Fitness First

Firstly, there is something I want to say: cost of living in Malaysia is higher than that in Singapore overall.

Why? Consider this: salary, in term of figures i.e. without taking into account of currency, is roughly the same in both countries. For example, if the starting salary of an actuarial executive at an insurance companie is RM2000 in Malaysia, then it is about S$2000 in Singapore. However, economic rice with 2 veg and 1 tofu costs about RM3 in Malaysia whereas it costs about $2.3 in Singapore, both at around the similar kind of shops and location.

Hence, given that salary is about the same, in term of figures, then it's important to consider how much each unit of that figure can buy. So, with the notable exception of houses, Singapore is 'cheaper'. There is no point converting the currency one into another as you would also have to do so for the goods too (exception would be savings that you bring across the causeway).

Specifically for Fitness First ("FF"), consider the following:
  1. FF platinum in SG fee is about S$126 while in KL the fee is about RM180
  2. FF platinum SG members can borrow towel and attire while in KL it's towel only.
  3. Guests in SG can borrow towel and attire. Guests in Malaysia can rent towel. No attire at all.
  4. Receptionist at SG greets every member and guest e.g. "Good morning and welcome to Fitness First" and followed by "Enjoy your workout, " after returning the member his card and they do these smilling at you. In KL, barely a few words. Don't even bother to look at you. No smiles.
It is very obvious that SG FF is much better and at a 'cheaper' price. I'm truly amazed.

My Kitchen

You know how in general that food in pictures are usually smaller than their actual serving size? At most, they may be the same size.

I have just found one that is actually larger than it looks in the picture:

Hainanese mee

What you see here is after I have already eaten at least a third of it already. It's called Hainanese mee, at My Kitchen at Aman Suria. The restaurant serves Hainanese Melaka food. Didn't know Melaka has Hainanese people

The mee was unusual but tasty. It was a little sweet as it has slices of pineapple in it. The chicken rice had only 3, albeit larger than usually served these days, rice balls but more chicken than normal. Chendol was so-so only and not worth the price (RM2.40).

Their most popular dish appears to be the Hainanese curry chicken nasi lemak. I was tempted to try it but decided not too. I try not to eat spicy/sour food from dinner onward as my bowel may still be irritated when bedtime comes.

1st anniversary

Beware! Sweet stuff ahead :P

Today, and in fact exactly around these hours, marked the first anniversary of our (Ban and I) relationship. Although it's been only a year, it felt much longer. I feel much loved and most comfortable with him. There are still much laughter and silliness everyday :)

I love you very much, honey. Thanks for taking a chance on me. Muack!

Complexity of closing BSN account

Arrived at the branch where I opened my savings account. Told them that I wanted to close my account but I had misplaced the book. I was told that they would need a week to process my request (presumedly because need approval for either request or both request from main branch?) and so I was advised to go to the main branch if I wanted it done immediately.

Time spent: 10mins

Upon entry, in the absence of any instructions, I took a queue number. Once my number was flashed, I told them what I wanted to do. I was informed that I had to approach the customer service desk to fill up forms. Waited further to speak to the CSO, who subsequently helped to process a form for me. However, I then was told to approach counter 10, which is not part of the queue number system. There was no one at that counter. I was asked to come back at 2pm as the counter 10 person was taking her 'rest' (I believed it was lunch time to be specific).

Time spent: 40mins

No one at counter 10. So patiently waited. The CSO was going around, appearing to try to pre-empt people who eventually would be told to approach her (since most of us would have automatically taken the queue number for counters 3-8) and was surprised to see me still there. I told her that counter 10 person wasn't there earlier and so I came back again.

Eventually someone else stood at counter 10 (he was already waiting elsewhere at the bank when I came back at 2pm). He managed to get the security guard to get the counter 10 person from the office. Unfortunately, this customer's case seems rather complex because the counter 10 person kept going back to office to get more and more forms. Kesian.

I then approached the counter and gave her the completed form and my IC. I was then told I needed to fill yet another form at the customer service desk. Goodness! I waited a little while before attended by the CSO, filled the form and submited both forms to counter 10 after waiting at the counter a few minutes. I suspect she is part-time manning that counter while working in office.

I was asked to (yet again) wait for my name to be called. Next, counter 7 attended me. Took an electronic scan of my thumbprint and then was asked to wait (again!). Finally, counter 8 attended me and duly told me that RM20 was deducted for the issuance of a new book (couldn't they just close account without issuing a new book?), passed me the book and bid me farewell. I informed her that I wanted to close my account. She then did more paperwork and deducted another RM10 for closing account (at least this was as expected).

Time spent: 1hr 15 mins.

Total time spent: ridiculously long!

Soup spoon

Since there is no proper soup spoon at Ban's place (yet), ...

Soup spoon

...that became my soup spoon :)

Sleepless in PJ

For the second time in a week, I hardly slept during the night.

In the first instance, it was mainly due to accumulation of phlegm in my mouth and cough - onset of cold. In the second instance, it was gastric. I'm not sure due to what but I suspect the milk played a part - it tasted a little off.

I was supposed to start tutoring a student in Math today but thankfully I managed to postpone it to the following week. This is precisely why I hesitant to take up part-time jobs with greater commitment to a fixed schedule: my health is a wildcard here.

If there is one thing I miss working for a company, it is the medical coverage :) Now I have to self-insure myself for that.


A schoolboy in Singapore was reprimanded by his English teacher for being mischievous. He was supposed to complete a certain well-known proverb, presumedly by using the well-known words. Instead, he stated it this way:

People who live in glass house should not undress.

I laughed out loud when I first read this. I thought it was a brilliant substitute for the standard proverb. Too bad his teacher couldn't appreciate it. I know that she wanted him to learn the standard proverb so as to pass exams but she could at have least complimented him on his creativity and then gently explained to him why he needed to answer in the standard way.