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Following on the previous post,

(1) I collected the pathologist's report from Dr B. He added that the slides given were "incomplete". I forgot to ask him what it meant @@ He also contacted the public hospital's head of urology department and highlighted my dad's case to him. The latter asked his team and the pathology's team to re-examine my dad's case and the conclusion remained the same: adenocarcinoma found in kidney but primary site is unknown.

(2) Before meeting Dr B, my dad had already taken tumour marker test for pancreatic cancer and this time, the reading was far below the critical level i.e. no indication of such cancer.

Since we were going to be in Butterworth for CNY, we made an appointment and met Dr A to present the results of his recommended steps.

The OGDS and colonoscopy showed nothing in particular except for inflammation of the stomach due to H. Pylori. My dad had finished the course of medication and is scheduled to meet the relevant specialist for (presumably) a retest of the bacteria.

Dr A said that the first 2 years after diagnosed with cancer is a critical period. Hence, he recommended the following:

(1) He agreed with Dr B's suggestion of a retake of PET/CT scan six months after the last i.e. to be done in April. If it once again shows nothing of concern, then undergo normal CT scan every 6 months thereafter.

(2) Retest tumour marker for previously elevated results i.e. pancreas and colon, once every 3 months.

(3) To consult the specialist who conducted the OGDS and colonoscopy on when to repeat the scopes. Dr A said that sometimes inflamed cells in the stomach can obscure the detection of cancerous cell.

So the good news is that it is highly unlikely my dad needs chemotherapy, at least not now, and it's now unlikely the primary site is the pancreas. Let's hope more good news will come in the next 1+ years.
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  1. Twilight Man Says:

    Good to hear that your dad can avoid the chemo for now. That treatment often shuts down the patient's immunity and ability to last.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Twilight Man,
    Hope it'll just get better!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Your Dad looks good, and he has been taking good care of himself -- exercising, and eating well. I think there will be good news to come.