Christmas at Butterworth

This year, I join my parents and my sister's family in Butterworth to celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary. My sister, as always (thank you!), organises a nice value-for-money dinner at a restaurant. New place. Hopefully it's good :)

There are a few ways I could go to Butterworth. First, I ruled out driving because Ban is not going as his family celebrates Christmas in KL. I don't relish driving alone for that long. So tiring.

The ETS would be great except that there's no way of knowing whether it would be cold in the train or not. Sometimes it's the train that goes to Butterworth and sometimes it's the returning train. It could get so cold that my legs felt cold despite wearing long pants.

So I decided to take an airplane. Yes, it's extravagant given my current circumstances but this trip was worth it. I checked Firefly and Malindo Air (to fly from Subang airport) for price and time. I was surprised that the latter was significantly cheaper than the former by about a third. So I bought a one-way air ticket for RM89.04, which automatically included check-in luggage of 15kg. Besides my laptop, they allowed me to bring on board a rolled-up yoga mat but it had to be tagged.

The flight went smoothly. They provided a cup of water but no snack, unlike Firefly. Well, it's ok since it's much cheaper :)

It started raining when boarding and it started raining when the plane landed. Yes, the rain followed us from Subang hehehe.

Then came the most expensive part of the journey: RM103.30 for an airport taxi. The trip went well except that it started raining quite heavily. The taxi driver, a friendly chap married with 5 children, drove into the porch and quickly took out my luggage from the boot. I shook his hand and thanked him.

It's great to see my sister and her family again. My niece had grown talkative and rather strong. She would remain firm and retaliate against her elder brother in a fight lol. My nephew is as hyperactive as before and seems to be a little more accepting of consequences (rather than full tantrum).
3 Responses
  1. William Says:

    Consider bringing a small blanket on future ETS rides.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Yes, I did think of bringing something similar.

  3. Twilight Man Says:

    When you are lucky you could get flights for less than RM50 from Subang-Penang or Penang-Subang.