CNY 2017

Previous year, my sister and her family managed to come down to Seremban from Butterworth for Chinese New Year. As in recent years, we had CNY eve's potluck dinner at my eldest uncle's house.

However, this year, as customary, they celebrated in Butterworth with her in-laws. My parents initially wanted to join her but couldn't because of various medical appointment. Suddenly, just over a week before CNY, my dad called me and told me that they had re-arranged their appointments such that they could be in Butterworth for about a month, including CNY period. He asked me whether I wanted to hitch a ride with him or not.

I took a day to consider and planned my trip back to KL (in the end, I chose the electric train). So a day later, I met him in PJ where we had lunch at a pet-friendly restaurant, Kalamazoo, because we had my parents' pet dog with us.

I didn't sleep well the night before and was feeling a little nauseated. My dad was considerate and offered to drive while I rested in car. I did offer and drive after about an hour and half into our journey.

So yes, we were all at my sister's place for CNY eve's dinner. We had homemade steamboat. My dad made the broth and contributed some of the ingredients. My sister contributed the most while her in-laws contributed some. It was delicious and I ate so much! We ended the dinner with some canned longan.

My niece was in a very good mood and was singing. My nephew was on good behaviour. They had fun playing fireworks later at night. I too played one - first one in decades haha.

We had a great time :)
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  1. William Says:

    Nice that both sides of the family got together.