Goodbye iPad, Hello 2011

This likely is my last post of the year. Thanks to Malaysia football team's victory, this year's New Year's eve is declared as a public holiday. So it's a long weekend here in Malaysia. I hope many people will take the chance to flow out of KL, in case I'm going out.

Here's wishing all of you a Happy New Year. May the coming year bring much happiness, health and wisdom to everyone.

I'll leave you with a photo, which no doubt you'll recognise its significance for 2010. Thank goodness the madness has died down, as evidenced by this photo.

iPad sign

Goodbye to 2010 soon

It'll be the end of 2010 in one week. If I have to pick a momentuous point of the year for me, it would be a tie between having Ban as my boyfriend and leaving my job for a trial of self-employment.

Though I was not smitten by Ban at first sight, I am now in love with him. He's caring, considerate, quirky (like me hehe) kind yet tough when needed to and, importantly, he's happy being with me. Currently I'm staying with him about more than half the time (the rest of the time with my parents) and so far, it's going quite well.

That ties in with why I'm staying with him: I've left my job in August. My income now primarily comes from the rental of my condo in Singapore, supplemented by dividends from shares and tuition in KL. So far, it's working quite well. There are risks such as plummeting rent, dividends and dismal exam results (of the student) but let's hope they'll all go well next year as so far I prefer this to be employed by a company.

So here's goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011 with much hope! Happy New Year to everyone in advance.

Help yourself before others

I know from time to time we feel guilty for helping ourselves first before others. E.g. take MC when sick although there's urgent work to do at office and the need to say no to helping friends to move because you are exhausted and simply need to rest.

I believed that if you're in trouble, you should help yourself before others. You need to make sure your basic foundation (you) is strong enough before you can support others on your shoulders. If your foundation is shaky, others will likely fall with you too.

So don't feel guilty. Say no if you need to fix yourself. Once you're well, go spread cheers by helping others :)


Hi family, friends and fellow readers. I've been very busy this past week. A prolonged crisis occured. Due to the nature of the crisis, I can't divulge more details. Just hope it'll be ok lah. Though I'm slowing down some activities (or stopped some of them temporarily), I'm still contactable as usual. So don't stop calling, texting or e-mailing, ok? It's a welcome distraction :)

Home: flowers

I always prefer a home with a small garden. Not too huge as otherwise there may be too many unsavoury creatures to handle e.g. mosquitoes, snakes, monitor lizards. At the very least, it should have potted plants but still a small garden is ideal.

I would like to be able to see some patches of grass clearly, instead of the garden filled with too many plants. Plants with flowers are essential. Palm trees and bamboos are some of the plants I would like to consider, depending on the location and its surrounding I supposed.

So it is great that my parents also share the preference for a garden. Our garden at home has undergone several transformations. The latest one was before October this year, with the aim of making it less cluttered.

Usually I'll walk around the garden at least once each time I go home, depending on how long I'll be home. Some of the photos of the flowers I've taken recently are as follows:

Home flowers

Nasi lemak & tallest slide

Where do you find one of the most delicious nasi lemak and the world's tallest tube slide? Empire Shopping Gallery.

This shopping centre lies behind Subang Parade. It is so new that it does not appear in Ban's GPS. Then again, Ban's GPS has been known to be rather strange and so...

At Serai, I wanted to try one of their signature dishes, which is conveniently listed on the first page of its menu. I decided to try their nasi lemak, chiefly because it's the cheapest there, costing RM16++.

Though expensive, it is of large portion. In fact, taking into account of its size and its ingredient, its price is quite comparable to nasi lemak at other restaurants. It is not apparent in the photo below but there are a few pieces of prawns in the sambal. The sambal is not too spicy for me. Overall, it is one of the few nasi lemak I enjoy eating.

As for the slide, tell me about it if you try it :)

Empire Gallery


SBB pants

Ban thought it might be fun to have SBB wearing my short pants. Hmmm perhaps under the facade of smiley face is a soul tormented by wearing the pants? What do you think?

Cool nights

I am back in my hometown since a week ago. The really astonishing occurence is the almost perpetual cool nights here for the past week. Except for two nights, I didn't need to use the ceiling fan when sleeping and even had to use my towel blanket. For the exceptions, I just needed to use the fan at power level 1.

During day time, there was only one day when it could be called hot (didn't need to switch on fan when napping!). Most of the time, it was cooling with nice breeze passing throughout the house. It is so comfortable to be in the house. One major drawback is that it makes me sleepy and lazy to go outside, which I should to get some sunlight (Vitamin D).

How about your place?