Love's Coming

Love's Coming is quite a fun and light-hearted gay-themed Thai movie but with an important message of acceptance which makes it touching.

It focuses on a group of tight-knitted teenage friends who suspect one of them may be gay. Half of the movie is about how 3 of them try various ways to find out the truth while the other half is about the blossoming relationship of the suspect and his neighbour.

There were plenty of funny and sweet moments, with occasional serious but heartfelt moments. I would imagine most gay people would recognise the anxiety and fear of being found out, the trepidation of considering coming out to great friends, and the utter hopelessness of finding love in a society where it's still "boys only like girls" culture.  For those fortunate ones among us, we would identify with the feeling of relief and love when family and friends accept who we are; for the rest of us, we wish that will happen when the time comes.

After watching it, I was feeling warm and fuzzy inside :) I like it so much that I hope to buy its DVD (and somehow bring it to Malaysia...hmmm), with English subtitle of course.

2 Responses
  1. William Says:

    A rare movie review from you.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Ya hor hehehe. Really love this movie.