Atlas Reactor: tournament players

Every now and then, I'm matched with/against some popular Atlas Reactor tournament players. Most of the time, the game could go either way or at least my team could win slightly less than half of the time.

However, there was one notable exception: appearance of Avaki, of the top team Thrash, playing to his strength i.e. firepower freelancer. I noticed that the team that won was the team that had him in it. He was in my team once and we won. Two other times he was in the other team and we lost. The second lost was bad because he had his Thrash's teammate, Cranor, in the team too.

So when I saw him again in the opposing team, I told my teammates about this "carry". Runebreaker said perhaps Avaki could have bad teammates this time. One could hope so haha.

So we were happy when this happened:

Won at last!

Won at last!_2

Won at last!_3

Yes, we won :)

Later, I had a game where there was a tournament player Babymillie, playing support but always played frontline in tournament, and a developer in my team. On the opposing them, three of them were tournament players from team Outplayed. Babymillie used to be from that team but left weeks ago. Atharyia was playing firepower but he always played support in tournament.

Vs 3 OP

Yes, we won but I didn't do as well this time.
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