January's last two days: Sat

Singapore dawn
Woke up at an ungodly hour of 5am but pretty excited since would get to see my honey in a few hours time :) Had rice puff with fresh milk for breakfast and checked e-mails one last time before packing up the laptop.

Since I only had one bag (flying Jetstar Light too), I just walked out to the road and flagged a taxi. It's quite shocking how much cheaper taxi is during off-peak hours. I paid half of what I usually pay for ride during the evening peak period.

Reached airport just past 6.15am and boy, there were long queues for the flights to KL, Hanoi and Bangkok i.e. all Jetstar counters had long queues. This did surprise me a little especially since I would have thought evening flights, after work, would be more popular. At about 6.25am, which was 35 minutes before departure, somebody finally had the sense to open another counter for KL. I guess some people's brains work much slower in the morning.

Once again, as I find it peculiar only to budget airline (happened with Air Asia before), they lied: information on the monitor stated that the gate is closing and yet, boarding hasn't even commenced. Perhaps it is not within their control e.g. it automatically flashes that 20 minutes before departure (gate closes 10 mins before departure) but this means that late departure occurs more often with budget airlines, at least from my experience.

Plane departed later than the scheduled 7am and as expected, arrived later than scheduled at KLIA. Ban was already waiting in the arrival hall. I was basically humming happily on the way out and was oh so happy to see him :)

Entirely within my list of "what can go wrong" was the fact that Ban forgot to bring along the mineral water bottle he bought for me (honey, it's the truth and I'm not upset, ok? :) ). Had yummy roti telur at the Food Garden foodcourt (didn't even know it exists!) which cost RM2.20. Bought a bottle of drinking water for RM2.

We went straight to Melaka. I had less than 6 hours of sleep but Ban had even less because he was seized by the impulse to clean his bathroom. So, when I heard a certain thumping sound while I was snoozing and found out it was him trying to keep himself awake (silly boy :) ), I insisted that I drove instead. Initially, he didn't get to snooze because he was alarmed at the way I drove hehe. However, after I get the hang of it, he at least did close his eyes.

Met my aunt, her sister and her brother-in-law at Mahkota Parade for lunch at about 11.30am at a Japanese restaurant at Level 1. I forgot the exact name. It starts with S. It was so-so only. Service was not bad but definitely below expectation. Lloyd may already have screamed at them if he was there :P But most importantly, we had a great time chatting. Ban, as expected, snoozed for about half an hour somewhere after lunch :P My relatives didn't seem to mind as we had already forewarned them earlier.

We then adjourned to Old Taste for coffee and kaya toast. First time I had kaya toast sliced along its longer side i.e. long and narrow. It was a refreshing change to have iced coffee, rather than my usual tea. Since my aunt paid for lunch, I sneakily paid for the drinks when they were a little busy hehe.

We parted at 4pm and headed to Ban's grandparents's place. They offered to house us overnight but we declined. Instead, upon their suggestion, we had early dinner with them and their two other close friends at Heritage. Had huge prawns ("Give me the biggest prawns you have," Ban's grandma ordered), steamed fish, chicken rendang and mixed long beans and lady's fingers.

Reached Ban's place at 8.30pm where we then properly enjoyed each other's company. Lots and lots of cuddle (part of Sir Bunny's job description apparently). Played Torchlight and Titan Quest after shower :)

Avatar: an update (spoiler)

If you read this and/or if you were one of the fortunate/unfortunate ones to have spoken with me recently, you would know of my opinion of how alike Avatar and Pocahontas are. Till last week, only 1 other person (a colleague) thought likewise too, without much prompting from me. Recent, she forwarded this to me:


She suggested that we should do something similar with Lion King and turn it into a blockbuster :)

Poor people management?

I have yet to work with my senior manager (the "eunuch"). We are in different specialisation team. Specialisation was instituted by the current big boss ("the empress") when she came into the picture a less than 2 years ago.

So almost all the stories I heard are from my colleagues. Although I usually give people benefit of a doubt, these stories are too consistent with one another to be untrue (barring conspiracy).

Some of the key details of the stories are:
  1. If there are lots of issues with the work and there's ample evidence that it is due to client's incompetence, he blames his team members for being inefficiency. He'll find two thousand and two reasons to side any other parties except for his team members. (JJ: Wow!)
  2. If client provides information/data miles later than the timeline communicated to them earlier, he still wants the team to meet the original deadline. The reason? Well, he's afraid that if he asks for extension of deadline, that means clients will hold them to that deadline and he's afraid to the team cannot meet this extended deadline. (JJ: what sort of warped argument is that??)
  3. When asked why the rest of the company is getting bonus except our department, he basically indicated that he doesn't know why and didn't do anything to find out.
  4. He believed that we shouldn't care about bonus and that we shouldn't be in this work because of money. It should be because of passion. (JJ: Ok, in that case, let's cut his salary by half and give it to the rest of us as salary increment)
  5. He said that only the words of the empress can be trusted.
  6. He doesn't trust my colleagues because they make mistakes. Incidentally, he makes mistakes too. (JJ: I don't think he realised that his team members are humans)
  7. He doesn't give praises at all. He himself admitted that he's cold-hearted.
  8. He doesn't care if his team members are ill, staying late to work or working during the weekend. Oh, he does care about staying late to work: "I don't understand why you need to stay late to work." (JJ: See point 1 and 2 above)
  9. He constantly worries about what other parties think of the team e.g. clients, other departments etc and so the team has to project perfect image to others. Perfection. No mistake. He doesn't seem to care at all what the views of his team members, no matter how sound or rationale they are.
Poor people management? You tell me.


Teadot is situated in Tampines One. It is a refreshing change from the usual coffee place that people usually go.

It serves mainly tea, with interesting names for them (gah, should have taken picture of the menu!). Such creative naming also extends to their small section of coffee but with rather negative adjectives though e.g. Boring Cappucino, Tired Coffee Latte, Lonely Coffee Frappe (lol!). The creativity also includes the size of the cup (puny, regular, generous), ingredients of the various tea as well the description of each of them.

They have comfortable seats and tables that are modern and also cushions. There were no crowd when we went there at about 1pm. Not sure whether it's usually the case. Perhaps because it was Sunday? One curious note: shoppers traffic was noticeably thinner at Tampines One, compared to Tampines Mall.

Although I believed it is a little pricey (about S$1 more than I thought what is reasonable), I still recommend this to everyone who loves tea and a change in environment.

The drinks we ordered are:

Angel's Breath

Angel's Breath: infusion of green tea, grains and citrus fruit

Violet Dream

Violet Dream: Ice-earl grey with bold lavender bergamot flavor

 Icy Angel's Breath
Ice Angel's Breath: cold version of Angel's Breath

Cockington Green: N - S

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Norway 1

Norway 2

Australia dreaming

When I was in Australia in Nov 2009, nearly every night I play Heroes of Might and Magic 5 ("H5") with my bro-in-law, right before I sleep. The strange thing is that, except for one night, my dreams had nothing to do with that game, which is inconsistent with the norm.

Some details of the dreams are:
(1) No time to study for exam
(2) Don't understand a certain subject (in school/university)
(3) Losing hair
(4) Moving house
(5) Consider continue renting (the current place)
(6) Trying to catch up with someone

Strange, isn't it?

Sir Bunny and JJ the dragon

An epic bedtime story by Ban (edited by JJ)

Sir Bunny, the valiant knight, set off to save the naughty little dragon, JJ, from the evil princess Muscle Mary. JJ was being spanked for skank.

JJ the dragon wanted to skank freely but was forbidden by the evil princess.

Sir Bunny hopped to the evil tigress princess castle and said, “In the name of love and cuddles, I challenge you!” Then Sir Bunny brained her with a mallet.

“Thank you, Sir Bunny,” said JJ, “I’m now free to find love and skank!...Want some fun?”

And so Sir Bunny and JJ the naughty little dragon lived happily ever after.

The End.

Cockington Green: K - M

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Korea 1

Korea 2

2009/2010 transition

Wed, 30 Dec 09
Last lunch of the year with colleagues.

Colleague: Should we invite the senior manager?
Me: Noooo. Otherwise, how can we then complain about the empress (i.e. big boss) and her eunuch (the senior manager)?
Colleague: *laughed*

Took night plane to KLIA and then KLIA Express to KL Sentral where Ban picked me up *muack!*

Thu, 31 Dec 09
First time played Titan Quest multiplayer and with Ban. Was lagging but Ban managed to do port forwarding to drastically reduce ping to at zero or near zero. Ban took nearly half an hour deciding on name of character because he was undecided on which 2 masteries to select later (which then influenced the choice of name). I've suggested Bunny to him :P

Lunched with Nothamsap and his friend at KLCC. Had pizzas at California Pizza Kitchen. Chatted a lot about a variety of stuff. Great fun!

On the way to KLCC...
Me: Honey, why haven't we reached the train station?
(We're supposed to take train to avoid the city traffic jam)
Ban: We've long past it already
Me: Aren't we supposed to take the train?
Ban: Yikes!

Had Godiva dark chocolate drink after lunch. It's yummy but don't think I'll pay that price again for it.

Dinner at Champs at Centrepoint. Had Sar Hor Fun, salad and longan drink. A little pricey but worth it.

It was Titan Quest until bedtime.

Fri, 1 Jan 10
Titan Quest again! :P

Cooked lunch. Ban stir fried chicken, which was marinated the night before, and I stir fried vegetables (capsicum, baby corn, lettuce).

Went over to Nase's place and played Game of Life with Nase, Felix and Nase's nephew and niece, with his sister as onlooker. I won by a small margin :)

Bought some food and reheated the chicken and had them for dinner with Ban's brother. Chatted a lot about Titan Quest and showed his brother our multiplayer game.

After his brother left, it was Titan Quest until bedtime yet again hehe.

Sat, 2 Jan 10
Titan Quest until it's time to pick Leggie up for lunch at Midvalley Mall. Later, we visited my friend and his family at Sentul.

Ban: Yikes! Sorry dear, I went the wrong way
Me: (Saw the sign "Tasik Perdana") You were going to Sentul?
Ban: *nods*
Me: *laughed* So how?
Ban: Use my GPS. Look for Midvalley Mall
Me: I thought we're picking Leggie?
Ban: He lives somewhere there

(some time later, as we're approaching the mall)

Ban: Yikes! Forgot to pick up Leggie!
Me: *laughed*

(Ban called Leggie for direction)

Lunched at Purple Cane Restaurant. Some time later after ordering...

Waiter: Sorry, we ran out of Golden Beancurd
Me: What do you mean?
Waiter: We don't have fresh beancurd to cook that
Me: Cold Storage is just there. Get some there
Ban: Dear...

Waiter: Sorry, we also ran out of sweet potato leaves
(so tempted to buy from Cold Storage)

Nevertheless, lunch was good. Visited friend at Sentul, whose wife just gave birth to a girl 6 weeks ago.

Picked up Jason Jr for dinner, after getting lost somewhere in Tropicana Mall. Had dinner at TGI Friday at the Curve (or was it Ikano?). It was the first time I ate at TGI Friday (didn't go to the one in Singapore either). It was disappointing. I had much better fish and chips at countless other shops, some at much chepear price. The brownie was terribly sweet.

Headed back to Ban's place and Titan Quest a bit before heading to my sister's place where we played poker with chips (heavy good quality ones). I won by a large margin hehe. We slept overnight there.

Sun, 3 Jan 10
Had steamboat for lunch, all prepared by my sis and her hubby. It was most delicious.

Played a short round of poker (where my bro-in-law won) before heading back to Ban's place. Played Titan Quest for a while before heading to KLIA and back to Singapore.

Thanks for taking care of me and making me laughed a lot, honey. *Muack!*

JJ Jap

JJ Jap

Hmmm I wonder what JJ stands for :)