sweetest I've ever tasted! The flour is soft but tasteless. Price is either RM0.85, RM1 or RM1.15 depending on its size. The photo below shows the ones that cost the cheapest. I was given one free too (I ordered 3).

The shop also serve coffee, tea and some dessert like Bubur Chacha. Perhaps one day I'll go there for tea time.

Fried banana

Korean, Mandarin

For Park, one of the biggest obstacles now is getting the hang of Mandarin.

It is a language which will no doubt aid him when he works on his new drama serial in Taiwan, but it is also a language Park finds very difficult to master.

"The pronunciation is very difficult. I find it hard to master the four different Pinyin tones.

"Sometimes, because of the tone people use when they speak to me, even though they don't mean anything bad, it sounds like they are scolding me.

"I get intimidated sometimes," said Park with a laugh through his translator.

- news about Park Jung Min, a Korean singer/actor (the complete article can be found here)

Maybe I haven't heard enough the different ways of speaking Mandarin but I've yet to hear anything remotely as close as to the way to Koreans speak, which often sounds to me like they are arguing. This is completely apposite to what Jung Min said above.


These are the largest fans I've ever seen! They are at Sunway Giza Mall.

Large fan 1

Large fan 2


Perhaps I spoke too soon here.

Recently, the lower part of my hand, below my elbow, was in pain right up to the base of my palm. After talking to my sister and researching on the internet, I suspected the wrist rest as the culprit. Combined with some changes to the chair I was using as well as position of laptop and mouse, the pain was gone...

...except for 3 spots (depicted as "1"s in the photo below) right above the wrist. I then thought maybe it was the way I held my mouse. So now, instead of the base of my palm resting on the lower part of the mouse, it is now off the mouse and lightly on the mousepad. Also, I cut down on the amount of time I spent on my laptop, especially the usage of the mouse.

Now the 3 spots are only slightly painful but replaced by sourish pain towards the middle of the palm (depicted as "2" in the photo below).

Hmmm what's going on here?

Palm pain


I love this song! It always perks me up and gets me bobbing :)

Health status

It's been a while since I wrote about my health. I remember a post that conveniently gave an overall picture of my health nearly a year go.

So what are the changes? Well, firstly, thankfully, there is no new symptom to manage since then.

Secondly, my pseudo-sinusitis is now very manageable. I now perform sinus rinse about once every two days, rather than twice a day. Seldom take decongestion and even rarer to use the Headon.

I now only need to take 1000mg of glucosamine a day, rather than 1500mg, for my knee but I now diligently exercise everyday to strengthen my quadriceps.

So I guess this is good news :) Thanks to all who have shown concerns and/or even nagged me a little about my health hehe. You know who you are :)

Overwhelmed by Math

My student, whom I'm tutoring in Standard 6 Math, is easily overwhelmed by obstacle when solving Math problems.

If I spot an error, I usually would direct him to the step where it occurs and ask him to determine what exactly the error is and to fix it. Usually he'll protest that he's correct (yes, once in a blue moon I was wrong). Sometimes he proceeds to correct the part that is actually correct, which means the error remains undetected. I then stop him and ask him why he does that. At this point, he's usually dejected already and at times become sullen while making sarcastic remarks.

Usually I just try to give more help e.g. by writing down the working but getting him to tell me the answers to each step and by giving encouragement. However, there was once where I had to stop for a while and asked him, in a rather serious but concerned tone, to tell me his problem. He didn't tell me but I'm guessing, and I told him so, that he is easily overwhelmed by Math problems. He didn't deny that.

My overall teaching method is to get him to understand why certain way works and why some don't, rather just memorising the way to solving problems. Memorisation should only be used as a last resort, as otherwise there are just too many things to memorise.

His loathing for Math is so great that he'll often wish that we can live without Math :) Next, he dislikes the person who invented school (hehe).

Any suggestion on how else I can help him?

Rhyme in toilet

Rhymed sign