The best had passed

My first job was with an MNC life insurance company. I was in the valuation team. Later on, I learned a little of the product team's tasks. I wondered, "You mean that's all there is to do with actuarial skill?"

My 2nd job was with a consulting firm and oh boy, it was when I learned that actuarial skill could be used in so many tasks/projects! I was involved in general insurance valuation, pension valuation, M&A business research and appraisal, design + establishment + maintenance of pension funds, stock option valuation, audit, establishing regulation, design stock option scheme, design insurance product etc.

More importantly, I was blessed for having worked with (yes, worked with; not worked for) a great boss. He was always ready for discussion and listened to all opinion. He believed in work-life balance (it was difficult for everyone) and respected each of us. He never demanded respect but we willingly gave it to him. He never "warned" us not to slack nor did he demand long hours but we willingly tried our hardest to do our very best (if bad boss ar, just do the minimum lor and wait to get another job haha) so that client would view, firstly, him and then, next, us favourably. It helped that he had good humour too :)

I learned a lot from him, not just technically and from business point of view, but also how to be a great team leader (without the usual aloof/I'm-your-boss-so-only-my-opinion-matters/hot-tempered/stingy/etc attitude).

So I was sad to learn that he had passed away recently. RIP David. Thank you very much. You will be deeply missed.
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  1. William Says:

    Good bosses are few and hard to come by.