Robocraft: Mercy

There were a number of significant patches since my last post on Robocraft. Aside from buffs/nerfs to various cubes, a major change was the abolishment of tiers and, instead, robo ranking (RR) plus a fraction of level are used for battles' match making. In my opinion, this is a positive change as it allows greater flexibility in building and yet the match making (in theory) is not much difference than before.

Since then, I had dismantled Rosefall's Juggernaut and my 2 SMG tanks. I find that I much prefer plasma bombers at higher RR (>30m). I did, however, created a RR 44k SMG tank as it's great at lower level and in the Pit.

Oh, yes, the Pit is a new game mode where it's everyone for themselves :) The first to reach 20 points win the battle. Points are earned only upon killing a craft. Oh yes, you have to learn to kill steal hehehe. If you don't like that, then this mode is not for you. In general, gunbed SMGs dominate the lower RR while plasma bombers dominate the higher RR.

Ironically, after dismantling Juggernaut (a SMG hover), I decided to try my hand at playing a medic hover. This is because they had improved hoverblades such that they are more stable: less likely to flip and less 'swingy'.

I was lazy to build a hovercraft from scratch and so I found and copied 2 builds that had tutorial videos on robocraftgarage. There are other better designs but all at high RR. I didn't want to feel the pressure of playing at that level yet as I'm still learning on how to be a good medic. Oh, incidentally, I found a good guide on how to play a medic.

Gleaning from these 2 designs, I decided to build one from scratch (RR 1m):

Robocraft Mercy 3

Robocraft Mercy 1

Robocraft Mercy 2

There have been a few minor changes recent (1 fewer thruster and more blocks) but the craft largely stays the same. It's quite tanky and could still move back to base even at 39%. Only downside is that there is no redundant weapon. I somehow cannot fit another and also I'm already at my CPU limit.

Overall, I'm quite happy with this craft. However, as Ban and I discovered, playing a medic requires a good ground SMG team member. You can be a great healer but if your main ground SMG is lousy (based on build and/or skill), then it's almost a lost cause.
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