Overwatch: Junkrat's weakness

Few months ago, I heard from youtubers and some players about a particular weakness of Junkrat: he cannot ensure kills. His quarries often escape and healed by the opposing team's healer, thereby giving ultimate charge to the latter.

At first I was quite puzzled as to why this should be peculiar only to Junkrat because surely it's applicable to any hero? I mean, anyone playing, say, Soldier 76 or Reaper, cannot ensure kills each time they engage, can they?

Later, after observing some gameplays, I conclude that Junkrat is more susceptible to this weakeness because he can (and some players do) lob "blind" grenades. That is, he can stand, say, behind a wall and lob grenades over it and "hope for the best".

I almost never use such "blind" tactic and often engage enemies only after my team mates start the engagement (because I don't want enemies to hunt me haha). Hence, I don't think this "weakness" applies to me but nevertheless I am now even more conscious of it now i.e. engage only when there are team mates who are engaging the same enemies and thereby significantly increases the chance of killing the quarries.

Here's a good example of what I mean :)

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