King of forgetfulness?

Alf: Hey, how are you? Been quite a long time.
Alf's friend: Good lah. Honeymoon was pretty good.
Alf: You're married? Wah, didn't tell me you're married?
Alf's friend: Huh? You were at my wedding dinner!

Can beat that?

Inaugaral Pocket Scrabble Game

Pocket Scrabble

I've bought the Pocket Scrabble years ago. It was only recently I managed to open the pack and played it, thanks to Rick agreeing to play with me (thanks!). He thinks that it is for the Liliputans :P Admittedly, it is really small but that's why it's called "Pocket" Scrabble. It's magnetic based. Even the tile holder is magnetic.

We played a rather fast game - just over an hour I believed. We agreed to restrict to 3 mins per turn but most of the time, we were quicker than that.

I was off to a bad start. Rick was so bloody lucky in getting all the Ss and one blank. However, I was sort of compensated Q and Z very early in the game.

In the end, I won by a small margin: 311 to 284 :)

Aversion to fruits

LloydNicKL2010022, originally uploaded by williamnyk.

Me: Honey, have you had fruits today?
Ban: Fruits? Errr.
Me: Means you didn't lah?
Ban: Errr no.
Me: Honey, it's been like 4 days since you had fruits.
Ban: *Makes some bunny noises*
Me: Have some tomorrow, ok? Even a little is better than none.
Ban: *More bunny noises*
Me: It's good for your health lah.
Ban: O ok.

Cattle in Singapore CBD?


Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is enshrined within my company's policy. Here's my big boss's idea of what work/life balance means to her when she was asked:

Work hard and long hours + destress

Nothing about spending time with loved ones. Nothing about exercise. Nothing else except to work hard and long hours (e.g. working till 10pm was cited as "being serious about career") and then destress the stress work caused. It's like working yourself till exhaustion and then fix it. That's work/life balance.

To her, only those who work hard and long hours care about their career.

It appears that she's operating on the maxim of Career = Life.


Few days ago, for a while, I couldn't use my handphone or my office phone to call or receive call and couldn't receive e-mail.

I can't determine what was the common link among these three tools except that I was the user. What are the odds that they all happened the same time and recovered within minutes of each other?

So strange.

Financial freedom

A glance at one of those junk mails lead to some research on the current approximate price of my place in Singapore. After taking into account my current amount of savings (include both investments and emergency fund), I can have financial freedom IF
  • I move back home in Malaysia
  • Significantly tone down my lifestyle (but not until poverty level lah)
  • Earn at least an average of 5% p.a. on my investment capital
I was quite surprised to learn this. I am truly grateful for being lucky in the accidental great timing in getting this property in Singapore for it has been, to date, the quickest way to earn a huge return.

I guess it's good to know this in case I want to quit my job and want to have the option to be much more selective in what I want to do for a living.