Atlas Reactor: Ranked game score

Here are some ranked matches where, in my opinion, I did pretty well. Problem with ranked games is that I cannot play more than 2 games in a row. My heart rate shoots up high haha.

Ranked Zuki Finn 579 BB 299

Finn - 579 (highest)
Blackburn - 299 (lowest)

I (using Zuki) did particularly well here with highest damage, about 100 more than the second highest (by enemy's Titus!). However, Finn has the highest contribution. Thanks to his large amount of heals, his death was the only one in the team.

Ranked Grey 539 Aurora 556 Nix 306

Grey (me) - 539
Aurora - 556 (highest)
Nix - 306 (lowest)

This game was closer than the score suggests. The weakest link in enemy's team was, if I recall correctly, Pup. He took some rather dubious actions.

Our team started on a bad note during the draft phase. Garrison's player was the last to pick and we urged him to pick support. Asana's player offered to swap with him and later told us that he noted that Garrison's player had the Saviour title (Mastery title for leveling Asana to 20). Yet, the last player selected Garrison. Naturally this caused angst and anger among some of us. Throughout the gameplay, Garrison was quiet. Fortunately, there were no thrash-talking and we did well to win the match.

Incidentally, poket is a tournament player.

Ranked Grey 409 Helio 466 Kaigin 280

Grey (me) - 409
Helio - 556 (highest)
Kaigin - 280 (lowest)

This is the last ranked game I played. I'm not sure I'll play more or not. The only tangible benefit is gaining prestige points to buy golden vfx.

Our Helio did very well in saving our team hehehe. I know he saved me twice early in the game where by turn 4, my hp was below 20 and that continued for another 2 more turns or so. Yet, right up to about turn 10, I did the most damage. Eventually, I had to rest and heal up. It was good that Elle took over and eventually outdamaged everyone significantly.

Incidentally, Night is a tournament player.

Ranked Aurora 737 Ramp 359 Quark 373

Aurora (me) - 737 (highest)
Rampart - 359 (lowest)
Quark - 373

This was the last duo ranked game I played in season 1. I was partnering Beric, who now appears to focus almost exclusively on ranked games...I think. As you can see, I did very well here, even out-healed Quark. I was the only death in my team.

Although Rampart's contribution is the lowest, I usually discount frontliners because the contribution score doesn't adequately account for a frontliner's contribution. The next lowest was enemy's Quark.

Puchong in Atlantic Ocean

I regularly receive e-mails from Groupon (incidentally, they are changing to Fave) and sometimes I check whether there are any deals of interest. I usually look for Japanese and Western food deals as these are usually safe choices for Ban and I.

I came across a deal from Bonbori but unfortunately this Japanese restaurant is situated in Puchong, which is considered far for us.

Then, I saw the inserted map:

Bonbori on Groupon

Well, apparently Puchong is somewhere in Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa. That is way too far for us for sure hahaha.

Atlas Reactor: Dr Finn gameplay

I've actually finished recording this before blogging about Dr Finn. However, I think my sister's internet was not good enough to upload it to Youtube. I just recently remember not having done so hehehe.

Alas, I gave up on playing Dr Finn. I just can't play him well enough for my liking :(

There's, however, a new support freelancer, Khita, incoming who has can provide similiar amount of shield (on multiple adjacent allies!) and heals (but conditional) but can dash! I''ll definitely give her a try once she's out.

Blind Eye

Fidget the Rottweiler lumbered out to the garage door and thumped himself down in the sunshine. He was huge. And unlike the McLeods' second-hand Alsation, Fidget definitely looked as if he could outrun an out-of-shape Detective Sergeant. And then eat him.


'I am a professional,' he told the bedside lamp, 'I promise I will not sulk.'

Like hell he wouldn't.

He dragged himself through the shower and down to breakfast, disappointed to see that Jaroszewicz was already there, tucking into another bowl of muesli. For a brief moment he thought about giving her the cold shoulder and grabbing another table, but he'd made a promise to his besides furniture.


What was the collective noun for nuns? Flange? Flock?

Logan watched as they stopped to harangue a young man for dropping his McDonald's wrapper on the path. The guy held out for a whole thirty seconds, before grabbing up the wrapper and hurrying away to the nearest bin.

A Terror of nuns.

- "Blind Eye" by Stuart MacBride

Cholesterol 2017

Here's this year's result compared to the previous result:

                               Apr 2016          Ref. range          Feb 2017          Ref. range        
Total cholesterol           3.5                 < 5.2                      6.0                 < 5.2
HDL ("good")               1.4                 > 1.0                     1.62                > 1.04
LDL ("bad")                  1.5                < 2.6                      3.7                 < 2.6
Triglycerides                 1.1                 < 1.7                     1.4                  < 1.7
Total/HDL ratio            2.4                 < 4.5                      3.7                 < 5.0

Yes, sadly it has ballooned up in a bad way :( I guess I'll need to take atorvastatin again. It doesn't help that I recently had lots of bak kwa and kueh lapis waaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Atlas Reactor: Lockwood

Lockwood, a firepower, is one of the original batch of freelancers. In fact, he is the introductory freelancer to beginners via tutorial. His abilities are rather straight forward and newbie-friendly, and yet once mastered he is a powerful freelancer. A popular choice of pick/ban during tournament matches.

Initially, I didn't like to play him because I felt I'm underutilising him by not positioning well to take advantage of his Trick Shot's bouncing shots. I'm still not really good at positioning (hehehe) but at least, I think, I've improved on bouncing the shots.

Of course it helps that I've finally found a set of mods that I'm comfortable with, after experimenting with a few sets. They are (loadout points in bracket):

(1) Trick shot: On the move (2)
(2) Light 'em up: Phosphorous round (1)
(3) Trapwire: Trapwall (3)
(4) Backup plan: Kinetic dash (1)
(5) Run and gun: Burst of speed (3)

Generally, for all freelancers, I look for consistency and survivability. Hence, the chosen mod for the primary ability. The extra-damage and piercing mods are popular too but they are not consistent and, as I said, I value survivability (over damage).

The choice of ultimate ability's mod fulfills both criteria: the extra range either allows me more to have more targets or to land far away in safer position. The ignore-cover mod is probably the most popular choice and while I readily acknowledge its potency, a +3 range mod is simply too good to pass up on for consistency and survivability.

Trapwall is great in significantly increasing the chance of enemy(ies) triggering the trap. Most useful in targeting flighty enemies or, if you are fairly confident, enemies that you can't shoot at.

Kinetic Dash mod is good for getting more energy. As with any dashes, the trick is learning when to use it. Ideally, because of On The Move mod, you should probably use it quite early (maybe when below 90 hp and within enemies' firing range) and dash to cover and beyond enemies' vision or at least not in their line of sight.

So that leaves one loadout point for Phosphorous Round: it's a good mod against enemies who are about to turn invisible.

Below is a video of a ranked game I played (duo ranked with Joker) where the opposing team had at least 2 tournament players (Zafnir, also my friend, and tRiexx). It was quite intense. My last move was my silliest, imo, in that game haha. I am, however, particular proud and grateful that my 3 consecutive educated guesses paid off :)

For 2 years

Following on the previous post,

(1) I collected the pathologist's report from Dr B. He added that the slides given were "incomplete". I forgot to ask him what it meant @@ He also contacted the public hospital's head of urology department and highlighted my dad's case to him. The latter asked his team and the pathology's team to re-examine my dad's case and the conclusion remained the same: adenocarcinoma found in kidney but primary site is unknown.

(2) Before meeting Dr B, my dad had already taken tumour marker test for pancreatic cancer and this time, the reading was far below the critical level i.e. no indication of such cancer.

Since we were going to be in Butterworth for CNY, we made an appointment and met Dr A to present the results of his recommended steps.

The OGDS and colonoscopy showed nothing in particular except for inflammation of the stomach due to H. Pylori. My dad had finished the course of medication and is scheduled to meet the relevant specialist for (presumably) a retest of the bacteria.

Dr A said that the first 2 years after diagnosed with cancer is a critical period. Hence, he recommended the following:

(1) He agreed with Dr B's suggestion of a retake of PET/CT scan six months after the last i.e. to be done in April. If it once again shows nothing of concern, then undergo normal CT scan every 6 months thereafter.

(2) Retest tumour marker for previously elevated results i.e. pancreas and colon, once every 3 months.

(3) To consult the specialist who conducted the OGDS and colonoscopy on when to repeat the scopes. Dr A said that sometimes inflamed cells in the stomach can obscure the detection of cancerous cell.

So the good news is that it is highly unlikely my dad needs chemotherapy, at least not now, and it's now unlikely the primary site is the pancreas. Let's hope more good news will come in the next 1+ years.

CNY 2017

Previous year, my sister and her family managed to come down to Seremban from Butterworth for Chinese New Year. As in recent years, we had CNY eve's potluck dinner at my eldest uncle's house.

However, this year, as customary, they celebrated in Butterworth with her in-laws. My parents initially wanted to join her but couldn't because of various medical appointment. Suddenly, just over a week before CNY, my dad called me and told me that they had re-arranged their appointments such that they could be in Butterworth for about a month, including CNY period. He asked me whether I wanted to hitch a ride with him or not.

I took a day to consider and planned my trip back to KL (in the end, I chose the electric train). So a day later, I met him in PJ where we had lunch at a pet-friendly restaurant, Kalamazoo, because we had my parents' pet dog with us.

I didn't sleep well the night before and was feeling a little nauseated. My dad was considerate and offered to drive while I rested in car. I did offer and drive after about an hour and half into our journey.

So yes, we were all at my sister's place for CNY eve's dinner. We had homemade steamboat. My dad made the broth and contributed some of the ingredients. My sister contributed the most while her in-laws contributed some. It was delicious and I ate so much! We ended the dinner with some canned longan.

My niece was in a very good mood and was singing. My nephew was on good behaviour. They had fun playing fireworks later at night. I too played one - first one in decades haha.

We had a great time :)

Bleach: The 1,000 Year Blood War

I've finished watching Bleach anime years ago but Ban and his brother told me that its manga still continued with one more arc. After reading information on some characters on Wikia, I was sufficiently intrigued to read the last arc.

I enjoyed reading all the stories within the arc, including the back stories. Yes, as with past arcs, there are some curious mumbo-jumbo i.e. puzzling information but'll have to hand-wave and move on haha.

There's still room to develop more stories both for future timeline as well as the past e.g. concerning the Soul King. I hope these will be materialise.

One major problem I had in reading the manga was the confusion caused during the fighting scene. I couldn't visually tell whose power was being exerted. At first I thought it was just the nature of manga but then now I remember I didn't have such problem with Battle Angel Alita and Akira. It's unfortunate that due to plummeting popularity, the anime didn't show the last arc as there wouldn't be such confusion.

Another problem I had was its addictiveness. Like a typical Hong Kong tv series, the fighting scene usually ends on a cliffhanger and then continued for a few panels in the next chapter before moving on to another scene. Damn haha.