Atlas Reactor: Ranked game score

Here are some ranked matches where, in my opinion, I did pretty well. Problem with ranked games is that I cannot play more than 2 games in a row. My heart rate shoots up high haha.

Ranked Zuki Finn 579 BB 299

Finn - 579 (highest)
Blackburn - 299 (lowest)

I (using Zuki) did particularly well here with highest damage, about 100 more than the second highest (by enemy's Titus!). However, Finn has the highest contribution. Thanks to his large amount of heals, his death was the only one in the team.

Ranked Grey 539 Aurora 556 Nix 306

Grey (me) - 539
Aurora - 556 (highest)
Nix - 306 (lowest)

This game was closer than the score suggests. The weakest link in enemy's team was, if I recall correctly, Pup. He took some rather dubious actions.

Our team started on a bad note during the draft phase. Garrison's player was the last to pick and we urged him to pick support. Asana's player offered to swap with him and later told us that he noted that Garrison's player had the Saviour title (Mastery title for leveling Asana to 20). Yet, the last player selected Garrison. Naturally this caused angst and anger among some of us. Throughout the gameplay, Garrison was quiet. Fortunately, there were no thrash-talking and we did well to win the match.

Incidentally, poket is a tournament player.

Ranked Grey 409 Helio 466 Kaigin 280

Grey (me) - 409
Helio - 556 (highest)
Kaigin - 280 (lowest)

This is the last ranked game I played. I'm not sure I'll play more or not. The only tangible benefit is gaining prestige points to buy golden vfx.

Our Helio did very well in saving our team hehehe. I know he saved me twice early in the game where by turn 4, my hp was below 20 and that continued for another 2 more turns or so. Yet, right up to about turn 10, I did the most damage. Eventually, I had to rest and heal up. It was good that Elle took over and eventually outdamaged everyone significantly.

Incidentally, Night is a tournament player.

Ranked Aurora 737 Ramp 359 Quark 373

Aurora (me) - 737 (highest)
Rampart - 359 (lowest)
Quark - 373

This was the last duo ranked game I played in season 1. I was partnering Beric, who now appears to focus almost exclusively on ranked games...I think. As you can see, I did very well here, even out-healed Quark. I was the only death in my team.

Although Rampart's contribution is the lowest, I usually discount frontliners because the contribution score doesn't adequately account for a frontliner's contribution. The next lowest was enemy's Quark.
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