Overwatch: Junkrat's weakness

Few months ago, I heard from youtubers and some players about a particular weakness of Junkrat: he cannot ensure kills. His quarries often escape and healed by the opposing team's healer, thereby giving ultimate charge to the latter.

At first I was quite puzzled as to why this should be peculiar only to Junkrat because surely it's applicable to any hero? I mean, anyone playing, say, Soldier 76 or Reaper, cannot ensure kills each time they engage, can they?

Later, after observing some gameplays, I conclude that Junkrat is more susceptible to this weakeness because he can (and some players do) lob "blind" grenades. That is, he can stand, say, behind a wall and lob grenades over it and "hope for the best".

I almost never use such "blind" tactic and often engage enemies only after my team mates start the engagement (because I don't want enemies to hunt me haha). Hence, I don't think this "weakness" applies to me but nevertheless I am now even more conscious of it now i.e. engage only when there are team mates who are engaging the same enemies and thereby significantly increases the chance of killing the quarries.

Here's a good example of what I mean :)

TheJoker <-> Owl

Remember the Orion build I blogged about? Well, when I played Orion with an online friend, TheJoker, and I cast Fate Transference on him, he sometimes said, "What?! Only 50%? You selfish *******." Lol. Funny, nice fella and quite easy going.

Recently, I came across this:

When I first watched this, I laughed and laughed. The owl immediately reminded me of TheJoker. I quickly did this:


Christmas at Butterworth

This year, I join my parents and my sister's family in Butterworth to celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary. My sister, as always (thank you!), organises a nice value-for-money dinner at a restaurant. New place. Hopefully it's good :)

There are a few ways I could go to Butterworth. First, I ruled out driving because Ban is not going as his family celebrates Christmas in KL. I don't relish driving alone for that long. So tiring.

The ETS would be great except that there's no way of knowing whether it would be cold in the train or not. Sometimes it's the train that goes to Butterworth and sometimes it's the returning train. It could get so cold that my legs felt cold despite wearing long pants.

So I decided to take an airplane. Yes, it's extravagant given my current circumstances but this trip was worth it. I checked Firefly and Malindo Air (to fly from Subang airport) for price and time. I was surprised that the latter was significantly cheaper than the former by about a third. So I bought a one-way air ticket for RM89.04, which automatically included check-in luggage of 15kg. Besides my laptop, they allowed me to bring on board a rolled-up yoga mat but it had to be tagged.

The flight went smoothly. They provided a cup of water but no snack, unlike Firefly. Well, it's ok since it's much cheaper :)

It started raining when boarding and it started raining when the plane landed. Yes, the rain followed us from Subang hehehe.

Then came the most expensive part of the journey: RM103.30 for an airport taxi. The trip went well except that it started raining quite heavily. The taxi driver, a friendly chap married with 5 children, drove into the porch and quickly took out my luggage from the boot. I shook his hand and thanked him.

It's great to see my sister and her family again. My niece had grown talkative and rather strong. She would remain firm and retaliate against her elder brother in a fight lol. My nephew is as hyperactive as before and seems to be a little more accepting of consequences (rather than full tantrum).

Credit scores -> relationship longevity

New research from The Brookings Institute, The Federal Reserve Board, and UCLA shows that one of the best predictors of relationship longevity is … your credit score.
Credit scores predict relationship longevity in two key ways:
  1. Higher Is Better.People with higher credit scores are both more likely to get into committed relationships and more likely to stay in them over time.
  2. Similar Is Better.People who have similar credit scores are more likely to have relationships that last. For example, if you have a credit score of 750 and your prospective partner had a score of 450, you are several times more likely to break up within the first two years of living together than if your scores differ by fewer than 75 points.
Why are credit scores so eerily effective at predicting relationship outcomes? The authors posit that your credit score is a proxy for trustworthiness and commitment to obligations. "

Atlas Reactor: Gremolitions (immersion)

Gremo immersion

Gremo immersion 1

Still within means

I buy whatever I want, whenever I want. The trick is that I want very little.

- Anita Dhake

Atlas Reactor: Aurora remade

Since my last post on Aurora,  I have experimented with different sets of mods based on my observation of other Aurora players. In the end, I adopted 2 sets (we can save 2 sets and select them in a jiffy). You can look up the exact mod descriptions in Prep Phase.

Set 1
- Vain: heal self
- Invigorating Cloud: also heals allies
- Seeking Flare: through walls
- Laser Designator: reveal
- Focused Radiance: increases potency

Set 2
- Vain: heal self
- Invigorating Cloud: also heals allies
- Seeking Flare: through walls
- Tenacious: unstoppable for self and allies
- no mod

The impetus for the change is Invigorating Cloud. It's good for situations where enemies stick to Aurora or her allies. Use Ion Cloud to both hit enemies and heal allies.

Vain and Seeking Flare are just too good for me. I know Surging Flare is a very popular mod but, again, I don't like it because of its conditional extra heal.

So the leftover 3 loadout points are then allocated among Paralazer and Heart of the Storm. First set is my default mod set, swayed by the choice of Focused Radiance for larger heals for multiple allies. Second set is specifically to counter Helio's Black Hole Generator + Disruption Matrix wombo combo, as shown in the video below.

Atlas Reactor: tournament players

Every now and then, I'm matched with/against some popular Atlas Reactor tournament players. Most of the time, the game could go either way or at least my team could win slightly less than half of the time.

However, there was one notable exception: appearance of Avaki, of the top team Thrash, playing to his strength i.e. firepower freelancer. I noticed that the team that won was the team that had him in it. He was in my team once and we won. Two other times he was in the other team and we lost. The second lost was bad because he had his Thrash's teammate, Cranor, in the team too.

So when I saw him again in the opposing team, I told my teammates about this "carry". Runebreaker said perhaps Avaki could have bad teammates this time. One could hope so haha.

So we were happy when this happened:

Won at last!

Won at last!_2

Won at last!_3

Yes, we won :)

Later, I had a game where there was a tournament player Babymillie, playing support but always played frontline in tournament, and a developer in my team. On the opposing them, three of them were tournament players from team Outplayed. Babymillie used to be from that team but left weeks ago. Atharyia was playing firepower but he always played support in tournament.

Vs 3 OP

Yes, we won but I didn't do as well this time.

Why not both?

One up

I saw one other car did this too. Anyone know why?

Love's Coming

Love's Coming is quite a fun and light-hearted gay-themed Thai movie but with an important message of acceptance which makes it touching.

It focuses on a group of tight-knitted teenage friends who suspect one of them may be gay. Half of the movie is about how 3 of them try various ways to find out the truth while the other half is about the blossoming relationship of the suspect and his neighbour.

There were plenty of funny and sweet moments, with occasional serious but heartfelt moments. I would imagine most gay people would recognise the anxiety and fear of being found out, the trepidation of considering coming out to great friends, and the utter hopelessness of finding love in a society where it's still "boys only like girls" culture.  For those fortunate ones among us, we would identify with the feeling of relief and love when family and friends accept who we are; for the rest of us, we wish that will happen when the time comes.

After watching it, I was feeling warm and fuzzy inside :) I like it so much that I hope to buy its DVD (and somehow bring it to Malaysia...hmmm), with English subtitle of course.

The best had passed

My first job was with an MNC life insurance company. I was in the valuation team. Later on, I learned a little of the product team's tasks. I wondered, "You mean that's all there is to do with actuarial skill?"

My 2nd job was with a consulting firm and oh boy, it was when I learned that actuarial skill could be used in so many tasks/projects! I was involved in general insurance valuation, pension valuation, M&A business research and appraisal, design + establishment + maintenance of pension funds, stock option valuation, audit, establishing regulation, design stock option scheme, design insurance product etc.

More importantly, I was blessed for having worked with (yes, worked with; not worked for) a great boss. He was always ready for discussion and listened to all opinion. He believed in work-life balance (it was difficult for everyone) and respected each of us. He never demanded respect but we willingly gave it to him. He never "warned" us not to slack nor did he demand long hours but we willingly tried our hardest to do our very best (if bad boss ar, just do the minimum lor and wait to get another job haha) so that client would view, firstly, him and then, next, us favourably. It helped that he had good humour too :)

I learned a lot from him, not just technically and from business point of view, but also how to be a great team leader (without the usual aloof/I'm-your-boss-so-only-my-opinion-matters/hot-tempered/stingy/etc attitude).

So I was sad to learn that he had passed away recently. RIP David. Thank you very much. You will be deeply missed.