Atlas Reactor: Lockwood

Lockwood, a firepower, is one of the original batch of freelancers. In fact, he is the introductory freelancer to beginners via tutorial. His abilities are rather straight forward and newbie-friendly, and yet once mastered he is a powerful freelancer. A popular choice of pick/ban during tournament matches.

Initially, I didn't like to play him because I felt I'm underutilising him by not positioning well to take advantage of his Trick Shot's bouncing shots. I'm still not really good at positioning (hehehe) but at least, I think, I've improved on bouncing the shots.

Of course it helps that I've finally found a set of mods that I'm comfortable with, after experimenting with a few sets. They are (loadout points in bracket):

(1) Trick shot: On the move (2)
(2) Light 'em up: Phosphorous round (1)
(3) Trapwire: Trapwall (3)
(4) Backup plan: Kinetic dash (1)
(5) Run and gun: Burst of speed (3)

Generally, for all freelancers, I look for consistency and survivability. Hence, the chosen mod for the primary ability. The extra-damage and piercing mods are popular too but they are not consistent and, as I said, I value survivability (over damage).

The choice of ultimate ability's mod fulfills both criteria: the extra range either allows me more to have more targets or to land far away in safer position. The ignore-cover mod is probably the most popular choice and while I readily acknowledge its potency, a +3 range mod is simply too good to pass up on for consistency and survivability.

Trapwall is great in significantly increasing the chance of enemy(ies) triggering the trap. Most useful in targeting flighty enemies or, if you are fairly confident, enemies that you can't shoot at.

Kinetic Dash mod is good for getting more energy. As with any dashes, the trick is learning when to use it. Ideally, because of On The Move mod, you should probably use it quite early (maybe when below 90 hp and within enemies' firing range) and dash to cover and beyond enemies' vision or at least not in their line of sight.

So that leaves one loadout point for Phosphorous Round: it's a good mod against enemies who are about to turn invisible.

Below is a video of a ranked game I played (duo ranked with Joker) where the opposing team had at least 2 tournament players (Zafnir, also my friend, and tRiexx). It was quite intense. My last move was my silliest, imo, in that game haha. I am, however, particular proud and grateful that my 3 consecutive educated guesses paid off :)

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