Credit scores -> relationship longevity

New research from The Brookings Institute, The Federal Reserve Board, and UCLA shows that one of the best predictors of relationship longevity is … your credit score.
Credit scores predict relationship longevity in two key ways:
  1. Higher Is Better.People with higher credit scores are both more likely to get into committed relationships and more likely to stay in them over time.
  2. Similar Is Better.People who have similar credit scores are more likely to have relationships that last. For example, if you have a credit score of 750 and your prospective partner had a score of 450, you are several times more likely to break up within the first two years of living together than if your scores differ by fewer than 75 points.
Why are credit scores so eerily effective at predicting relationship outcomes? The authors posit that your credit score is a proxy for trustworthiness and commitment to obligations. "
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